Tämä peli on nyt saatavilla Steamissä!

Kiitos, että autoit tätä peliä pääsemään Steamiin! Lisätietoja sekä linkin kauppasivulle löydät alta.

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Steelynx 6. helmi, 2016 9.44 
not bad
Sumiwake 17. tammi, 2015 8.42 
Awesome game
IrriNinja 11. joulu, 2014 16.11 
i have the wiiware vers.
HFerrari 21. elo, 2014 13.05 
Best song
Banned 30. kesä, 2014 21.53 
Music-the best
Hercules Boxer 18. huhti, 2014 21.14 
Music is great
Quinterfell 13. helmi, 2014 3.53 
Ashura the Zebra 9. tammi, 2014 11.03 
I'm kind of sad that this incarnation of La Mulana took out all the MSX game references, but I'd say the game still improved overall. This is one of those high skill-cap games that you'll end up dying a lot throughout. I've never actually managed to finish this game due to my habit of taking long breaks and forgetting where I was, but the time I've spent playing this was indeed well-spent.
Marky_Mark 7. tammi, 2014 20.14 
Don't like this game very much. I find it boring. Sorry.
Murphy 1. tammi, 2014 10.34 
Music is great,looks fun
NIKO 21. joulu, 2013 18.19 
looks fun
Pommersch 6. joulu, 2013 7.12 
SomeGuy 3. elo, 2013 7.31 
Music is great, girl voice is annoying.
Masakado 12. heinä, 2013 14.15 
Got it, thanks!
PLAYISM  [tekijä] 26. kesä, 2013 22.34 
@Meysakado Hey we had a temporary page setup about 2 weeks after the release actually. Apologies if you did not see any of the posts. Right now the keys should show up normally in the Downloads section of your Account page.
Masakado 23. kesä, 2013 21.27 
Any word on the playism steam key? While it probably has been quite some time since the game hit steam, I can wait. But any notification whether by email or on this page would be very much appreciated.
ND 18. touko, 2013 2.10 
Adolf Clitler 17. huhti, 2013 14.22 
Still waiting on the playism key here
chasenmusky 17. huhti, 2013 13.41 
Not sure if people checked yet but the Steam key is available on the Groupees page, from the Groupees Greenlight Bundle. Just login there and look up your old bundles, just redeemed mine, thanks for doing this!
Rafa_9000 16. huhti, 2013 16.01 
And....where is my key on greenlight groupees??
Sicris 16. huhti, 2013 13.21 
@Maverick Σ The characters aren't small. The ruins and some enemies are just that huge.
send help 16. huhti, 2013 4.18 
Looks like Castlevania SotN, but general character looks too small :(
The Soapbox Lord 15. huhti, 2013 15.37 
So excited this is finally seeing release! Maybe it will get more coverage now!
Rafa_9000 15. huhti, 2013 10.21 
Where is my steam key...i want my steam key!!! xD
fabo #wassermannmove 15. huhti, 2013 10.05 
@Nagual Updated 2/12/2013
Regarding Steam keys: We can now officially say that PLAYISM and Desura users who purchased the game will be receiving Steam keys once we have them in hand. Unfortunately GOG does not offer Steam keys to users so customers who have purchased the game through GOG will not be able to activate that purchase on Steam. We will try to set up some extra bonus goodies to at least make up for this a little bit!
Rip777 15. huhti, 2013 9.06 
If i have La Mulana on Desura. Can i get free copy on steam?
Teletony 13. huhti, 2013 20.32 
I would kill for a mac version!
Faenix 13. huhti, 2013 0.55 
Nurse Shade, you know that "vote and get a free steam key" only applies if you got the Groupees Bundle, right? (can be bothered to go pages back to know if you know that, or you just voted here expecting it would be ""Free")
Shade Wintergaze 11. huhti, 2013 22.20 
I wasn't trying to find a double meaning in anything, they should have just been clearer instead of having the picture say you only needed to vote. I'm also not being cheap as I said twice now that I'd happily buy it if we didn't get the keys. And I never said they lied, the picture was simply mistaken.

