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A közösség kimutatta érdeklődését e játék iránt. A Valve kapcsolatba lépett ezzel a fejlesztővel, hogy megkezdjék a Steames megjelenés irányába terelni a dolgokat.

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tiddle96 febr. 3. @ de. 10:52 
Shut up, and take my money!
[The Best Niño Rata] Nazuz jan. 28. @ du. 12:01 
still waiting...
[MIQ]Dark_Birdie 2014. dec. 5. @ du. 1:05 
I have been waiting a long time, when is this going to be released?
This game will be successfull, i truly believe that.
cruzsal24 2014. nov. 26. @ du. 12:40 
The thing is, this game wuz at kickstarter, but it wasnt successfuly funded. So who knows if this game will ever come out :(
[G.G.I] Anonymous 2014. nov. 23. @ de. 11:26 
CGC13 2014. nov. 22. @ du. 9:30 
i got the demo and it is amazing i love it and cant wait till it comes out
Derpyman 2014. nov. 22. @ du. 5:58 
I played the demo...
Please... Release soon.
Sedge 2014. nov. 1. @ du. 8:22 
Waiting for it to come out!
Ross 2014. okt. 12. @ du. 12:06 
Get the game out, please! What's going on, guys?
TheDigitalReach 2014. okt. 4. @ du. 10:38 
This looks fucking amazing.
I hope you guys make it big on Steam!
luigio01 2014. okt. 3. @ du. 9:30 
i tried the demo, controls confuse me
luigio01 2014. okt. 3. @ de. 9:11 
holy crap this looks cool!
cruzsal24 2014. szept. 21. @ du. 3:54 
I cant wait to get this game when it comes out!
StarDrive85 2014. szept. 18. @ de. 7:37 
i got a email showing a image of its current state several months ago. they don't post updates so they can get the work done faster. but this is really taking to long without any new news
Mighty Falcon 2014. szept. 12. @ du. 9:02 
Is the game actually ever comming out?

As far as I can tell it has been almost a full year since they wrote any kind of press update, other than retweeting other peoples high hopes for the game, but I could be wrong... please let me be wrong xD
Uhrwerknacht 2014. szept. 6. @ du. 1:19 
Why is this not released yet? I mean ... a good game like this should have been greenlit like ... a few months after being applicated on greenlight ... ? A few months tops really ...
StarDrive85 2014. aug. 30. @ de. 2:44 
give us news updates.. please!!
Giltradz 2014. aug. 16. @ de. 3:17 
I wish i can get the game ^_^
Ruhenot 2014. aug. 6. @ du. 4:25 
give us the game!!! :)
Jooky2020 2014. aug. 5. @ du. 1:00 
let us buy the soundtrack XD
Jooky2020 2014. aug. 5. @ du. 12:56 
I hope markiplier helped alot because this game is awsome
athomasbom 2014. aug. 1. @ de. 10:31 
looks awesome, sounds awesome, feels awesome. can't wait for the full version to come out!
The Archangel 2014. júl. 27. @ du. 8:35 
the demo is amazing i love it
StarDrive85 2014. júl. 15. @ de. 5:31 
i love those new screenhots!!
Ell Fen 2014. júl. 3. @ de. 4:31 
absolutly amazing and it was only a demo, this has gota get greenlit
carter1215 2014. júl. 2. @ du. 10:21 
I LOVE the demo, I mean it was the demo, and i think that demo alone got on my top 5 lists of my favorite games i have ever played! Seriously can't wait for the steam release! Props to the developers of this game! I mean really wow!
Double_axle 2014. jún. 30. @ de. 1:59 
Not a single update on this game since 2013, that worries me.
Pickle_Smith 2014. jún. 26. @ du. 2:19 
I remember playing the demo for this so long ago. I really can't wait for it to come out. It really looks nice.
Glionar 2014. jún. 25. @ de. 12:02 
[MIQ]Dark_Birdie 2014. jún. 23. @ de. 6:51 
Demo is breathtaking, the soundtrack makes me feel truly alive.
MasterMindMathias 2014. jún. 6. @ du. 7:27 
ive been waiting for this.... for So LONG!
thats it forget steam im going to the website.
Rainbow Psycho 2014. jún. 6. @ du. 2:21 
please, i really hope you get to finish and add this to steam it is amazing, good luck.
StarDrive85 2014. máj. 28. @ de. 10:01 
i got a reply from a email from the dev's. Orbitor is still in the works. but they have not posted updates becouse thay let it slide a little. i even revived a screenshot of what Orbitor looks like know. and it looks epic!
lildex9 2014. máj. 18. @ du. 3:29 
so go ahead and finish this game.

lildex9 2014. máj. 18. @ du. 3:28 
and everyone is counting on u to make this wonderful game. :-)
lildex9 2014. máj. 18. @ du. 3:27 
oh yaeh great job wonderful even i love it.
lildex9 2014. máj. 18. @ du. 3:25 
its a wonderful game u must be a great game creater...
NukeChicken 2014. máj. 17. @ du. 11:28 
Cant Wait!!! I would gladly pay up to 20 dollars for a full or early access version! This needs to come out soon! The art and soundtrack are f*cking amazing!
(λ)Sgt.[BISH] BλBλCHU FUZZEH 2014. máj. 16. @ du. 6:43 
Zomsabra 2014. máj. 8. @ du. 7:59 
This needs to come out soon!
MEGANYAN 2014. ápr. 23. @ du. 11:34 
Love this game hope it comes out on steam soon!! :D
[AP] One small step for sloth 2014. ápr. 22. @ du. 3:18 
And when will this be put on steam? i dont have an eternity here.
vercineon 2014. ápr. 16. @ du. 5:37 
how do I thumbs up it?
[GFNS]Spacehelicopters 2014. márc. 30. @ du. 12:07 
This game scratches an itch I didn't even know I had.
Narvalin <3 2014. márc. 29. @ du. 4:07 
Markiplier did a gave out a example of this game :)
Tdev 2014. márc. 27. @ du. 9:27 
i like this game im not saying that becouse i know the devloper (my progaming teacher) its a fun game
Endonerios 2014. márc. 26. @ du. 2:38 
Markiplier - the proper advertisement of games :D
frostythesnowtank 2014. márc. 26. @ du. 2:11 
I have saw markiplier play it and it looks awesome it is even more awesome to actualy play it THUMBS UP
Poketendo The Fox 2014. márc. 22. @ du. 10:00 
I Loved the doundtrack in this game. Its so beutiful in graphics. I Recomned you play this game!
ezampi [br] 2014. márc. 21. @ du. 11:23 
I want buy this game