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BANZAI PECAN: The Last Hope For the Young Century
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◢◤ BaueR 5 saat önce 
DiNelson 15 saat önce 
funny game
Vaagur 18 saat önce 
Not really my favorite art style, but the combat looks very fun to play, voted yes!
lovulol 19 Eyl @ 1:06pm 
Brotha Kyo  [yaratıcı] 19 Eyl @ 11:54am 
@Wamp Unfortunately, I'm not sure on both Groupees or IB's policy on Indie games that get greenlit on Steam, though, if they won't directly do it, we're trying to figure ways for those who have previously owned it on Desura to receive Steam keys.
Arthas 19 Eyl @ 10:20am 
Steam Steam Steam PLZ
Wamp 19 Eyl @ 8:25am 
@Brotha Kyo: You didnt answer my question. Do buyers of Groupees or Indiebundle.org will get keys if greenlighted? Im not talking about the Indiegala bundle.
西格玛和声 19 Eyl @ 7:36am 
ZzProphet 19 Eyl @ 7:33am 
Nice game
Walh.Ka! 19 Eyl @ 7:31am 
Ghost 19 Eyl @ 7:29am 
Littlecroqueta 19 Eyl @ 7:28am 
Good game! Voted!
YMKa 19 Eyl @ 7:27am 
KAPY 19 Eyl @ 6:45am 
ロコン 19 Eyl @ 5:05am 
-•Ghost-LIN•- 19 Eyl @ 4:54am 
meito_masamune 19 Eyl @ 4:49am 
Voted! Cheer
sikerz 19 Eyl @ 4:05am 
THE_MAN 19 Eyl @ 3:59am 
Cindy 19 Eyl @ 12:33am 
looks fun
voted :D
Brotha Kyo  [yaratıcı] 19 Eyl @ 12:03am 
To those from the Greenlight Gala: any purchases through there will grant you a free Steam key should the game be greenlit. I hope that stomps out a lot of curiosity! Thank you.
Ragna 18 Eyl @ 9:13pm 
ArchivistX 18 Eyl @ 8:05pm 
Voted yes good luck.
kalimandzari 18 Eyl @ 7:46pm 
thanks, voted.
Kuon 18 Eyl @ 6:56pm 
look funny.
danalyze 18 Eyl @ 5:31pm 
Awesome game!Bought it through IndieGala's Greenlight Bundle 4 and Groupees's Clash of the World: USA Bundle.Voted and Best wishes!
TheZodiac 18 Eyl @ 4:40pm 
looks fun good luck
Max Mouse 18 Eyl @ 3:55pm 
sf1924 18 Eyl @ 2:50pm 
Sepal 18 Eyl @ 2:38pm 
Wamp 18 Eyl @ 2:27pm 
@Mr. Mayhem: Im asking if those bundles would grant a steam key if greenlighted. Some devs wont give steam keys if they dont particulary state it when the bundle is running, and I don know what is their position on these ones.
Mr. Mayhem 18 Eyl @ 2:00pm 
@Wamp you have to wait for the game to get grenlit and then you will get a Steam key
[x] lainverse 18 Eyl @ 1:58pm 
I hope it will have a trading cards.
Cyklow 18 Eyl @ 1:55pm 
MvP 8 18 Eyl @ 1:48pm 
Wamp 18 Eyl @ 1:43pm 
I just found that I own Banzai Pecan twice, from indiebundle.org and from groupees https://groupees.com/clash5 Would any of these purchases grant me a steam key? Thanks!
|ES| Gabriel VII 18 Eyl @ 1:16pm 
Very cool game:D please voted
|ES| Gabriel VII 18 Eyl @ 1:15pm 
StealthMomo 18 Eyl @ 1:00pm 
With that trailer, you sold me.
OriensXS 18 Eyl @ 12:33pm 
Johann 18 Eyl @ 11:57am 
People, vote YES. This looks like it could be loads of fun.
I{m}pulse 18 Eyl @ 11:44am 
Moodbug 18 Eyl @ 11:43am 
good luck
Wamp 18 Eyl @ 11:05am 
I bought Banzai Pecan in the Indie Anime bundle from here: http://indiebundle.org/ Will I get a steam key if greenlighted? Thanks
Kankri Vantas 18 Eyl @ 10:58am 
Voted! Seems pretty good.
kelicottia 18 Eyl @ 10:49am 
Tr!pfy 18 Eyl @ 10:26am 
Fighting against bunny costume anime girls, instant purchase this one:)
dokartist 18 Eyl @ 10:05am 
ничо так файтинг
iyurikun 8 Eyl @ 3:32am 
█░ Valve░░░█
█░ Add This░░░█
█░ Please!░░░░█
█░ And Give ░░█
█░ Me One!░█
Big DanZ 31 Ağu @ 11:51pm 
looks like good anime fun