¡La Comunidad ha dado luz verde a este juego!

La comunidad ha mostrado su interés por este juego. Valve se ha puesto en contacto con este desarrollador para comenzar con los trámites que llevarían a su lanzamiento en Steam

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^('.'^AGw Hace 57 minutos 
yep, delayed
called it
Mjjacobs97 hace 7 horas 
look at the announcements
SixFootTurkey64 hace 13 horas 
So I guess the store page won't be up until the final release date announcement?
Blood-Brain hace 13 horas 
No march release? Time for torrent when it came out ^^
]:x Zed 23 de mar. a las 7:04 
Nazz 23 de mar. a las 3:36 
SixFootTurkey64 22 de mar. a las 17:47 
April Fool's Day is gonna be interesting, I guess.
Mjjacobs97 22 de mar. a las 11:13 
lol maybe
Peldo 22 de mar. a las 4:13 
Trolling us until March 31st , Maybe...maybe.
crazycupmuffin 21 de mar. a las 17:22 
Half-life 3 to be released before this? Confirmed...... XP
Venx 21 de mar. a las 10:46 
Five years of waiting. Please, I needs it.
Mark2 21 de mar. a las 9:46 
Где бля
Rogue Element 21 de mar. a las 8:55 
I need my sci-fi horror fix, now!
fan_made_17@twitch.tv 21 de mar. a las 4:46 
supersuba 20 de mar. a las 13:37 
wanna Key in alpha/beta. Thx
roman1wilkie 19 de mar. a las 22:41 
its not gonna be here this month im sure.
General_Shlikelson 19 de mar. a las 15:02 
Даёшь релиз в марте!
mortuus 19 de mar. a las 7:12 
so whats teh exact release date?
♂ Spearl ☻ 19 de mar. a las 3:44 
Mr.Duck 18 de mar. a las 13:55 
Cheez, the game's release date has already become a meme...you know shits down when that happens.
rustblade 18 de mar. a las 11:57 
there hasn't been a single update since last year, on their website or on his twitter. face it, it's not coming
Triso 16 de mar. a las 6:55 
Aha it seems to release before long XD
^('.'^AGw 15 de mar. a las 9:59 
probably gonna be delayed
Padishah 14 de mar. a las 20:03 
It be great if they could oh I dunno give us a solid date or make the game available for purchase.
BigMac has McFallen 14 de mar. a las 13:48 
to all u people complaining...its still march :p
Mark2 14 de mar. a las 13:28 
Nice release
ZIGS 14 de mar. a las 12:12 
So, when are they gonna announce the delay? :)
teafetish 14 de mar. a las 9:27 
It's like this is your first time waiting for the upcoming thing. It was so obvious that the game is going to be released either in the very end of the month or later, April or May. And it's perfectly fine by me, despite the fact that I've been waiting for this old chestnut since '12. There are only three (3) developers, for crying out loud, cut them some slack. Remember what that Miyamoto guy said? A delayed game is eventually good, yadda yadda yadda.
gheppio 14 de mar. a las 1:54 
Half way through March and still nothing, are you serious? I've been following this project for years and I still can't understand why you care so little about the people who like your product :-/
Badloki 13 de mar. a las 15:35 
So? Any news?
锌zinc 13 de mar. a las 3:31 
It's my belief that if you can provide Chinese, there must be many chinese consumers such as the horrible game OUTLAST.
mad.mic2 10 de mar. a las 1:03 
tommy_beast,for a game to be a scam the developers have to be making money from a non-existent game. Where is the money coming from?
tommy_beast 9 de mar. a las 23:46 
Simply report the game as a scam.
KFC_bucket! 9 de mar. a las 20:53 
it says in trailer march 2017 ?
crazycupmuffin 9 de mar. a las 9:54 
WHEN!!!??????!!! :0
Arachnautic 9 de mar. a las 5:23 
I've been following this game for a couple years and I am so fucking amped. I have money set aside to buy this if it comes out.
Kindahuge 7 de mar. a las 0:34 
Never coming out
sw0rder 6 de mar. a las 0:23 
^1Insane ^5David 3 de mar. a las 16:14 
I think we're past the release-date delay controversy. I'm wondering what the $$purchase-price of the game is going to be?
Doushite? 3 de mar. a las 12:13 
this game is....FANTASTIC!!!
Culture Mathematics 1 de mar. a las 17:16 
I wish this game had just a little more advertisements; this way the silence they (the devs) are keeping would be so much more powerful. The old nintendo trick, no leaks, nice and neat. Please don't be vaporware.
hoh1ain 1 de mar. a las 13:48 
... bb game ...
A Cry Baby 1 de mar. a las 7:25 
Crusty lords I hope there is a news update this week
ford3th 1 de mar. a las 6:40 
Andropax 1 de mar. a las 0:43 
The month is finally here...
hoh1ain 28 de feb. a las 15:31 
Aaron Foster, Jemma Hughes and Pete Dissler give more information please.

Today, "March" 1 !!!
Ph0sSeDy 28 de feb. a las 4:41 
I just passed anatomy exam 30 out of 30,still,I'll be happier to see a RELEASE DATE TODAY OR TOMORROW! Bahahah
KFC_bucket! 26 de feb. a las 16:43 
holy smokes Im still here! The One game I want most and still not ready zzzzzz hurry up people
I may not be alive hitting the big 52. dont tell no one i say im 29 always works. lol
Giskard 25 de feb. a las 15:43 
hey have my attention
DaniellGamer BR 25 de feb. a las 15:16 
parece alien isolation só que ives de alien é um robô.