¡La Comunidad ha dado luz verde a este juego!

La comunidad ha mostrado su interés por este juego. Valve se ha puesto en contacto con este desarrollador para comenzar con los trámites que llevarían a su lanzamiento en Steam

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HmF| PennyWi5e 29 de sep. a las 10:22 
Alright guys I did a little digging it it turns out the game is still being worked on. These developers just suck at leaving a comment so fans can stay interested.
Here is tweet from them about the game from THIS MONTH: https://twitter.com/LunarSoftware/status/776651677986353152
sicreate 29 de sep. a las 9:25 

(I'm fully hopefull it will finish in the future)
Vinople 29 de sep. a las 1:48 
Nexus 28 de sep. a las 21:56 
Will Power 28 de sep. a las 9:35 
Mark2 28 de sep. a las 4:59 
MASTAFLIPS 25 de sep. a las 9:57 
will all the of the things you have to run from robotic?
mad.mic2 25 de sep. a las 6:40 
What makes you say its fake BOT Wayne?
BOT Wayne 25 de sep. a las 0:45 
game is fake
Kallisti 23 de sep. a las 4:52 
rip in peice
sicreate 21 de sep. a las 18:09 
It has to release in the next three months... right?
KFC_bucket! 21 de sep. a las 16:04 
Hi any new update on Routine?
mad.mic2 20 de sep. a las 9:59 
You wont have to wait until Xmas machensan as mortuus knows,he? just loves to be negative.
machensan 20 de sep. a las 7:45 
@mortuus This looks so dead. Any update since December, but I have the hope that in christmas we'll see some news...
mortuus 20 de sep. a las 1:22 
looks dead
michal252 17 de sep. a las 17:10 
looks great
mad.mic2 17 de sep. a las 10:21 
Not dead aircraft999,after working on Routine for so long they are so close to finishing they are focused on that.
aircraft999 17 de sep. a las 9:03 
I'm starting to believe this project is dead, I was really excited but the developer is not updating anymore :(
Richard Upton Pickman 16 de sep. a las 11:45 
I really want to play this and hope we will see it soon. It looks great and maybe they manage to get it done. If it takes longer i also hope they take the time and make a good game out of it. Good luck dev team.
FLy1nRabBit 15 de sep. a las 22:54 
They're relatively vocal on Twitter, they said they're aiming for a 2016 release, so only a few months left. Then again it's good that they're actually working rather than playing PR 24/7. But I agree that they should be a little more vocal.
^1Shep^8ardov 14 de sep. a las 12:53 
Kim's SOX 13 de sep. a las 22:00 
I want see Release this game in my life
Hamza 12 de sep. a las 6:14 
=GSG=StarBound 11 de sep. a las 10:17 
So development is still on going? Would actually like an update on the page saying its still aiming for a release.
≈Usil84~ 11 de sep. a las 9:31 
quando pensate potra essere disponibile? "
sicreate 10 de sep. a las 21:44 
That's all Aaron ever says, Badloki. I hope he's right though.
Badloki 10 de sep. a las 15:44 
What Aaron replied on Twitter yesterday: "We are just keeping quiet until the game is almost finished, we don't want anything to slow us down :) Things are good!"
0L vs za warudo ☠ 2 de sep. a las 17:22 
i'd almost lost my faith in survival horrors of nowadays until i've watched this gameplay
0L vs za warudo ☠ 2 de sep. a las 17:17 
I need this game in my life.
i saw Silent Hill franchise in this for a moment,
it's like Silent Hill and some cool Cyberpunk game fused together
this looks very promising! keep it up!
Kubilay [TR] 31 de ago. a las 3:20 
Lx33 26 de ago. a las 19:29 
Seems it must be going great, dayum Aaron you really should know what you are doing before you try and make promises to this community. Keep up the fails mate, clearly seems what you are best at :)
world 24 de ago. a las 13:05 
Halloween or Christmas fingers crossed.
Professional Lazy 22 de ago. a las 1:14 
Giff me!
Badloki 20 de ago. a las 6:13 
We need some news!
B-37 16 de ago. a las 21:42 
Patiently waiting for Mr.Foster to create his game so i can pay him $59.99 for it, like everyone else. How many comments has been so far? 52 comments per page, at 112 pages, which brings the round estimate of, and assumption that each is a paying customer, so that's $349,381.76 USD, in the comment section alone.
SurfBoy 16 de ago. a las 19:32 
again to the routine
^1Shep^8ardov 15 de ago. a las 15:26 
They have twitter, we have people, why dont we just spam them?
Daniel3131 14 de ago. a las 2:26 
love the concept of the game.
Havoc 10 de ago. a las 11:44 
When Routine comes out it'll definelty be an interesting read to see why it has taken so long.
sicreate 9 de ago. a las 20:45 
Hemog, I wish you were wrong. I really do...

Hemog 9 de ago. a las 18:44 
Vaporware. Time to move on.
CREAMSIKL 5 de ago. a las 22:06 
why the fuck isn't this game out yet
BlackNinjaOfDeath 5 de ago. a las 2:36 
Been a while since we heard any news about it....
Game looks amazing, I hope it is still on track and soon to be released.
(crossing fingers and hope it won't get canceled)
iTzMagnoGR™ 4 de ago. a las 7:12 
q jogo <3
=PisosPro=228 4 de ago. a las 4:58 
Where game?
Scoops 2 de ago. a las 17:15 
-rep scammed me
KFC_bucket! 27 de jul. a las 16:46 
Hi all Like you Ive been waiting for routine to come out so long now. but to
Hold you over go play frosty aliens predators SE Mod for alien vs predator 2 game its only hour and half play time cause you propbably gonna be waiting a bit longer.
you can get it at avpunknown or moddb
Future 25 de jul. a las 12:13 
Seems to be nice, can't wait
^1Shep^8ardov 24 de jul. a las 8:40 
There is no advertisement for this game, developers must be lucky to sell 10000 copies.
Mauricio_Cara 22 de jul. a las 8:45 
I can't wait!!!!!