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3079 -- An Action RPG
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bip. 29. joulu, 2015 16.49 
cav'alex 24. kesä, 2014 11.30 
Dirk Diggler 6. huhti, 2014 18.30 
lol reminds me of an open world wolfenstein early early days of wolfenstein
phr00t  [tekijä] 23. tammi, 2014 17.56 
Depends on lots of factors, Huenator. You should try the free demo on the 3079 site, linked above!

Thanks Crang!
cl 23. tammi, 2014 14.04 
Does this game will run on low end pc?
☠Crang_The_Mighty☠ 23. tammi, 2014 13.56 
but the game does look like alot of fun, good work
☠Crang_The_Mighty☠ 23. tammi, 2014 13.55 
pong is a rip-off of tenis
phr00t  [tekijä] 23. tammi, 2014 10.42 
... and Minecraft is just a "ripoff" of Infiniminer, which I'm sure is just a "ripoff" of another game. Maybe pong was the only original video game, ever? :-P
☠Crang_The_Mighty☠ 23. tammi, 2014 9.58 
and guncraft is a rip off of minecraft
Lore 17. tammi, 2014 18.21 
It's just a rip-off of Guncraft- RPG style.
cl 8. tammi, 2014 20.20 
Low end pc...?
Creator Of The Multiverse 27. joulu, 2013 20.42 
Best game ever sooooo much fun. it is like the Halo minecraft mix I have always dreamed of!!!

I just hope that it keeps getting updates even since 3089 came out.

Thank you phr00t
phr00t  [tekijä] 26. joulu, 2013 8.23 
Thank you, [o.W.n.]bigVP!

Make sure to check out the store page & let your opinion be known on the reviews section!

cz Pancake 26. joulu, 2013 8.14 
so cool :)
`Raizie 2. joulu, 2013 2.54 
IndieRogue 22. marras, 2013 6.06 
Hey Phr00t,

Can you make a German translation for 3079 AND 3089? I'm German.. and my English is very Bad. >_<
RootBeer 14. marras, 2013 9.23 
pht00t what do you think about adding RPG into the game? Or bombs....
phr00t  [tekijä] 14. marras, 2013 7.41 
You won't have to wait much longer, Dr. Potato -- it just took a little time to setup the Steam storefront & test release builds etc. :)
Dr Potato 13. marras, 2013 16.42 
if its already released then....why not on steam! or early access!
Dvakotaps 11. marras, 2013 0.47 
скореебы она вышла
RootBeer 10. marras, 2013 19.29 
Ah..when I played 3079 I didnt perform quests,just trade and explored houses
RootBeer 10. marras, 2013 19.27 
mmm? I tell only truth. You really can fly on spaceship!
phr00t  [tekijä] 10. marras, 2013 8.38 
Dunken speaks the truth :D
RootBeer 9. marras, 2013 20.34 
And! You can also fly in SPACESHIP!
RootBeer 9. marras, 2013 20.33 
Agree with you! In 3079 you wont dig or mine to survive.You'll find weapons and quests to help one side to win
phr00t  [tekijä] 9. marras, 2013 12.08 
I'm going to lightly moderate this comments section (and future discussions) & remove any "minecraft clone" comments.

Yes, the game looks like Minecraft. No, 3079 is not a clone. It uses a similar 3D "voxel" system, but it is a completely different game that does not focus on mining or crafting. 3079 is a game about war, role-playing elements, quests, items and more.
RootBeer 8. marras, 2013 4.56 
I've played 3079 last year! NICE game!
pindulfo 6. marras, 2013 15.28 
:P awesome!
TubbyTryhard 6. marras, 2013 11.24 
LogicParade 6. marras, 2013 10.05 
phr00t  [tekijä] 6. marras, 2013 10.00 
Hey LogicParade,

I'm hoping in about a week. I'm preparing the 3079 Steam Store page & working with Valve on a few kinks in the process! I'll keep you guys updated and don't worry, it is coming!
LogicParade 6. marras, 2013 8.36 
Any idea when this game will be released on steam?
TubbyTryhard 4. marras, 2013 23.39 
phr00t  [tekijä] 4. marras, 2013 12.32 

Don't worry -- if you didn't buy the game on BMT Micro or use PayPal, you don't need to know what it is :P


Ha! You may miss out on some great games if you lump so many together to disregard. That is like saying "not another 2D tile-based game or 3D realistic shooter" -- there are many variations within a visual theme that make each game unique and fun, 3079 included.
Vlad the Inhaler 4. marras, 2013 12.11 
Oh god, not another FPVB (first person voxel based) game.
TubbyTryhard 3. marras, 2013 2.49 
wat? BTM Micro? PayPal? I am 11 years old I dunno wat u r talki g about
TeleoFire 1. marras, 2013 13.18 
Cool, thanks
phr00t  [tekijä] 1. marras, 2013 10.16 
Possibly? Not actually sure... but if you got an email from BMT Micro, I should have your e-mail on file to send a Steam key to :-)
TeleoFire 31. loka, 2013 17.31 
True, that's probably it, as I did get an email from BMT. Do they get the email through the PayPal account used?
phr00t  [tekijä] 31. loka, 2013 10.22 
Bought it through PayPal..? Where? BMT Micro processes money via PayPal, but you should have an order (with an email address) in BMT Micro that I can look up...
TeleoFire 31. loka, 2013 9.47 
How will people who bought it through paypal get a key, as we didn't give an email address?
AymericTheNightmare 31. loka, 2013 5.17 
phr00t  [tekijä] 31. loka, 2013 4.17 
Yes! Current owners of this game will get free Steam keys!
TubbyTryhard 31. loka, 2013 1.32 
i doubt it but that depends what phr00t say's
AymericTheNightmare 30. loka, 2013 19.44 
I have it on Desura, I will have a free Steam key?
TubbyTryhard 30. loka, 2013 13.39 
c'mon dis is very very good day!
TubbyTryhard 30. loka, 2013 10.51 
phr00t  [tekijä] 30. loka, 2013 8.18 
Moustachux, this game IS coming to Steam! Yay!

ProjectGummyBear, I was WAITING for you to come here! *INTERNET HIGH FIVE*

kentgrammel, yeah, Steam acknowledged their search is bugged, kinda sucks :-( You can use the link in the description here to find the 3089 Greenlight!

VandalD, thank you for the support!
Moustachux 30. loka, 2013 7.30 
Already played the demo, would like to see the game avaible on Steam
TubbyTryhard 30. loka, 2013 5.06