Сообщество дало этой игре зеленый свет!

Сообщество выразило свой интерес к этой игре. Valve связалась с ее разработчиком и начала подготовку к ее выходу в Steam.

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pizzafork123 16 ч. назад 
Been waiting since 2013, but not going anywhere! Just want to say again, that you guys take your time with this to make it the best possible! ...Although, an update every now and then would be nice. (^-^)/ Anyhoo, continue on, noble game developers!
killer_99 31 авг в 22:26 
one of my favorite mixes action adventure and horror... must try this
TheVoodoo 31 авг в 9:33 
SOMA seems to be a good alternative...
JZero 31 авг в 8:50 
WTFitsme 27 авг в 12:32 
Gasher 26 авг в 15:06 
I really, really hope this isn't a case of Alien:Isolation stealing some of Lunar's "retro" thunder, and Aaron & Co aren't going back and redoing a ton of crap because of A:I -- for any reason... As much as I love that game (5th play through), I have a suspicion that CA did some plagiarizing of Routine's concepts... if only ever so slightly...
Chemicool 26 авг в 6:05 
Been desperate to play this since i saw the video on youtube. PLS STEAM PLS
Mr.Duck 26 авг в 0:17 
I want a plushie version of that lil' robot btw...
narcissu 25 авг в 7:17 
I had waited too long for this game
Ph0sSeDy 25 авг в 4:35 
I know guys,it's stressing for us to wait but I'm sure it's more stressing for them to work on it everyday to make it come asap,you can check development status on their twitter page,Aaron said they are working hard but there's nothing more important to report atm,release date it's still TDB but developments it's going great,I can't wait to play this too,I'm trusty following it from 2012 <3
crazycupmuffin 24 авг в 15:28 
The really funny thing I have found out. After seeing the one and only gameplay vid of this for nearly 3 years. Is that when I first seen the vid, I was blown away. The graphics were incredible looking. Now they are just, meh. It doesn't look good guys. Considering the developer used to call in and say 'hi we are still working on it' every now and then. And now for the longest time, nothing. :(
Lx33 24 авг в 6:51 
Oh look, the game still isnt out, with no update on progress, oh my god what a shock! Lol you are hilarious Aaron, thinking you can make a game rofl
J o n e x 23 авг в 22:56 
Almost three years since this was posted on Greenlight. Are you trying to break the record for slowest game development? Currently Interstellar Marines holds that award, but at least they've released something...
DoDo-[CZ] 23 авг в 0:52 
Nice game
-=Crono_Edge=- 21 авг в 23:56 
If you guys have abandoned it, say something.
Ph0sSeDy 19 авг в 12:27 
Development is too slow...hope you'll organize better for future projects!
Bernet 18 авг в 21:08 
Ever since I saw that cute little spaceman and those shaky pink letters I knew this game was gonna be awesome ^___^ I'm still super proud of you guys for the amount of effort you put in to make it great! I hope we aren't putting too much pressure on y'all to make it perfect :P There will be no dissapointent! Because you guys are awesome :D And what a little community you have here already! We'll keep wearing out the greenlight tab checking for updates ;)
mad.mic2 18 авг в 12:26 
Hi mortuus, Routine will be released (hopefully in the near future).For Jemma ,Aaron and Pete this game is a labour of love and they want it to be the best it can. Sorry I cant be more specific than that but Aaron wont let on to anyone until he is sure it is ready and as it is his baby you have to respect that.
mortuus 18 авг в 11:06 
lack updates even one screenshot a month makes u wonder.. are they gonna work how much longer on this or what? we dont know dont be naive say they work on it how do u know for sure ? seen a few games here that in the end turned to dust.... would hate to see this game follow same path..
GooCoo 15 авг в 8:19 
Да былобы не плохо еслиб игра поевилась на полках Steam
Mr. Salad 15 авг в 5:41 
their working on it. their just being very quiet about it's progress
Snoop Lion 14 авг в 13:17 
can i am receive key of this awesome game?
Mr.Thornberry 14 авг в 12:54 
yh i agree mikkeM :( somthing the tell us that you will realese the game soon :( .
crazycupmuffin 14 авг в 6:53 
Last update was 5 months ago? How about even just a comment? Something maybe like 'hey, we are still alive and working on the game' or 'hey, sorry we are no longer working on this game'. Anything at all would be awesome. :)
mad.mic2 8 авг в 2:00 
Definitely not cancelled, they are on the final straight to completion. :-)
N̷1̷G̷H̷T̷M̷A̷R̷E 7 авг в 15:19 
*looks at watch, kinda awkward like*
Doomsummon40k 7 авг в 10:04 
i know really this game looks awesome and chances are its canceled
mad.mic2 7 авг в 6:22 
Where did this gem of insider information come from No One?
No One 7 авг в 2:10 
game canceled nothing to see here people
sniper_bucketXX 6 авг в 13:56 
The only game I keep coming back for an update.! looking forward to this.
Aviator✈ 5 авг в 4:16 
Please can have game now?
NoahFears9 4 авг в 14:49 
This looks amazing. If this gets put on steam it would make, so much money because of YouTubers.
Talanos 4 авг в 1:04 
Wow, been a real long time. Nonetheless let's hope your not pulling a long sting of shit and putting it on steam like most of the things I've seen on greenlight. Still following.
Phoenix 4 авг в 0:54 
It's called patience. You guys should look it up.
seagamers 2 авг в 15:36 
pedaso de juego
mad.mic2 1 авг в 10:53 
Only because they are close to the end MikeeM!
crazycupmuffin 1 авг в 10:15 
Its never good when a developer goes silent for months. :P
A shame really. :(
KSEEN :X 1 авг в 5:18 
TheRedLine 1 авг в 0:31 
is this game a flop before its even released?
Guto_Br_RS 29 июл в 17:48 
Sakujo 28 июл в 17:50 
Welp. I check here a few times a month and still no News :(
sniper_bucketXX 28 июл в 15:27 
whats up lads?
InsaneMind14 24 июл в 13:29 
This game Needs to be released ASAP or soon
St.AnGeR 24 июл в 8:20 
in-game sound interesting..
Power_Michael™ 21 июл в 16:59 
Absolutely amazing....
Maelstromo_ 20 июл в 21:35 
System Shock and Alien Isolation had a baby, noice.
❆Snowdust❆ 18 июл в 17:33 
50$ stored on meh for this game lol saving too much for it :P
_†_ 15 июл в 21:33 
игра супер
NoNameBrand 15 июл в 9:54 
really cool !
WAM182 15 июл в 2:17 
I guess the best thing to do is be pacient since it's only a three man team... hope they're aware of how many people are excited over this game! An update would be nice, just to know that there is something still going on behind the screens ;)