I wasn't trying to argue, I apologize that it came off sounding as such, and now that this has all been cleared up, there is no need to continue, so I won't.
Dentorhedge 11. huhti, 2013 14.30 
please do not continue an argument on a game page, but on your personal page instead.
Also, NIGORO just released a new free flash game on the NIGORO website! Level four is LA-MULANA themed!
Dentorhedge 11. huhti, 2013 14.27 
@all. please argue on your personal / face pages instead of posting an argument on a game themed comments section.
Azrael 10. huhti, 2013 18.46 
@Nurse Shade
Don't be so cheap and stop looking for a double meaning to that picture. That was from the Groupees Greenlight Bundle and for the people who got the game from there.

PLAYISM hasn't lied: "Those of you who purchased La-Mulana via Desura, Groupees Bundle, or Playism will be able to snatch a free Steam key, and we'll have details in the near future on how to do that." (Posted on March 29 here.)
Shade Wintergaze 10. huhti, 2013 15.39 
Wow, I say 1 thing and people start jumping on me -.-
I didn't say I bought the game, I said I'd be willing to buy it if I don't get a key.
If you were to have actually read my post instead of skimming it, you'd see that I brought up the point that the site said you mearly had to vote for it on Greenlight. If they don't want to give keys to those who vote and instead only give keys to those who bought, they shouldn't be saying that they will give keys to those who vote too.
Nijuu 8. huhti, 2013 16.33 
Oh goodie. That means those of us who got the desura key via Groupee's greenlight bundle will get a steam key as well?
Peroxide 7. huhti, 2013 23.03 
They posted on March 29 they'd give out Steam keys and by April 4, you're already in a rage? Expecting a Steam key because you own the game else is rather greedy in my opinion. When you buy a song on iTunes, it stays on iTunes and you cannot demand other music providers to supply you with the song, so why should it be any different for video games? The real reason they give the keys out is because it's easier than dealing with all the whiners would certainly ensue.
kaffeesatz 7. huhti, 2013 16.19 
@Nurse Shade: look at the last Update from the Devs here, I'm pretty sure they will send the key to you after the release on Steam.
Dayveed 6. huhti, 2013 12.18 
I will get every achievement, no one can stop me.
Shade Wintergaze 4. huhti, 2013 7.55 
And here is the proof that we are suppose to get a free code http://imgur.com/3g6lZpl
Shade Wintergaze 4. huhti, 2013 7.38 
So, where is the free code that was promised to anyone who voted for this to get greenlit awhile back? Will they just be given to us when the game is released or was that just a ploy to get people to vote? I mean, I'd gladly buy the game, but I don't have the money to just throw around.
Afdal 31. maalis, 2013 8.35 
I really, really hope Nigoro is planning on fixing the lack of keyboard movement key customization for this Steam release update. It's been my constant barrier to getting this.
Sr. Sugus de Piña 31. maalis, 2013 4.04 
In Spanish?
Dentorhedge 29. maalis, 2013 6.40 
Unepic was also based off of Maze of Gallious: Knightmare II and was also Greenlit.
Please give it a shot, although it is much less of a puzzler and more of an RPG.
GeminiSaint 27. maalis, 2013 8.34 
Um, the WiiWare version of La-Mulana DID happen. It's readily available on all regions, US included. That said, the Hell Temple and Time Attack modes didn't make the cut.
L-chan 26. maalis, 2013 19.15 
I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this game FINALLY being released here in the USA, after waiting for so long for the WiiWare version that never happened. I royally suck at the game (I have the original here on my laptop), BUT I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!! I can't wait, I have pre-ordered it already, and the remastered soundtrack sounds excellent! Finally, I will be able to play it without having to readjust all of my picture and sound cards to support it! Thank you thank you thank you!!
[Team named player] Team Player 26. maalis, 2013 8.50 
Rafa_9000 26. maalis, 2013 6.12 
Hey Guys, i purchased ''La-Mulana'' os Greenlight bundle of Groupees, my key is arrive on April's 15??
thetrin 24. maalis, 2013 19.13 
Yeah, sorry guys! It looks like achievements are not showing up just yet, but we've contacted valve, and we're working on getting that sorted out. Thanks for all your support!
pyroman666 22. maalis, 2013 14.58 
gratz on geting a potential release date for april 15
maister_Pernat 22. maalis, 2013 12.17 
9 / 10 READY, oh, that's great, thank you!
WakiMiko 22. maalis, 2013 12.10 
@maister_Pernat: There are over 60 achievements in the game, see http://www.playism.tv/blog/?p=74