Tato hra dostala od komunity zelenou!

Komunita projevila o tuto hru zájem. Společnost Valve je nyní v kontaktu s vývojáři, aby se věci pohly správným směrem a hra byla vydána ve službě Steam.

Bomb Buddies
Počet komentářů: 246
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Ph3n0m 5. lis. v 9.12 dop. 
bear 11. zář. v 10.00 dop. 
Me gusta, recuerdos de la niñez
Alfa 15 4. zář. v 9.36 dop. 
What is the release date?
twizt 22. srp. v 9.45 dop. 
Play3rin.exe 13. srp. v 1.15 dop. 
Lo kieroo
Talbheim 1. čvc. v 9.19 dop. 
amazing i need dis
YOLER 27. čvn. v 12.00 odp. 
=TA= Fëanor 23. čvn. v 12.01 odp. 
Excited about this!
Военком 30. kvě. v 3.48 odp. 
Rand0mguy 4. kvě. v 6.19 odp. 
yay bommer man. yay
[S.D]*ThE_KiNg_NoThInG* 28. dub. v 12.15 odp. 
Younger.Zip 28. dub. v 10.41 dop. 
PackSciences 28. dub. v 7.18 dop. 
RayMax 27. dub. v 10.44 odp. 
King Darío 26. dub. v 9.59 odp. 
Looks like a Bomberman clone.
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 25. dub. v 6.26 dop. 
Beauty Graphic and Funny Game
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 25. dub. v 6.25 dop. 
Voted Before Greenlit, Wait for My Copy
FanfareFig 24. dub. v 6.11 odp. 
Wow, NOBODY'S ever thought of making a bomberman clone before!
Sablicious 17. dub. v 9.28 odp. 
Looks fun.
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 17. dub. v 12.40 dop. 
I like This Game, Congratulation Voted
Gradash 16. dub. v 6.42 odp. 
2Careca 16. dub. v 4.24 odp. 
i like
✭SAW (aka DORRIAN)✭ 16. dub. v 3.32 odp. 
надеюсь русский язык будет?? Даешь русский язык!!!!!!!!!!!!
ionutudor2012 16. dub. v 3.52 dop. 
Akinos 12. dub. v 2.55 odp. 
OMG realy like a bomberman online i want to play too !
Vlad The Impaler 12. dub. v 1.04 dop. 
Venhiem 11. dub. v 4.25 dop. 
Meyoung 11. dub. v 1.01 dop. 
Titanium 10. dub. v 7.27 odp. 
Tofke 10. dub. v 6.14 odp. 
WGN Vote!
BITCH 23. bře. v 3.05 odp. 
Wrathbearer 22. bře. v 1.59 dop. 
I love bomberman-esque games. I'm sure I could get into this one and have tons of fun, but micro transactions will kill it for me. If that is written into it already, then count me out.
♕Mⓡ. Ťøxɫɔ♕ 20. bře. v 10.30 dop. 
stupid i dont like it soory:P
GreenArrow 14. bře. v 12.00 odp. 
Ouai sympas je connais des gens qui aimerais ce jeu et moi j'aimerais bien tester :)
Rand0mguy 14. bře. v 10.14 dop. 
BushiGreg™ 8. bře. v 9.35 odp. 
Cool! It's like bomberman :)
Juku 3. bře. v 10.37 dop. 
this planet needs a beautiful bomberman clone NOW!
Merim 27. úno. v 12.42 odp. 
Havent played something that is similiar to bomberman ever since i was very little, would love to relive those moments.
Bribri Ahzgueu 26. úno. v 5.14 dop. 
haï !
Shipwreck 12. úno. v 12.18 odp. 
The free-to-play aspect of this game doesn't help it. It hurts it. I'd much rather pay full retail for an entire game experience then to have a "free" game that spams me with microtransactions every time I even think about playing it.
Vladimir Hitler 3. úno. v 6.33 dop. 
NINJA VANISH 28. led. v 6.49 odp. 
i said yes mainly because it had multiplayer which would be amazing! hope it comes out
SAI 26. led. v 4.13 dop. 
ShizZ 13. led. v 8.05 odp. 
no linux version? no greenlight support
Vladimir Hitler 12. led. v 10.04 dop. 
you must make this game, there is a huge lack of bomberman games!!!!
shandy 9. led. v 9.39 odp. 
сюдабы еще русский язык и тогда я буду в нее играть
Virtual Gee 4. led. v 7.25 odp. 
The game looks great and so much fun. This can be the new bomberman + amazing features that can blew away (no pun intended) fans of the bomberman series. You got my vote.
ScaniX 3. led. v 12.12 odp. 
like bomberman
Rand0mguy 2. led. v 7.44 dop. 
has any one here played bomberman befor?
and wat about a revenge feature like in bomberman?
Rand0mguy 2. led. v 7.42 dop. 
sooooo.... upgraded bomberman? im in