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BANZAI PECAN: The Last Hope For the Young Century
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Arthas 14 saat önce 
Plase Valve , add this game !!!!!!!!!
Javd1390 27 Ara @ 3:49pm 
█░░ Valve ░░░█
█░ Add This ░░█
█░ Please! ░░░█
█░ And Give ░░█
█░ me one ! ░░█
Jellal Fernandes 27 Ara @ 1:42pm 
this game is epic I'm play on desura
Brotha Kyo  [yaratıcı] 27 Ara @ 3:15am 
@JaysPlays From day one! Thought it supports all controllers, I highly recommend any Logitech or Gigaware PC controller, which are pretty cheap for the perfect button layout.
Grimrock - Junior Alves - 26 Ara @ 4:29pm 
This game looks amazing!

JaysPlays 25 Ara @ 10:18pm 
Controller support?
itsNinjaToast 25 Ara @ 3:49am 
@Brotha Kyo No problem, and count me in to try that new demo wen its updated, lets see if i survive this one, if so, i may keep it for myself then XD
Brotha Kyo  [yaratıcı] 25 Ara @ 3:08am 
@itsNinjaToast Haha, fair enough. The game got too "80s" with its difficulty, which is why we changed up its balance and even added new moves to make it a bit more doable. The ideas behind the game we are proud of. The gameplay, well.. we've definitely learned a lot from this for an upcoming project.

Again, thank you for giving it a shot and the support. We're pretty grateful; we are changing up the demo, as it IS a bit based off an olderversion.
itsNinjaToast 25 Ara @ 2:10am 
@Brotha Kyo True, and its not that i dont like the game, otherwise would not have purchased the bundle.
I bought the bundle to support you and because the game looks and feels great, marvelous if i am allowed to say it myself, but only at the hands of true gamers, and wen i say true gamers i mean those speed runners who can finish games like this whitout even taking a single hit.
I really love the game mechanics, sending enemies all over the places.
My favorite moves are the Break Dance, the Dirty Angry Stomp while their on the floor, and the Moon Uppercut finishing move.
Its also rare to see female heroes nowadays too, and the story in your description seems very catchy and awesome, just a shame its way to difficult for a casual gamer like myself.
itsNinjaToast 25 Ara @ 2:10am 

Despite being a bit hard, i DO recommend this game to anyone looking for a good challenge, and to fans of Beat E´m Up and/or Arcade, just make sure you up to the task.
Those bunnies ain´t no one´s fool.
Plus i also think Game Grumps on youtube will love this game, i might send them my copy :D
Brotha Kyo  [yaratıcı] 25 Ara @ 1:33am 
@ItsNinjaToast Well, it is not for the easily-angry. Thanks for giving it a shot anyways.
itsNinjaToast 24 Ara @ 4:45am 
Two words describes this games: RAGE QUIT
Just played the Demo version and i gotta say, the enemy is WAY to overpowered, 3/5 hits and you´re dead, even despite the long health bar, if you finish a level and took heavy, your health WONT be replenished on the next level.
The bosses sometimes dont even let you get up to fight, and the minions are very annoying, tasering you on every combo attempt, its like that annoying friend you had in the past that always uses the same move over and over, and if the minions are together with the boss, you better be ready to buy a new controller/keyboard.
If you get angry easly at games like "Vanguard Princess", "Eiry´s Action" and "Meat Boy" i seriously recommend you NOT to play it, i bought the game on a bundle and i might just give the game away, i dont like rage quit games.
But if you like challenges then this is the game for you.
NoSoul 19 Ara @ 8:51am 
сиськи и наркоманский геймплей. что еще нужно ?
TreJn 12 Ara @ 10:47am 
Voted tak działa wolny rynek
Stitch Faced Angel 3 Ara @ 5:01am 
When you want to kick someones ass fives to Sunday, this is the game for you!
Forceful Hand 2 Ara @ 7:27pm 
Looks like fun!
Dark-Rev 29 Kas @ 9:48am 
Looks to be a very interesting experience once it's out... Green lightit!!
steel 26 Kas @ 8:27am 
GalaxyWalker 26 Kas @ 1:05am 
DeathlyRanger 23 Kas @ 5:08pm 
Come on Steam. This game seems very funny and nice. Let us buy it!
Arthas 7 Kas @ 1:12pm 
go go go steam
Jiraya 3 Kas @ 7:36pm 
I vote yes to buy it.
CarlosRegueraDJ 3 Kas @ 1:44pm 
Voted! It looks amazing!
StealthMomo 22 Eki @ 10:17am 
Seriously people. Vote, vote and make it happen.
itsNinjaToast 16 Eki @ 4:24am 
On the second video at 0:50, in portugal we call that PUNCHING TO DA BOOB
PAVL [F] 16 Eki @ 3:13am 
Ray 16 Eki @ 1:18am 
This is really Great Game. Nice job
Lori Jackrabbit ITA 12 Eki @ 10:15am 
This is a Great Game.

Good Work.
TheZodiac 11 Eki @ 6:02am 
Voted, it is a very interesting game, good luck
IvanNoriega 10 Eki @ 11:40am 
I miss a little of this action. Looks amazing. And I already have it for Desura =D
Artaqifa 4 Eki @ 7:29pm 
votedhave it on desura,now waiting on steam
Trasant 3 Eki @ 6:24am 
Oh my god, I LOVE THIS GAME!! The art style, the sound, the gameplay. Everything is amazing. Please add steam trading cards if you can :D
OxNEOxO 30 Eyl @ 10:42pm 
Da fuq did I just watched!?
.::LEONARDO::. 30 Eyl @ 8:56pm 
itsNinjaToast 30 Eyl @ 7:01pm 
Just bought on the Greenlight bundle, hope i get my steam key, im so hyped right now :3
v4victory501 30 Eyl @ 3:58pm 
Voted Yes ! bought it from Indie Gala
Brotha Kyo  [yaratıcı] 30 Eyl @ 5:11am 
@GodDeadGod - Ooh~ Thank you! Did you buy it directly from Desura or from a bundle?
Altair 29 Eyl @ 5:58pm 
Cheese 29 Eyl @ 1:21pm 
Looks bad.
TcwCsokiBoy[GMLK] 29 Eyl @ 11:42am 
Hmmm ^_^ (KELL *_*)
GodDeadGod - OtakuDi 29 Eyl @ 9:27am 
@Brotha Kyo i already buy this game from Desura, do you give me a somthing to activate here in steam :) or i can use the key from Desura to activate in steam :)
GodDeadGod - OtakuDi 29 Eyl @ 9:19am 
Cool game :)
Chris Redfield 28 Eyl @ 10:36am 
add game valve
Accelerator 28 Eyl @ 8:16am 
cute :3
Raigeki 28 Eyl @ 7:56am 
~.:NeXus:.~PeTeRxS 27 Eyl @ 7:45pm 
sinhand 27 Eyl @ 8:48am 
Pakratos 23 Eyl @ 7:20am 
@Brotha Kyo: an unlockable costume? That's great! Thanks for making this game.
Brotha Kyo  [yaratıcı] 23 Eyl @ 6:46am 
@Pakratos Funny enough, this game came out two years before Kill la Kill. And naturally, we @ Zanza and S*IW LOVE Kill la Kill to death, even going as far as making a small nod to it in one of the unlockable costumes in a recent update!
Pakratos 23 Eyl @ 6:43am 
So it's kinda like Kill la Kill? Me gusta :D