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La comunidad ha mostrado su interés por este juego. Valve se ha puesto en contacto con este desarrollador para comenzar con los trámites que llevarían a su lanzamiento en Steam

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chrissyre Hace 56 minutos 
Looks awesome!!
Rostofa hace 18 horas 
FunfishLP hace 22 horas 
nice :) to
Saimon 21 de Ago a las 6:43 
Nice :)
Brendan AKA Link_400 20 de Ago a las 10:30 
looks cool
theking97ify 19 de Ago a las 11:35 
i love so much this game that when i saw it i came immediatly
BewiggedShrimp2 19 de Ago a las 10:01 
pleas add this
DARKNESS 19 de Ago a las 5:20 
HULK79 18 de Ago a las 22:11 
I would love a CE of this with some 1980's inspired swag, like a floppy disk with some special Background lore on it and/or an extra mini game.
You don't gnome! 18 de Ago a las 17:54 
This game looks freaking awesome!
EmblazE 18 de Ago a las 15:44 
LuckyLuck 18 de Ago a las 15:35 
Odey555 17 de Ago a las 20:30 
At this point I think I'm expecting a super-awesome horror game! Hope you don't disappoint
INSANITY TIME 16 de Ago a las 6:43 
"these things, they take time" GABEN
A no0b Cookie 16 de Ago a las 5:58 
it changed from early 2013 to q1 2013,q2 2013,ending 2013,early 2014,q1 2014,2014 and now tbd,fuck off,I'm full of this,bye all (it will be a 3 hours game,20£,3 yrs,think about it)
A no0b Cookie 16 de Ago a las 5:52 
Mr.RoBoT 15 de Ago a las 6:39 
must have this
Klappstuhl 14 de Ago a las 14:14 
HYPE! HYPE! HYPE! If they do get their work done on the Oculus with the next dev kit... this will be so Boss!
Papercoolcat an official coolcat 14 de Ago a las 13:11 
cardboardknight 14 de Ago a las 1:56 
No update since Feb. 19th?
Come on guys, I am not rushing but at least keep the page alive. This seem more like vaporware every passing month.
¸ګ i ˘Ϟ`۲-ڶϵ.¸ 13 de Ago a las 1:28 
grumble grumble
sayDonut 12 de Ago a las 2:31 
Крестный отец 10 de Ago a las 22:37 
How long has it been? Its almost 2015! I want it now! haha. But i know a good game takes time
Connor Arbiter 10 de Ago a las 20:20 
We know you don't want to release or give away too much about Routine but come on, nothing since February? at least post a picture of space on your Facebook or something, damn.
tonytone94 10 de Ago a las 12:35 
How long has it been? Its almost 2015! I want it now! haha. But i know a good game takes time
Pekka 10 de Ago a las 6:33 
:|RRG|: Nick 10 de Ago a las 5:08 
Release this now!
migwier 9 de Ago a las 14:44 
DaMastahCreeper 9 de Ago a las 11:04 
this game looks amazing! WHEN WILL THEY RELEASE IT??
Pee_Wee 9 de Ago a las 10:31 
I would really like a story mode, or a capaign or something like that cause i would liek to see how the character survived, got his "Cosmonaut Assistance Tool" and how this whole place went to hell.
A no0b Cookie 9 de Ago a las 3:33 
@APOC | Lx33 I won't be sure,first trailer said october 2014 but now they said they'll post a release date when they'll be sure...same bs...
APOC | Lx33 8 de Ago a las 20:29 
At least quadrant might actually be released unlike this game. No updates, nothing.
Murphy 8 de Ago a las 17:51 
Game looks great cant wait to play it
Pizza Smuggler $$$$$ 8 de Ago a las 12:28 
but it has a twist
Pizza Smuggler $$$$$ 8 de Ago a las 11:42 
stole the idea from the 1986 film Aliens
A no0b Cookie 8 de Ago a las 5:46 
Hey devs,could you plz post in the next update a screenshot of the character aiming with CAT(from outside of 1st person cam of course)?That would be cool :)
A no0b Cookie 7 de Ago a las 15:20 
@socks It's still a compliment,cause Routine looks too good,so Quadrant still looks amazing
AviusL 7 de Ago a las 11:58 
I'm glad they don't want to rush it. I'd rather wait for something awesome than to play a superbuggy and incomplete game early. So thank you for that devs :)
socks 7 de Ago a las 11:54 
@A no0b Cookie @Strider eh, I wouldn't say Quadrant looks like "a bad copy" of Outlast or Routine, i think it just looks like a fairly competent indie horror title and we've been spoiled by insanely well made indie horror games -like Outlast and Routine- that just ooze polish and good atmosphere.
Strider 6 de Ago a las 18:57 
@A no0b Cookie "Quadrant It seems a bad copy of routine!" I understand what you're saying from the way the trailer is cut, but I think it looks more like a bad copy of Outlast.
A no0b Cookie 6 de Ago a las 5:59 
Strider 5 de Ago a las 23:55 
I liked how some humor snuck its way into the trailer. The rate the 50KB file is downloading on that terminal got a good chuckle out of me. I really like the visual style of the game, along with the cool gun/interface device the protagonist has.
TheBuzwell 5 de Ago a las 17:22 
"@Wayfall Don't worry about our game site being down, we are switching hosting services as the current one is too expensive, It will be back up when i have some free time.

Development is going super great guys, don't worry! we will also do a tiny tiny update in roughly a week just to make it clear <3!

Thanks for the support guys it really does mean a lot!"

To all the kids complaining that the game will never come out. Shut up, and go play another game if you lose faith that easily. Games take a while to make in a four man team, and I sure as hell want them to take ages on this. If you do not want to follow with passion, do not follow at all.
King 5 de Ago a las 7:12 
This is never coming out guys now stop asking
rhg119 4 de Ago a las 4:57 
whens release?
Cinder 1 de Ago a las 13:29 
thanks god for updates.
Mister Quimper 31 de Jul a las 21:24 
Thanks for the update, Mr. Foster! I look forward to release.
DarkHunter_PL 30 de Jul a las 7:25 
this game has a great atmosphere! i want to buy it! :D
mazman 30 de Jul a las 7:02 
Hurray! Update!
athiwat799 30 de Jul a las 6:05 
Love this game , wanna play and buy it .