Сообщество дало этой игре зеленый свет!

Сообщество выразило свой интерес к этой игре. Valve связалась с ее разработчиком и начала подготовку к ее выходу в Steam.

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kuvasz 5 июл в 2:58 
Last update was on 10 March. Any news would be nice
M.R.cg 4 июл в 18:22 
This game looks good, I wan´t to play it!
♫♥Cream The Rabbit♥♫ 3 июл в 23:51 
i will definately need new pants after playing this
spike the cyborg 1 июл в 21:47 
sirs dont panic if theres no news the game is in it's just going along slooooooooowwwwly slow as molasses in january but be patient otherwise. this game will appear on the steam store eventually.
MikeeM 1 июл в 4:54 
So any news? Anything?
sniper_bucketXX 30 июн в 19:09 
HI everyone please make this game done by end of 2015 I need a new space game to play.lol sorry we been waiting sooo long
I worn out dead space 1 and 2 . I know its not easy making games very time consuming getting it right the first time alwasy best.

but we can waite if you need beta testers I vote myself in.

Ironman 28 июн в 13:25 
With the slew of broken games released lately, I don't mind waiting for a polished horror release one bit. Take the time you need, we'll still be here ;)
Mr.Duck 27 июн в 3:07 
I suggest you create more tiny updates, rather than large ones, that way we could get more of 'em? Also, that prevents any spoilers, so that our experience will be in the fullest.
i know you won't read this, but it was just a suggestion.
Mort 26 июн в 6:46 
looks awesome, hope it will be released soon (^.^)
machensan 26 июн в 6:41 
AKnieval 25 июн в 11:47 
I'd like to be able to play this before I graduate HS; I've been patiently waiting since I was a freshman.
narareba 23 июн в 8:18 
吃锅侠 S.W.A.T 21 июн в 20:27 
Enjoy this game =v=
Shez_Longer 20 июн в 15:27 
very nice :D
eLiTe_bLuEs 20 июн в 8:43 
my lovely gameplay...
Andy_Starter 19 июн в 13:05 
Когда выйдет? Почему в интернете пишут 2013, хотя на дворе 2015??
acreezymyneezy 19 июн в 2:00 
i can dig it
mortuus 18 июн в 8:13 
a new gameplay video would be nice only been posted one is not enough :(
Pheonix533 17 июн в 22:48 
HURRRY UP!!! The first trailer was made in 2012! Really? Is this game coming out or not!?!?!? I can wait as long as you at least tell us when you'll release this game.
Qsomenko 16 июн в 11:41 
SalyalıSalih 16 июн в 10:21 
Ph0sSeDy 15 июн в 11:37 
This is an awesome period (E3) to show us a new gameplay trailer,plz Aaron,make it happens! xc
Theta 13 июн в 10:18 
Marty15 12 июн в 11:55 
I'm excited just when seeing these trailers, and I'm really looking forward for this to be released! My wallet is ready!
ΛIBI 11 июн в 1:19 
не дождался,пошел в армию
dark bong overlord 9 июн в 10:51 
Hyped for this game!
❆Snowdust❆ 8 июн в 22:59 
I hope it releases in the summer If you're able to send us updates we'd appreciate it Aaron Foster I'm really holding onto my money for this game
Mr.Duck 8 июн в 1:32 
Hoping for a late-summer release, as from Aaron's comment from one of the discussions. Or maybe even mid-summer?
Vike513 7 июн в 4:15 
It looks really good!
Dartanuin 7 июн в 3:34 
Looks good not bad
RussiaN BeaR 6 июн в 2:52 
Игра просто шикирная обязательно добавляйте её в Steam но сделайте игру бесплатной.
Atrox Vincentius 5 июн в 20:10 
Keep up the good work, I agree with everyone else, it's looking pretty awesome
joo673 2 июн в 14:36 
Looking pretty cool indeed love to it like right now!
SirShining84 2 июн в 13:06 
looks so brilliant... great idea
Aaron Foster  [автор] 2 июн в 6:54 
Hey All!

I am extremely sorry for how long you guys have been waiting, we are trying our best to get Routine finished ASAP and nothing will stop us, I promise!

Thank you all for the support, patience, love, kind words and of course the arse kicking too! <3!
InsaneMind14 1 июн в 18:59 
Patience Everyone Aron probaly has other important things to do like school or His job but just like you all...... I WANT TO PLAY ROUTINE SOOOO BAD!
machensan 31 мая в 6:11 
Don't make questions guys, Aaron don't answer. Neither he nor anyone.
< blank > 30 мая в 16:20 
Once upon a time. The a game was green lit and backed by the gaming community. It then never saw the light of day and everyone was sad. Thee end.
machensan 30 мая в 13:01 
Patience?? HA!

I was waiting since 2013 and I think that this is dead, but I not lost hope..

Aaron please.
The909Virus 28 мая в 20:36 
Have patience people. It's an indie game.
sniper_bucketXX 28 мая в 20:02 
hurry up people we want this Soooooo bad! O_- O_O
Kacho 27 мая в 12:05 
Turd Blossom 26 мая в 21:11 
I was so excited for this game back in 1982.
anyway_cat 26 мая в 7:09 
Is it true, that you are working in Creative Assembly now?
Smiley Lemon in a box! 22 мая в 19:51 
Inb4 the company goes bankrupt.
machensan 22 мая в 11:02 
Waiting and waiting and waiting a update, image, news, video, anything.

Is it lost? [keep waiting]
mexicano 21 мая в 21:48 
vwicked15 19 мая в 5:01 
been following since the start and i will keep on waiting
Composited 18 мая в 1:01 
looks good
pizzafork123 17 мая в 16:56 
im so ready for this game. so ready.