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Minion Master
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ionutudor2012 ápr. 16. @ de. 3:56 
sethapophis ápr. 12. @ de. 2:35 
Pretty nice! Looks like fun.
Goli ápr. 9. @ de. 3:30 
Looks good :D
这B就是我 ápr. 6. @ du. 10:07 
well done!
[WB]XRuinX márc. 18. @ de. 12:09 
Make it modable! I dont care for any of the characters in this but if i could add my own in it I would defienetly pay $$$
Nuio márc. 6. @ de. 1:26 
krazedlion febr. 25. @ du. 10:09 
I don't care for the genre, but this looks really cool! upvote
{EN}GOlgAsTiL febr. 21. @ du. 1:43 
The Strategist jan. 18. @ de. 12:18 
LOL I never seen such type of game .I think that will be a very good strategy game to plat with friends
WVTSXN jan. 6. @ de. 11:36 
Definately yes.
sivad_nai 2013. dec. 9. @ du. 4:04 
looks interesting
Den Hette 2013. szept. 24. @ de. 12:49 
I would have liked it a whole lot more if you could move your units by yourself
Epicwardog2000 2013. szept. 15. @ de. 6:52 
looks amazing
Dillybadger 2013. aug. 29. @ de. 4:41 
i enjoy games like this. It looks like fun
»Norco« 2013. aug. 7. @ de. 12:32 
Moogle Emperor 2013. júl. 30. @ du. 10:42 
The game looks interesting, the tile system sounds fun, and that commercial was great. :)
【Soylent.Hero】 2013. júl. 3. @ du. 10:40 
Havok Online 2013. jún. 26. @ du. 9:52 
Very nice!
blackgauntlet 2013. jún. 4. @ de. 9:41 
@RipKill3r-Why? So that you can finally use the cards you spent hundreds of dollars collecting? Hahaha! No thanks. I find that watching you waste your money more entertaining.
Agent LL [IL] 2013. máj. 28. @ du. 2:18 
all vote for this game this game must be succed
Agent LL [IL] 2013. máj. 26. @ de. 7:26 
the most epic game i ever played
Leg1on 2013. máj. 19. @ de. 1:16 
BigAsusBrown 2013. máj. 13. @ du. 9:18 
I really enjoyed playing Heroscape before Walmart undersold the Card Shops and tried to turn it into a kids board game. Nowadays its hard to find the packs and not enough people even know it exists so i just play with my brother when he's in town. If this game is any good and not a pay2win, then I'd be very interested. Their commercial is cheesy and lame though.

I upvoted.
Nebula 2013. ápr. 22. @ de. 8:05 
Lol, that commercial was lame as hell. I pretty much assume any CCG is Pay to Win unless otherwise noted. I will hold off a downvote until this question is specifically addressed.
ywk = 牙籤 = 2013. febr. 5. @ de. 9:51 
already buy it long time ago. it's really fun but I don't have time to enjoy it.
NemesisZidar 2013. jan. 26. @ de. 3:49 
I like these Kind of Games, building ur strategy in UR Deck and unleash it in the match later, BUT i know that this will be such kinda game, where i have to buy some Booster Packs or such dumb stuff and maybe get some new Monstercards or just the 10th of a card i already have. And i hate to have such pay thingy into a game. Put all in, make Balance and gameplay interesting and good and put it in for a price and its ok. Free to play ever feels so "they wanna betray me", i ever think about how u will get my money and these thought is ever back in my head. I would rather pay for that and buy some DLC but have all unlocked.Dont know if upvote or downvote
Bear 2013. jan. 24. @ du. 8:57 
yeah it was, this is a clone pay to win game
Bear 2013. jan. 24. @ du. 8:56 
wasnt this that super expensive board game / ipad game that never sold....
Dr. Jan Itor.TKK 2013. jan. 24. @ du. 2:04 
Tapewormz: Yes you can buy the whole game in one shot; or you can get the free version and get extra cards if you are into it.
[KOR]mayo 2013. jan. 16. @ du. 8:31 
I love TCG!! I love it!
Kirby 2013. jan. 16. @ du. 1:41 
To much luck; There can i play battle 4 wesnoth. There is much more strategy than this game.
Luck what cards you draw. Luck if the enemy hit or not; And you too. Nice idea but bad gameplay. And the single player levels are an only testing and repeat
Catscratch 2013. jan. 15. @ de. 3:17 
Doesn't look that bad actually. And Free-To-Play is nice, though it better be a true free game... not a Pay 2 Win.
Also the multi-OS is nice.
Have a tentative upvote :P
Tapewormz 2013. jan. 10. @ de. 6:00 
Is it possible to buy the entire set of cards in one purchase and not have to chase cards by buying hundreds of boosters? Otherwise, I'm so not interested.
Diehardsam 2013. jan. 1. @ du. 9:37 
can anyone add me to play?
After I bought until release, I never find a person to play at all.
I will like to play.
Digitalwand 2012. dec. 31. @ du. 4:17 
I agree with with Tamr. This is a stange comment by Campaigner. A game should be upvoted or downvoted on it own merit. Clearly it is a great game -- I think it should be upvoted, and available via Steam.
Tamr 2012. dec. 30. @ du. 7:06 
"Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam?" how does that translate to having to buy it at full price?

I think it's silly to downvote a game you want to see succeed for that reason alone.
Jerry 2012. dec. 28. @ de. 7:13 
One of the best games I've seen on Greenlight! If there were a 'game I want to see succed' then this game would get that vote immedietly.

I don't believe I'll get it at full price though since there are so many other games to play. So it is a downvote for me.
BitFlipGames  [készítő] 2012. dec. 19. @ du. 2:01 
@Diehardsam We'll look at organizing a tournament or play day for the community!
BlindRooster 2012. dec. 19. @ du. 12:06 
I read a review of this game on the escapist. It sounds fun, especially if they keep adding to it as they say. Hope it gets the greenlight!
Diehardsam 2012. dec. 18. @ de. 8:03 
Please organize some time to gather all the players.
MickMC7 2012. dec. 18. @ de. 7:53 
When I saw the title Minion Master, I remembered something.

TotalBiscuit (aka The Cynical Brit) did an interview with an employee from BitFlipGames at PAX 2012 (Seattle). His vid on Minion Master can be found here:

There are hundreds of really bad games on Steam Greenlight but this title isn’t one of them and it deserves more upvotes.
BitFlipGames  [készítő] 2012. dec. 18. @ de. 7:32 
@straider We would like to continue adding new Minions and expanding the game for a long, long time!
Diehardsam 2012. dec. 17. @ du. 7:46 
Anyone that like to play this game can add me, just mention to me that is about minion master so that we can go in for multiplayer. Using steam to find player for this game is more easier that other place.
straider 2012. dec. 17. @ de. 10:24 
Hello guys! Will there some more minions in the future? It looks like Heroscape and there were lots of different troop types! So I like Heroscape very much, I give my vote!
Saberwolf 2012. dec. 14. @ du. 6:23 
Hello folks, I just wanted to share my review and play session for this game, here:

Daec_ G3R 2012. dec. 12. @ du. 2:31 
not my thing. since there are so many in favour for this. i'll just give my vote up for them. good luck with the game.
Taggen 2012. dec. 10. @ de. 12:16 
Voted up! cause it looks amazing! I wish the best of luck to dev! :)
OkiDoki_1976 2012. dec. 6. @ de. 5:09 
badd -9
andybian 2012. dec. 5. @ de. 9:26 
Like this sort of game. Very similar to Poxnora.
BitFlipGames  [készítő] 2012. dec. 3. @ du. 10:38 
@!3eleidiger Thanks. Tell your friends!