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Real Heroes: Firefighter
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Komentarzy: 327
starsky 21 lutego 2017 o 2:19 
This game is finally coming out March 14th - who's excited?!
Orange_Fox 12 stycznia 2017 o 3:08 
I'm really looking forward to this game
hugge0510 CSGO-SKINS.com 7 grudnia 2016 o 3:20 
When will it be released, i've been waiting 1 year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AwesomeJJ :D 22 września 2016 o 8:28 
"Release date: Ready to ship" What?
satejunk 28 czerwca 2016 o 23:29 
Sigh. Why no update?
RedBowlingGamer 25 czerwca 2016 o 16:33 
The wait time better be worth the price. At this point, the price needs to be at least $2.99 US Dollars, like it is on Amazon for PC. Either that or less. I recommend FREE TO PLAY!
RedBowlingGamer 25 czerwca 2016 o 16:30 
This is bullshit. I want the Steam Version of this game cuz the Wii version is too hard. Control wise. It has been 2 years, and no update. PLS SPEED UP THE PROCESS!!! COME ON!
†The_Gamer† 29 kwietnia 2016 o 13:03 
patrizio.pellizzaro 29 kwietnia 2016 o 12:39 
Apparently the developers team hasn't released a fix yet, they had detected this issue at least 4 years ago
†The_Gamer† 29 kwietnia 2016 o 12:02 
ok can you tell when you got the issue fixed ?
patrizio.pellizzaro 29 kwietnia 2016 o 11:24 
I don't know the answer yet, actually I have 64-bit Win 7, reformatted, and no install of this game
(Sorry for my bad english, actually it isn't my primary language)
†The_Gamer† 28 kwietnia 2016 o 13:03 
patrizio.pellizzaro how do i fix my issue on the game ?
Dank~Lord~Tachank 10 marca 2016 o 12:37 
when is this coming to steam store ???
patrizio.pellizzaro 29 grudnia 2015 o 9:21 
I have bought it on Uplay, but still need to fix that issue with x64 operative systems.
mca0004 20 sierpnia 2015 o 22:55 
I would very much appreciate it if you would just release some info about what's going on with development, I got this game off GamersGate a while back but couldn't get far because of the bug that makes the game crash. You said in October last year taht you were working on fixing it and then would release it to steam.

It's almost been a year and not a word from you, what's going on?
Trust37 ⎝👽⎠ 12 sierpnia 2015 o 16:54 
uninstall works fine, upvoted
PHP 5 sierpnia 2015 o 5:25 
So has there been a confirmed relese date yet?
mca0004 31 lipca 2015 o 2:10 
Soooo, was this cancelled or something?
SuperBambinor 20 lutego 2015 o 23:55 
Free to play
Cyka Man 15 stycznia 2015 o 10:42 
I cannot wait for this game.
Toscanelli 5 stycznia 2015 o 14:19 
Oh no you didn't.
mca0004 30 października 2014 o 19:32 
Thantastic  [autor] 30 października 2014 o 15:11 
We are working on one last issue that happens randomly on Win 7 and 8 systems. As soon as we can track it down it will be release.
mca0004 19 października 2014 o 21:16 
It says "Ready to ship", what does that mean? Was it approved? What's happening with this game?! D:
Alex 3 września 2014 o 6:08 
looks nice.....
....but does not work on (any PC with) win 7 x64.
I bought it last year at Desura, tested with 5 completely different PCs....nothing happened,
game does not start, tried all the hints like start as admin, re installing .net, directx etc....nothing.
(And I am not the only one, look here and look at the Desura page...many many people got the same problems)
Over a year ago they claimed to working on it....and....nothing happens.....
That is why I have to say NO to this game....
@Developers: Get this game to run under win 7 and I will try the Desura Version again,
and maybe I will turn my NO into YES !
AwesomeJJ :D 24 sierpnia 2014 o 3:42 
I'll hope it is going to be "Free to Play"
☭ Soviet 28 lipca 2014 o 16:00 
This Games Looks Awesome And It Reminds Me Of a Arcade Game I Played When I Was Younger.There Needs To Be More Non-Violent Shooters And Also It Just Looks AWESOME
Tommy Gray x Land Raider 26 lipca 2014 o 19:54 
Still wish Conspiracy Entertainment would do Real Heroes: Firefighter 2
Goldsman 14 lipca 2014 o 13:24 
This looks awesome! I really like the look of it, I can't wait for it to come out in the store!
Mattiator 11 lipca 2014 o 2:12 
Hoo-rah! Hopefully it's not too long before this one goes up on the store.
D!e mudD@ 29 czerwca 2014 o 13:29 
Need more such games.
YOUTUBE: Pladows 25 czerwca 2014 o 11:15 
Thantastic  [autor] 30 maja 2014 o 8:33 
Thank you everyone for the support!
¡Klumb3r! 28 maja 2014 o 14:32 
Cyka Man 26 maja 2014 o 8:34 
I loved this for wii,but it my wii broke so PC is the only thing I can paly it on
But its an awesome game that looks better for PC
Karperky2k 24 maja 2014 o 13:22 
voted :)
Caramon93 23 maja 2014 o 0:44 
This game looks amazing. I have been looking for a game like this for a long time. I hope this gets released soon!
Commander Noa 22 maja 2014 o 15:49 
Is there any way to disable the cartoony graphics? Or at least the comic book style BOOM, CRASH, etc.?
Toscanelli 18 maja 2014 o 7:43 
Yeah, hope this will be soon on Steam!
Mattiator 17 maja 2014 o 3:02 
Darn, this still isn't through? Can't wait!
Thantastic  [autor] 13 maja 2014 o 9:57 
Thanks Ice Tea!
Ice Tea! ツ 13 maja 2014 o 8:52 
Love animated games <3 wish you luck :)
Thantastic  [autor] 12 maja 2014 o 10:49 
Thanks for the support everyone! We are almost there.
~Tio Garras~ 11 maja 2014 o 16:08 
cool! XD
Melix 19 kwietnia 2014 o 4:16 
Bad game!
Pinkie Pie ^^ 15 kwietnia 2014 o 16:18 
is a very cool
Ceberus 12 kwietnia 2014 o 13:22 
its fun and cool
Intrudez 11 kwietnia 2014 o 18:11 
This looks really fun, but there should be more challenges for the game.
eXejKee /AG/ 6 kwietnia 2014 o 11:18 
ny tak norm
Midnyte 5 kwietnia 2014 o 21:22 
I like FPS games but the kill kill kill mentality gets old after a while. I like that this focuses on more of the "save the day" and also places firefighters in the spotlight. I can't wait to try it out! :)