Acestui joc i s-a dat undă verde de către comunitate!

Comunitatea şi-a arătat interesul privind acest joc. Valve a contactat acest producător pentru a începe demersurile către lansarea pe Steam.

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JustЧЕЛ 12 ore în urmă 
very cool
mikee 20 ore în urmă 
Have literally been waiting 2 and a half years for this :(
ТУСКЛЫЙ ПАЛЕЦ 30 mart. @ 11:01am 
Isco 30 mart. @ 6:57am 
very nice
Alexcore 30 mart. @ 5:28am 
Cld! ㋡ 28 mart. @ 8:02pm 
excelent game! excelent graphics! can't wait!
Zanx 25 mart. @ 7:53am 
I like all the endings in this game!
CrustySocks 24 mart. @ 10:09pm 
I have been waiting for this game to come out for over 2 years :(
Champagne 24 mart. @ 3:39am 
pretty good
F3derica/ 23 mart. @ 3:29pm 
White Ghost 23 mart. @ 1:24pm 
ok game
GRIZZLY 23 mart. @ 10:05am 
Картмен 20 mart. @ 11:54pm 
philipp546 20 mart. @ 10:08am 
[BKLSG] Legionario 20 mart. @ 5:01am 
Looks very good.....
Pillow 19 mart. @ 9:12pm 
Looks good
xAitoRacing 19 mart. @ 5:20pm 
looks pretty good
Nandes 17 mart. @ 5:43am 
good job on sound
PicekGames™ 16 mart. @ 8:33am 
Looks nice :D
AnnexOne 15 mart. @ 10:48am 
Wait wait waaaaait... I've been following this game for nearly ages and only now realised that Mick Gordon is on music duty here? That in and of itself is worth every cent you charge for this game.
Eสd'LeSs 15 mart. @ 6:30am 
It looks good
Dave Luxis 15 mart. @ 3:52am 
i have to say this game in deed looks amazing :)
A Rather Spring-ish Duck 14 mart. @ 1:09am 
ZakTheCthulhu, thats hella routine ya got there! see what i did there?
FaCe_CoNtRoL 13 mart. @ 12:44pm 
ZakTheCthulhu 13 mart. @ 9:43am 
Wow, this is possibly going to be that game of the year, whenever it is that this comes out. Can't wait, I would definitely buy this not only once, but five times.
joe 13 mart. @ 3:04am 
So excited that I forgot to poop....
A Rather Spring-ish Duck 12 mart. @ 11:41am 
Im super excited for this game. I'm definitely a lot more hyped since the March Status update. I see some changes on the model...
Komrade Spectre 12 mart. @ 12:44am 
Looks absolutely fantastic, keep it up.
CRush 10 mart. @ 11:22pm 
it`s looks like Alien Isolation, by ambience in particular. But that does not diminish my interest in the game.
POMKA 10 mart. @ 8:50pm 
не плохо, не плохо ))))
-GodZy- 10 mart. @ 12:09pm 
AEIOU John Madden! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Mercury199 10 mart. @ 10:08am 
It's refreshing to see indipendant developers that are willing to take the time to devlope and polish a game, to get it perfect. However with such a long wait the expectation will be a polished and smooth game. Also as many of the comments have said a status update would be nice.
Lakefullofwater 9 mart. @ 7:12pm 
I just found out about this game and it looks really good! reminds me abit of Alien Isolation althogh this was made before that game. love what im seeing so far.
sklopr 8 mart. @ 1:38pm 
The Wonder Spud 7 mart. @ 1:14pm 
Hello! I'm a YouTuber and I'm wondering whether I could have some beta testing gameplay? It would sure bring the hype up.

You can friend me if you want to talk more about it! (By the way, this looks fantastic!)
Apollo 6 mart. @ 3:33pm 
For the love of horror games, release a new blog update!
InsaneMind14 5 mart. @ 12:57pm 
I Hope Routine Dosnt require a Oculas Rift To -play
InsaneMind14 3 mart. @ 12:35pm 
It Better Be Coming out this year 2015 I WANT TO PLAY IT NOW!!!
mad.mic2 2 mart. @ 2:07am 
This year folks, count on it
Lotsa 1 mart. @ 8:45pm 
Holy crap, I voted for this near on 3 years ago and it still isn't out LOL
Carsn12345 1 mart. @ 7:17pm 
it kinda looks like Alien Isolation only open world! Really excited for it!
Dev 1 mart. @ 1:14pm 
Wow, this game actually looks really good :o
RiKh 1 mart. @ 7:14am 
It seems legit. Graphics are good, and gameplay looks smooth. The price will determine whether I buy it or not. That is, if it comes out.
ChiffonPlays 27 feb. @ 10:48am 
Jyode Flako 26 feb. @ 8:24pm 
Im so hyped for this game.... Showed all my friends, they're hyped as well!!!!
sniper_bucketXX 26 feb. @ 1:22pm 
Hello? echo echo - _O
bukadooki 26 feb. @ 10:46am 
It has been over two years guys. WE WANT TO PLAY!
Smoke1337 25 feb. @ 4:09am 
MrOreo 25 feb. @ 3:35am 
Good job
LucasT 24 feb. @ 9:43pm 
Nice look, good luck guys