Dette spil har fået grønt lys af fællesskabet!

Fællesskabet har vist deres interesse i dette spil. Valve har kontaktet denne udvikler for at klargøre til udgivelse på Steam.

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Ell Fen 3. jul kl. 4:31am 
absolutly amazing and it was only a demo, this has gota get greenlit
carter1215 2. jul kl. 10:21pm 
I LOVE the demo, I mean it was the demo, and i think that demo alone got on my top 5 lists of my favorite games i have ever played! Seriously can't wait for the steam release! Props to the developers of this game! I mean really wow!
Double_axle 30. jun kl. 1:59am 
Not a single update on this game since 2013, that worries me.
Pickle_Smith 26. jun kl. 2:19pm 
I remember playing the demo for this so long ago. I really can't wait for it to come out. It really looks nice.
Glionar 25. jun kl. 12:02am 
-ALG-Dark_Birdie 23. jun kl. 6:51am 
Demo is breathtaking, the soundtrack makes me feel truly alive.
MasterMind 6. jun kl. 7:27pm 
ive been waiting for this.... for So LONG!
thats it forget steam im going to the website.
Rainbow Psycho 6. jun kl. 2:21pm 
please, i really hope you get to finish and add this to steam it is amazing, good luck.
StarDrive85 28. maj kl. 10:01am 
i got a reply from a email from the dev's. Orbitor is still in the works. but they have not posted updates becouse thay let it slide a little. i even revived a screenshot of what Orbitor looks like know. and it looks epic!
lildex9 18. maj kl. 3:29pm 
so go ahead and finish this game.

lildex9 18. maj kl. 3:28pm 
and everyone is counting on u to make this wonderful game. :-)
lildex9 18. maj kl. 3:27pm 
oh yaeh great job wonderful even i love it.
lildex9 18. maj kl. 3:25pm 
its a wonderful game u must be a great game creater...
DemiDave 17. maj kl. 11:28pm 
Cant Wait!!! I would gladly pay up to 20 dollars for a full or early access version! This needs to come out soon! The art and soundtrack are f*cking amazing!
SCP-619 16. maj kl. 6:43pm 
Zomsabra 8. maj kl. 7:59pm 
This needs to come out soon!
LeoL274 23. apr kl. 11:34pm 
Love this game hope it comes out on steam soon!! :D
[AP] One small step for sloth 22. apr kl. 3:18pm 
And when will this be put on steam? i dont have an eternity here.
vercineon 16. apr kl. 5:37pm 
how do I thumbs up it?
Spacehelicopters 30. mar kl. 12:07pm 
This game scratches an itch I didn't even know I had.
Navarlin 29. mar kl. 4:07pm 
Markiplier did a gave out a example of this game :)
Tdev 27. mar kl. 9:27pm 
i like this game im not saying that becouse i know the devloper (my progaming teacher) its a fun game
Endonerios 26. mar kl. 2:38pm 
Markiplier - the proper advertisement of games :D
frostythesnowtank 26. mar kl. 2:11pm 
I have saw markiplier play it and it looks awesome it is even more awesome to actualy play it THUMBS UP
Poketendo 22. mar kl. 10:00pm 
I Loved the doundtrack in this game. Its so beutiful in graphics. I Recomned you play this game!
ezampi [brasil] 21. mar kl. 11:23pm 
I want buy this game
[BZA]M43L57R0M 19. mar kl. 2:48am 
Just played the demo. This game is beautiful! will definitely buy when released.
Paul Indrome 16. mar kl. 1:57pm 
Just played through the demo. This game is SO good. So very very addictive it's not even funny. I am THIS close to replaying the demo just for the lulz...
KainKiller1993 [NL] Uber Te@m 8. mar kl. 2:52pm 
how long is this gunna take for valve D:
MasterMind 20. feb kl. 8:57am 
where can i get this now since its not on steam yet??????????
TheMelonLord 7. feb kl. 3:58pm 
You should make a Multi-Player mode, where you can travel together, and fight.
TheMelonLord 7. feb kl. 3:57pm 
Need game, watched Markiplier's video on it, looks really cool
[T]era[B]yte 29. jan kl. 8:05am 
This the most awesome games on greenlight.I want this game.
[Lost]Semtex™ 27. jan kl. 8:34am 
its a beatiful game.its only... WOW
Erquint [ENG|RUS] 13. jan kl. 8:57pm 
Lotta time passed. I wanna see in store already, at least an early access.
Tuttilicious 11. jan kl. 7:44pm 
This is seriously cool, can't wait to get it! Also play the Demo it's loads of fun! (Free too)
MasterMind 9. jan kl. 9:28am 
i want it on steam...NOW!
HiX 8. jan kl. 4:58pm 
Sl3YZ I Thief 31. dec 2013 kl. 10:18am 
YO wassup 25. dec 2013 kl. 7:03pm 
Markiplier is in the second video yay:). This is an amazing game with beautiful graphics and music and you can play it online.
Gamerdude3 13. dec 2013 kl. 5:52pm 
Point 0:37 to 0:41 in the first trailer I can see the mouse.
AlaskaIsCold 13. dec 2013 kl. 10:06am 
Hurry and take my money!
deblaw42 10. dec 2013 kl. 8:33pm 
Best game EVER
pearce64 7. dec 2013 kl. 6:28pm 
will try demo. screen can get a bit overloaded sometimes difficult to makeout whats going on....
Arkhaotix 1. dec 2013 kl. 9:51am 
thesparrowsjourney 27. nov 2013 kl. 5:18am 
My first impressions, enjoy :)
alexzio16 25. nov 2013 kl. 12:55pm 
i played it for myself and i see that it is yust getting points and get crazy. but i don't see any multyplayer options what will make i think totaly awesome. till then it is yust a game you will download once and play 2 or 3 times for the soundtrack and then yust remove it a time when you need more disk space cuze you will probelary think: nah boring, lonly and nice sound though.
Pablonister 23. nov 2013 kl. 5:20pm 
Very good game and beautiful graphics!!!
Nazuz 21. nov 2013 kl. 3:43pm 
just saying.. dont see any updates from some time now..
Finni HK 16. nov 2013 kl. 7:38am 
this game has so much potential it looks incredible!