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The Sea Will Claim Everything
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five-five-FIVE 19 lug, ore 19:19 
yes please
ktait 26 giu, ore 2:34 
been really enjoying Talos principle. Which led me here. Will definittely pick this up once out on Steam.
你这种人最多活2集 3 apr, ore 21:33 
looking forward to this!!
SirDavies 23 feb, ore 14:56 
JonasKyratzes  [autore] 3 gen, ore 6:23 
It should be. I've been making progress with the Steam version, but since I'm also working on the other Lands of Dream games, it's a bit slow. It'll definitely happen in 2015, though.
Wok 2 gen, ore 15:16 
I hope the game is realeased on Steam one of these days of 2015.
★Kawasaky 7 nov 2014, ore 3:58 
That's fine as long as this game ends here.

Played long time ago on after discovering it on an indieroyale and loved it, a true hidden gem. Now I just saw Talos and remembered that was greenlit but never released.

good luck with Talos release :)
JonasKyratzes  [autore] 7 nov 2014, ore 3:55 
Ah man, I wish I could be certain. I've been terribly busy with The Talos Principle and the two new upcoming Lands of Dream games, and I want to make sure TSWCE is in perfect condition before I put it on Steam. That means I need to spend at least a couple of weeks eliminating small errors that have cropped up over the years, adding hotspots I've always wanted, improving the alchemy system so it's more like what it was intended to be, and so on... I'll announce it as soon as I know.
★Kawasaky 7 nov 2014, ore 3:51 
When is this gonna be released on steam?
Deimos 3 nov 2014, ore 9:25 
ıts ok
CерверyGears 5 ott 2014, ore 16:31 
11/10 "It's okay"
Frey 29 giu 2014, ore 16:33 
Nice work getting this Greenlit, this game was a breath of fresh air when I played it, and I'm glad a larger audience will now be able to enjoy it.
Lin 22 giu 2014, ore 5:56 
Καθυστερημενα συχαρικια! Ολες μου τις ευχες!
Niche93 14 giu 2014, ore 10:34 
Congratulations. This is one of the best games in existence, and if this means that more people will be able to play it, I am happy for those people.
Thalfang 12 giu 2014, ore 15:18 
Stephane 12 giu 2014, ore 7:15 
Beautiful !
Rosenberg 12 giu 2014, ore 4:22 
Congratulations :)
uka7777 12 giu 2014, ore 3:26 
Finally!!! Congratularions
ACWraith 11 giu 2014, ore 21:12 
eli 11 giu 2014, ore 19:45 
GREENLIT!!! Too excited for this.
TJF588 11 giu 2014, ore 18:36 
Yes! About time, but it's through!
adleen 11 giu 2014, ore 18:05 
Finally! It's been a long time.
Ravenhollow 11 giu 2014, ore 17:01 
Finally we can play this on Steam. On time.
Cryoned 11 giu 2014, ore 16:58 
At last is greenlight. Congrats dev, amazing game.
K-Boom 6 giu 2014, ore 20:45 
How come the game has not been Greenlit yet? :(
Castledoque 30 apr 2014, ore 11:48 
Very atmospheric!
Stephane 30 apr 2014, ore 3:27 
nice characters to meet in this game
artcepse 29 apr 2014, ore 17:19 
Love Jonas' design sensibilities. This needs to be on Steam. The art style isn't unusual - it's beautiful and we need more non-cookie cutter games. Voted "Yes!" and looking forward to its Steam release.
flesk 28 apr 2014, ore 4:46 
I'm surprised this game isn't on Steam yet.

Hoping it gets Mac/Linux versions sooner rather than later. The Linux community is very active in voting up games and could provide a much needed boost in votes.
ionutudor2012 16 apr 2014, ore 3:55 
Major Garland Briggs 8 apr 2014, ore 5:25 
I love that you've found a way for characters to talk directly to the player instead of the usual proxy character.
Lin 23 mar 2014, ore 8:29 
I'm hoping the Brandon bundle aside from supporting a great cause will also bring more traffic this way. I have the game, it's fantastic, it really really needs to get greenlit, I'm looking forward to gifting it around. And as an aside, months after finishing the game I still can't stop listening to the soundtrack, it's just brilliant.
bam 14 mar 2014, ore 1:07 
Jonas Kyratsez is a master of storycrafting through games, the addition of this game to Steam will be a refreshing change from the keyboard bashing types that can be found almost everywhere in Steam nowadays.
FreestyleGamingArtist 14 feb 2014, ore 21:53 
This game is so raw and creative! Doesn't need any fancy graphics to be good, just an awesome story and cute art. Yeah, would buy this.

Saw this game on
cavusanil 10 feb 2014, ore 17:12 
Mac version pls
Kaz 25 gen 2014, ore 5:12 
Guys, it looks extremely interesting. Glad to finally (10 January) have news of you.
zKeyserSozez 17 gen 2014, ore 15:40 
Clitcomander 11 gen 2014, ore 5:03 
eli 7 gen 2014, ore 13:20 
Hoping for a Mac port/version too!
JohnnyMSK 3 gen 2014, ore 2:08 
Based God 2 gen 2014, ore 12:31 
Haven't played the demo yet, but the music was enough to grab my attention, and I deeply enjoyed the description of the game. Off to the demo I go!
Stinkflipper Incarnate 28 dic 2013, ore 9:07 
This was one of my top games of 2012. Can't believe it hasn't been greenlit yet. It needs to be on Steam.
Killyou de la Muerte 15 dic 2013, ore 22:55 
I will buy anything favorably compared to an Umberto Eco novel, and a pair of monocles to go with it.
danecarney 8 dic 2013, ore 2:59 
Played this game, it's absolutely beautiful. Would buy it again it's poignant. One of the few games out there that leaves you a better person when your'e done.
[RU]StEx 7 dic 2013, ore 9:39 
Just finished game. It's really amazing. My graditudes to authors. If you'll be greenlit I definetely buy TSWCE one more time.
Ben 27 nov 2013, ore 23:35 
I bought this recently for myself and as a birthday gift for a friend. The Sea Will Claim Everything is a game that does so much right; the story, music, and art style are all fantastic. And the world isn't a place you're likely to forget about anytime soon.

Please upvote this game and help bring it to Steam!
nutcase99 9 nov 2013, ore 10:15 
Magical☆Melody 8 ott 2013, ore 9:37 
Just beat the game, played the whole thing in a single sitting, could not put it down. Ended up needing a walkthrough to find 3 obvious things I missed, but loved it all the same! :)
onealone 7 ott 2013, ore 11:31 
wow. looks beautiful, so thumbs up!
strangenoise 5 ott 2013, ore 14:22 
Picked it up some months ago from your website and loved it - I finished it with a sense of having played something extraordinary!