Acestui joc i s-a dat undă verde de către comunitate!

Comunitatea şi-a arătat interesul privind acest joc. Valve a contactat acest producător pentru a începe demersurile către lansarea pe Steam.

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아나거참(GTX1080) 25 apr. @ 18:48 
Even Outlast 2 released earlier than you
Willehei 24 apr. @ 1:54 
BIG BEPIS!!??!?!?! XdddD
Markson CS.Money 23 apr. @ 5:36 
Cool game.
Khos 23 apr. @ 3:37 
Can you imagine the critique if this game is released and there are bugs...
GenericName 22 apr. @ 22:05 
Development Hell. behind schedule.
realbieber 22 apr. @ 2:58 
nice game.
The Leonard 19 apr. @ 1:54 
Still 100% excited about this game! You guys rock this game still feels really amazing
Nameless_000 18 apr. @ 9:50 
I still Waiting...
MiserableGamer 17 apr. @ 9:43 
At least they've not been banking pre orders or anything like main concern is the engine looking dated due to the 6 year development cycle
mortuus 15 apr. @ 9:20 
this game isnt that unique anymore it was a few years ago time goes by and many other similar games already out yet they seem to drag this one out for a new duke nukem forever.. look how long that game took and in the end it was pure garbage.....
sowwy 14 apr. @ 17:37 
try making a game then dumbass, its not easy to do. They want to make the best game they can, if they need more time let them, id rather have a good game when it comes out than a shit game right now
Maker 13 apr. @ 21:35 
What a surprise. They announce a March release date and here we are half way into April. It's only been in developement for 6-years. Be back the same time again next year. I wonder what the excuse will be then?
Windblade 13 apr. @ 13:40 
Очередная Мертвая игра в Гринлайте,классика
General_Shlikelson 10 apr. @ 11:18 
Ну чё, где игра-то? Я уже деньги приготовил.
Głdzsz. 10 apr. @ 9:16 
lBlade.Masterl 8 apr. @ 6:22 
dios mio ,las maravillas nunca se acaban
^('.'^AGw 5 apr. @ 13:04 
better treat this like HL2:EP3
JazZ:D 5 apr. @ 2:25 
Porakdak 3 apr. @ 14:36 
Calling devs out for scamming because their game is late? Gee, no other company EVER has delayed their game before. The fact that it's been five years just shows they are willing to make a game that is finished instead of going early access and losing motivation after selling a ton already.
Also why do most video game pirates always act so entitled like them stealing a game is actually justifiable?
Kitsune 2 apr. @ 20:47 
>Calls something a scam
>That doesn't allow you to even pre-purchase
>What a fucking genius
SixFootTurkey64 31 mart. @ 18:28 
A scam? They're not making money off this until they actually release the game, genius. Even if it was truly vaporware it wouldn't be a scam.
Papercoolcat 31 mart. @ 17:30 
This is not a scam... just give them time you impatient scum
tommy_beast 31 mart. @ 12:26 
So when they announced the "march release date" I told you at once that it was a lie and I was right. The latest announcement is definitely a lie. Their "two months" delay will grow in another 2 years delay. This is a plain scam to get some attention.

EVERYONE just REPORT this as a scam.
★Black Soldier★ |S| 29 mart. @ 6:03 
ну кароч чет наподобие Deadspace, спорим что она будет платная?
Mjjacobs97 28 mart. @ 9:54 
I agree with 6-Foot
SixFootTurkey64 28 mart. @ 9:53 
"123" and anyone like them are just pretending to use the delay as justification. In reality they'd probably pirate it no matter when the game released, how good it is, or how much it costs.
Blood-Brain 28 mart. @ 5:29 
I agree with 123, cracked copy would be awesome after they dumped us on march :)
DryMass 28 mart. @ 5:17 
You want a broken game at launch or a solid one, 123 youre a cunt, and people like you are what make me sick, "you taught me patience" my ass, if you were so patient, you wouldnt crack it. Fucking die you uselees piece of fecal matter
Yoshi 26 mart. @ 8:17 
Cool, waited five years for this, so I can wait five hours for cracked copy. You have taught me patience, and I'll teach you not to break your promises.
Kim's SOX 26 mart. @ 1:50 
How about early access?
Kim's SOX 26 mart. @ 1:44 
그냥 이번달이나 올해 못내놓는다고 말해라. 기다리는 입장에선 존나 답답해 뒤지겠어야
Wayward Son 24 mart. @ 13:48 
My [] response to the news.
Ph0sSeDy 24 mart. @ 11:06 
The release date was a pre-april fool guys
weezor 24 mart. @ 10:13 
Russian language please!
^('.'^AGw 24 mart. @ 6:19 
yep, delayed
called it
Mjjacobs97 23 mart. @ 23:22 
look at the announcements
SixFootTurkey64 23 mart. @ 18:14 
So I guess the store page won't be up until the final release date announcement?
Blood-Brain 23 mart. @ 18:02 
No march release? Time for torrent when it came out ^^
]:x Zed 23 mart. @ 7:04 
Nazz 23 mart. @ 3:36 
SixFootTurkey64 22 mart. @ 17:47 
April Fool's Day is gonna be interesting, I guess.
Mjjacobs97 22 mart. @ 11:13 
lol maybe
Caron_P 22 mart. @ 4:13 
Trolling us until March 31st , Maybe...maybe.
crazycupmuffin 21 mart. @ 17:22 
Half-life 3 to be released before this? Confirmed...... XP
Venx 21 mart. @ 10:46 
Five years of waiting. Please, I needs it.
Mark2 21 mart. @ 9:46 
Где бля
Rogue Element 21 mart. @ 8:55 
I need my sci-fi horror fix, now! 21 mart. @ 4:46 
supersuba 20 mart. @ 13:37 
wanna Key in alpha/beta. Thx
roman1wilkie 19 mart. @ 22:41 
its not gonna be here this month im sure.