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Cloaks and Spells
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145 megjegyzés
Ice Cream Jonsey 2016. dec. 16., du. 10:54 
Looks like a lot of fun, man.
monoculo_jim 2016. ápr. 1., de. 7:33 
So glad to hear it!
Darabka 2016. márc. 31., du. 11:52 
Sweet can't wait to play the full version of this!
Sean  [készítő] 2016. márc. 31., du. 11:05 
I didn't give up yet. Sorry for the long silent break. I got things set up again and am working evenings every other day to get this baby out. It's already greenlit so that's not the problem. Thanks for the continuous support and patience!
monoculo_jim 2016. márc. 31., du. 1:53 
Shame the author gave up on this, I remember liking the demo a lot. At the very least the game could have been in a Groupees Greenlight bundle, it would have been greenlit in a matter of hours :/
Eiskaffee 2015. dec. 7., du. 8:21 
Sean there hasn't been an update for a long time, what's happening?
Darabka 2015. okt. 13., du. 8:18 
Hey Sean, when will this game be released? I am looking forward to it.
Chaka (FR) 2015. aug. 6., de. 6:08 
Why this game is still greenlight?
Darabka 2015. jún. 7., du. 1:23 
I liked the Demo alot. Has an oldschool DOS feeling to it. Hope it will be released soon!
DistantArmy 2015. jan. 20., de. 3:56 
looks great
Sacatuki 2015. jan. 4., du. 2:26 
Controller support?
Reverse 2014. dec. 12., du. 10:49 
I played the demo, and it was pretty interesting. This game has character and potential. I have to admit though, I'm not a fan of the jump button also being used to advanced dialogue (by default) because then as the dialogue box closes I find myself in the air. >.<
Psydye 2014. dec. 5., du. 2:17 
Looks interesting...maybe some character movement refinements and it'd be A-ok.
Ba Dum Tss 2014. nov. 11., du. 9:08 
interesting game, Good Luck
ShaistraToad 2014. nov. 3., du. 8:57 
cool glad to see its ot dead :)
Sean  [készítő] 2014. nov. 2., du. 1:23 
Thanks everyone once again for all the positive feedback!
Due to some technical and real life hickups I have not been able to progress as fast as I wanted. I apologize for the delay! Rest assured this project is not dead and a large update is around the corner!
SxC 2014. nov. 2., de. 4:25 
Dead already?
ShaistraToad 2014. okt. 15., du. 8:20 
hey sean i know its been a while well long while since my last reply. Well was thinking ever played castlevania harmony of dispair? The camera set up would work well for cloaks & spells as well as the map layouts take a look at the game some time it might give you a great idea and keep up the good work :)
DocMartens 2014. okt. 7., de. 8:50 
Outstanding !

Remember the good old days ...
..... want to be a 8bit fighter again .....
.... release the power of this cloaked 8bit warrior xD
CReatures 2014. szept. 18., de. 6:54 
Swiming with cloak is fun!Voted
hawksquad:v 2014. szept. 9., du. 4:54 
Gwynbleidd~ 2014. aug. 22., de. 1:57 
Thank you for russian language
SocioPsycho 2014. aug. 20., du. 2:32 
The Above link will take you to the YT video review.

Cloaks & Spells is an 8 bit action platformer with basic mechanics and a good balance between puzzle elements and combat elements. While this game is in Alpha, I feel that is has a lot of potential, and is done correctly.
You interact with objects to solve puzzles, which are well integrated and challenging.
The magic mechanic is well balanced, and never makes you feel as
if it is a 'get out of jail free' card.
The levels are fairly large, and have many different pathways that are well designed. It never feels as if it is dragging on or repetitive.
The music is not overdone and enjoyable.

