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Real Heroes: Firefighter
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{T}Bro{$}<Billy The Kid hace 11 horas 
is a very cool
Ceberus 12 de Abr a las 13:22 
its fun and cool
Intruder 11 de Abr a las 18:11 
This looks really fun, but there should be more challenges for the game.
eXqViSit 6 de Abr a las 11:18 
ny tak norm
RodP731 5 de Abr a las 21:22 
I like FPS games but the kill kill kill mentality gets old after a while. I like that this focuses on more of the "save the day" and also places firefighters in the spotlight. I can't wait to try it out! :)
EZeT Gamermitta 15 de Mar a las 1:28 
it looks cool, but where i can play (a demo of it)?
JanisFFM 13 de Mar a las 9:22 
Cooles Spiel, würde mich über einen 2. Teil auch freuen!
KiLL_POiNT 12 de Mar a las 6:58 
KiLL_POiNT 12 de Mar a las 6:57 
It reminded me of the ps1 game I used to play alot and now i hope it will be released to pc
@bob 12 de Mar a las 5:53 
Scientifically Proven  [autor] 20 de Feb a las 8:05 
Thanks for playing HonoluluBoy!
HonoluluBoy 19 de Feb a las 18:15 
I dl'd the free version last night and played till 3am! omg! Was fun. Good for kids too.
Arthas 9 de Feb a las 12:28 
Hell 28 de Ene a las 12:41 
†The_Killer† 19 de Ene a las 14:25 
how can i get the game ?
Mick Thomson 18 de Ene a las 9:59 
Прикольно)думаю стоит поиграть)
Runtus 17 de Ene a las 17:05 
No Russian? No Lunux version. Keep up the good work. I will upvote just to spite whiners li ke ShizZ
Xarka 17 de Ene a las 16:24 
I really enjoyed playing this - absolutely hilarious to find myself utterly unprepared for the firefight (the flames! the noise! my panic!). Anyone intrigued but undecided should try the demo immediately - it throws you right into the mayhem :) You have my vote, SP!
ShizZ 14 de Ene a las 5:26 
many lang, no russian its bad
no linux version? no greenlight support.
Anderson 5 de Ene a las 5:39 
Though the Wii graphics were better.....wait why are Wii graphics better than the pc version?!
Anderson 5 de Ene a las 5:34 
I've played this on Wii, and I have to say that it was BEAST.
emmett_jonilionis 27 de Dic, 2013 a las 2:04 
Never even played, but it looks appealing
joak1m 12 de Dic, 2013 a las 8:50 
joak1m 12 de Dic, 2013 a las 8:50 
and i should be a free game. :D
joak1m 12 de Dic, 2013 a las 8:45 
Its like to be a real firefighter. but the grapich is nice too.
[ѕтғ] Not Hikkler 9 de Dic, 2013 a las 14:34 
Extremely interesting concept, however, the grpahics are like comic book meets borderlands, meets 2-d
Scaglio Lebon #22 24 de Nov, 2013 a las 12:49 
it' s a original game. but it need best grapich and other fixes .
Failer 15 de Nov, 2013 a las 9:48 
hmm i wouldnt buy it
ValkenZ 13 de Nov, 2013 a las 2:53 
looks nice XD
Jambon 10 de Nov, 2013 a las 19:23 
This looks freaking cool!

a $5 price tag might be a bit low.. $7.99 would be a good price point - I'd be happy with paying $8 to get 7 hours of gameplay. Plus $7.99 leaves you wiggle room for sale prices :-)
Scientifically Proven  [autor] 10 de Nov, 2013 a las 9:14 
Toscanelli, they are from an updated PC version.
Toscanelli 10 de Nov, 2013 a las 3:10 
Are the screenshots from the PC version? Because I can't remember it has a comic look when I played it the first time on PC.
[N] Jester 8 de Nov, 2013 a las 20:56 
Very Cool
Dr.Duck 2 de Nov, 2013 a las 21:58 
it looks pretty cool. i would get it if it were cheap and not like 20$
ghostshadow25 28 de Oct, 2013 a las 23:01 
Would love to get this game.
RAiD x 16 de Oct, 2013 a las 10:37 
Scientifically Proven  [autor] 14 de Oct, 2013 a las 7:50 
Purple, the hose does have a limited radius with "hook up" points. Granted it is longer and more forgiving than a real line, but video games :)
Purple Fiction 13 de Oct, 2013 a las 16:54 
I like it except for that the insanely unrealistic use of the hose is too distracting to keep me engaged. If it was static, possibly with multiple points in a level where you could attatch it it would be more appealing. You have an extinguisher, so why have a mobile hose too?
Kurdt Kobain 5 de Oct, 2013 a las 13:19 
Haha my name is cameron too! and overall this looks like a fun game
Testament 15 de Sep, 2013 a las 13:20 
Look like XIII. Cool
Vote yes!
KLF™ 29 de Ago, 2013 a las 12:30 
hezekiah-angel 26 de Ago, 2013 a las 6:30 
Ready to ship straight to me. Voteing yes.
L-10 LT 17 de Ago, 2013 a las 14:45 
I think this is a really cool game, could use multiplayer and better grapics but thats beside the point. Myself and a few of friends in my Fire department played this and thought it was a good switch from Call of Duty or Battlefield FPS games. I also liked that you can use diffrent tools like the Haligan bar or the axe. In a real fire scenario one firefighter wouldnt be carrying an extingusher and hose, usally one or the other. But other than that I thought it was excatllent and you definitly got my vote!
Booterix 11 de Ago, 2013 a las 20:30 
upvoted this looks pretty cool.
Argamas 7 de Ago, 2013 a las 9:42 
All I get is the rotating logo too. Windows 8 x64. Oh well, if it is released on Steam, it's gonna have to be working, I guess. Voted yes.
docteurmmx 24 de Jul, 2013 a las 2:50 
still no solution to play with Windows 8 ? game buy on greenmangaming.com and it's impossible to play , play with desura , same problems :( .I have try with windows 7 same problems I want to play with this game :D ! I'll have to buy nintendo 3ds if there is no solution
AnFangsEndes 9 de Jul, 2013 a las 21:36 
Real human being, and a real hero
Corpsolian 6 de Jul, 2013 a las 9:32 
FPS: First Person Splasher.
CommaCauseE 12 de Jun, 2013 a las 15:22 
I had no problems getting the game to start, and my system isn't supported. No compatibility modes or anything changed, also I installed to a custom location.
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
AMD FX-8350
Radeon 7970 ghz ed (3GB VRAM)
8GB 1600 RAM
Scientifically Proven  [autor] 12 de Jun, 2013 a las 8:51 
Better yet. Please email info@scientificallyproven.com and we will send you a new build that will hopefully resolve your issues.