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La comunidad ha mostrado su interés por este juego. Valve se ha puesto en contacto con este desarrollador para comenzar con los trámites que llevarían a su lanzamiento en Steam

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The_Trany Hace 32 minutos 
I have been waiting so long for this game and there is still no release date de fuck, you guys must have some sort of idea on when its going to be finished right? I keep coming here to see what news there is and there is always nothing and im really disapointed. Please at least update once a month or something I cant live like this D':
Breadstick coma hace 2 horas 
have they thought about crowdfunding?
¸ګ i ˘Ϟ`۲-ڶϵ.¸ hace 6 horas 

Lost interest in this game ............ yawn!!!!
Moonstomp hace 6 horas 
looks pretty fucking freaky
Kepstar hace 14 horas 
good game
leodoidaum 9 de Jul a las 9:05 
Have one date for release :-) ?
Lotsa 9 de Jul a las 0:46 
I have given up on this game because it is obviously going no where. I shouldn't have voted for it.

Feb was the last update on how progress is going.
Travis Fartbarf 8 de Jul a las 18:28 
This looks so dope!
cr4zyjay 8 de Jul a las 10:03 
really want this game. when's it coming?
sawoni 8 de Jul a las 6:21 
good. good
S.T.E.E.L.N.A.I.L. 8 de Jul a las 0:52 
amazing mood.
Annie the Bread GoD™ 7 de Jul a las 8:28 
This game was last updated 10 months and 6 days ago?
Batman™ 7 de Jul a las 3:17 
Approved by Batman !
Sanctus Fides 6 de Jul a las 15:44 
I can't wait for your game to be a success. I will be preordering it the moment yall put up a price.
Nick 6 de Jul a las 10:10 
MR-INVERTED 5 de Jul a las 21:34 
this looks so awesome i hope this comes out during 2014. looks awesome 10/10
burgerbros 5 de Jul a las 14:41 
DerSpaßSpieler 5 de Jul a las 12:38 
looks nice
A no0b Cookie 5 de Jul a las 6:36 
I only hope the game will come on 2014,the waiting is too much frustating
johnney890 4 de Jul a las 19:53 
It looks like a real good horror game!
локдаоун 4 de Jul a las 15:27 
DMentMan 4 de Jul a las 12:14 
looks awesome
Mr.ПЕТРОВИЧ 4 de Jul a las 8:06 
jacob.hoobler 3 de Jul a las 22:10 
wow i saw a trailer for this a long time ago and forgot about it, looks awesome!
Ydobon 3 de Jul a las 12:04 
this game rocks!
ZooK 3 de Jul a las 7:33 
It`s look good!
ROADDEMMON 2 de Jul a las 15:02 
damn that looks GOOD!
Guest of Honor 2 de Jul a las 10:33 
10/10 Genius
pekel198 2 de Jul a las 0:38 
Doom 1 de Jul a las 12:19 
Awsome i cant wait the Release!!!!
Alabama 1 de Jul a las 7:38 
Nice! Will by! 9/10
ShamblerDK 1 de Jul a las 5:19 
Holy crap, this looks good! 10/10 will buy!
Wallaby 30 de Jun a las 18:07 
added to the list to watch and see, looks good so far.
SneakyMasakari 30 de Jun a las 14:56 
I look forward to playing this well crafted game. Updates would be nice to help keep people interested. This game needs to get hyped up!
Fuzzy 28 de Jun a las 15:28 
Routine 4 lyfe
Klappstuhl 27 de Jun a las 12:49 

Why not both? Why not Zoidberg? wUBwUBUBUBUBUBUb
freakinout 27 de Jun a las 8:06 
Sooooo much potential for this game.it already looks great!
Ninus 27 de Jun a las 2:49 
If I don't play this game in the next 6 months I'm gonna explode
quake4ever2007 26 de Jun a las 19:59 
Routine or Alien Isolation?
elmorzi 26 de Jun a las 19:07 
got my attention
東方房 26 de Jun a las 17:45 
some thing interest
Goldvista 26 de Jun a las 8:43 
Auxilium 26 de Jun a las 8:31 
Reminds me of Dead Space a bit, which is AWESOME.
[CARL] firebreather247 25 de Jun a las 21:04 
pls alpha now
CloudRiderHD (Youtube Channel) 24 de Jun a las 19:15 
Fire 24 de Jun a las 2:17 
[FGG] mavg18 23 de Jun a las 14:49 
I LOVED IT! And just by watching a few minutes of gameplay!
Persona-Correa 23 de Jun a las 12:30 
Looks really good ! Congratulations to it's developers !
ĐΔΠ 22 de Jun a las 20:03 
Good Game!