I can gladly recommend this game. For more reviews be sure to check out the channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/SocioPyscho
Zungenkröte 2014. aug. 3., du. 12:56 
Very nice! Hope to play it soon.
MadGamer2011 2014. júl. 21., de. 12:14 
Love the old-school feel.
Black Lodge Games 2014. júl. 13., du. 4:31 
Nice, totally digging the castlevania vibe. I like in the video where the shop owner said "welcome to my humble store" which to my gamdev mind made me think Humble Store. I digress. Good game, voted yes!
Francis Underwood 2014. júl. 2., de. 10:42 
Pardinuz 2014. jún. 2., du. 7:08 
Amazing. I want this now.
Ludipe 2014. jún. 1., de. 8:07 
Bought the game on IndieStand and completed the alpha version. Great work! I'd like to see it on Steam
Guruwar 2014. máj. 29., du. 8:54 
Looks decent to me.
v4victory501 2014. máj. 27., du. 2:51 
Voted ! cant wait for steam, but will buy at IndieGame till then.
Planeshaper 2014. máj. 12., du. 7:44 
This reminds me of a little flash game for one of the Ludum Dares someone had made...I think it was "grand mystic quest of discovery?"
Chaka (FR) 2014. ápr. 30., de. 8:03 
Voted. Tested demo on desura... It's awesome!
Reminds me old games on amiga like The Lost Vikings or Rick Dangerous...
izverg911 2014. ápr. 25., du. 12:33 
Old School)))
Sean  [készítő] 2014. ápr. 19., du. 5:38 
Thanks for the feedback everyone!
Sorry for the late reply, I was busy with RL stuff and did not have a lot of time.

@ katukinabarra I was talking about Local Multiplayer (Same screen coop).

@ ShaistraToad This is currently way out of my scope and the code is not set up to do that. Maybe for "Cloaks and Spells 2: The Empire Strikes Back" ;)

I'm about to release another build that offers mostly bug fixes and polish to several key areas.
Custom user input works better now too. I'm also experimenting with a new control scheme that's easier to use. Next build will focus on content again (as seen in the latest screenshot).

Always happy to read the comments! Thanks guys!
Eiskaffee 2014. ápr. 19., de. 4:17 
Oh is that a new screenshot? Looks plush.
ionutudor2012 2014. ápr. 16., de. 4:56 
DoMonRai 2014. márc. 4., du. 8:32 
Reminds me of some old Capcom games I used to play on the C128. ^^
RLP 2014. febr. 20., du. 5:03 
Saw this game on the german GM-community forum, followed your link and now I'm here and left my vote. Reminds me a bit of prince of persia ;)
ShizZ 2014. jan. 14., de. 3:10 
no linux version? no greenlight support.
Orbister 2014. jan. 13., du. 12:04 
i want this game : ) yes!
Disinterpreter 2014. jan. 8., du. 1:59 
Ohhh.... It reminded me of my childhood. Upvote :)
worthlesspuke 2014. jan. 4., du. 5:56 
look forward to it :) thanks!
[nOOtNooT] PONGÜ 2014. jan. 1., de. 6:14 
this is castlevania
Tazi 2013. dec. 27., du. 1:29 
the style of level-design reminds me to DOS era games, tho the palette is more NES, I think... or maybe not.
anyway, it looks nice for what it is, and has fun gameplay, I'd buy it on Steam, if I wouldn't have bought it already! :)
ShaistraToad 2013. nov. 23., de. 4:53 
i like the camera as it is now and katukinabarra is right on he type of multiplayer i was refering it for each player the camera only focuses on that player on thier screen just like as if they was playing single player
NinjaFunk71 2013. nov. 20., de. 12:39 
This looks brutal to play and fun to watch.
GMEN 2013. nov. 9., du. 5:24 
I voted this game to be greenlit because we need more games like castlevania and many gamers are craving for these types of games
katukinabarra 2013. nov. 7., du. 1:19 
Just to clear things out. I love multiplayer games and even Steam is not the clearest when talking about multiplayer types. I usually make these distinctions:

-Online multiplayer (each player usually uses a device and need the internet to paly all together)

-Lan multiplayer (each player usually uses a device and play offline having different devices connected in the same room)

-Local multiplayer (more than one player are playing in the same device and not internet connection or other device connection are needed)

I was referring to the third one, while I think ShaistraToad was referring to the second one, we have to be careful because for a long time, LAN and same device multiplayer have both been called local so, what types of multiplayer mode(s) are you thinking of Sean?

Just to know, thanks for the answer.
Sean  [készítő] 2013. nov. 6., de. 8:24 
Thanks for the feedback guys, very encouraging!

@ ShaistraToad What type of camera would you prefer for local coop ?

@ Eiskaffee Thanks once again for the excellent write up !
- I'm glad you like the visual improvements
- The protagonist runs a bit faster than before. I also adjusted the attack hitbox a bit, which helps a lot against diagonal flying skulls.
- The boss is hard. Should be a bit easier now with the implemented tweaks.
- Puzzles are very hard to balance for a large audience. I will do my best.
- I tried to keep it short and sweet. Looks like it worked :)
- I took out the mechanic to prevent falling last minute due to some unsolved bugs. Looks like I'll keep it out :)
Let me know if you have any other feedback! Thanks!