Ta gra została wybrana do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tą grą. Valve skontaktowało się z jej twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

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InsaneMind14 3 godz. temu 
I Hope Routine Dosnt require a Oculas Rift To -play
InsaneMind14 3 Mar - 12:35 
It Better Be Coming out this year 2015 I WANT TO PLAY IT NOW!!!
mad.mic2 2 Mar - 2:07 
This year folks, count on it
Lotsa 1 Mar - 20:45 
Holy crap, I voted for this near on 3 years ago and it still isn't out LOL
Carsn12345 1 Mar - 19:17 
it kinda looks like Alien Isolation only open world! Really excited for it!
Dev 1 Mar - 13:14 
Wow, this game actually looks really good :o
RiKh 1 Mar - 7:14 
It seems legit. Graphics are good, and gameplay looks smooth. The price will determine whether I buy it or not. That is, if it comes out.
ChiffonPlays 27 Lut - 10:48 
Jyode Flako 26 Lut - 20:24 
Im so hyped for this game.... Showed all my friends, they're hyped as well!!!!
sniper_bucketXX 26 Lut - 13:22 
Hello? echo echo - _O
bukadooki 26 Lut - 10:46 
It has been over two years guys. WE WANT TO PLAY!
-F3N1X 25 Lut - 4:09 
MrOreo 25 Lut - 3:35 
Good job
LucasT 24 Lut - 21:43 
Nice look, good luck guys
sambobflee123 23 Lut - 17:22 
piddlefoot 23 Lut - 16:01 
Hurry up and release this, sick of waiting, very few updates on news about it, loosing interest, release it already....
InsaneMind14 23 Lut - 12:03 
GOD WHEN IS IT COMING OUT! im sooo exited to play routine!
SHADIKE [Ger] 23 Lut - 10:34 
Aviator✈ 23 Lut - 0:14 
Take my money!
Aviator✈ 23 Lut - 0:14 
Please happen already
Kattokassinen 22 Lut - 17:58 
looks nice
Tiger Wong 21 Lut - 19:12 
Lunar's Twitter is pretty active with tweets, other than that, no updates on any other media outlet besides they are still working on Routine
baconboy395 20 Lut - 19:11 
hoodbat 20 Lut - 4:38 
it looks so tasty, gat damn why isnt it out yet when steam is filled with mediocre games. this just looks killa
The_Gaming_Llama 19 Lut - 20:46 
I'm worried this game will be canceled, since there are RARELY ever any updates of development or change D':
mad.mic2 18 Lut - 4:23 
Not dead lalarama, massive amount of progress done and out this year.
lalarama 17 Lut - 19:12 
Hm seems this game is a bit dead. Since i found this on greenlight a long time ago (was one of the first things i saw when greenlight started) there hasn't been any visible progress. Would have loved the game from what i've seen so far but it looks like the development is dead...
sniper_bucketXX 17 Lut - 16:22 
☢☣Hunter Darkou$☣☢ 17 Lut - 10:08 
Math 17 Lut - 8:10 
MoralKanta 17 Lut - 2:11 
Yee 15 Lut - 9:44 
Looks pretty sick, kind of reminds me of Alien: Isolation for some reason.
LionZz 15 Lut - 8:04 
Tough.Alisa 14 Lut - 0:38 
PECHENKO 13 Lut - 2:57 
Разработчики не говорили дату выхода игры? уж хочется пощекотать себе нервы...
Polo 12 Lut - 7:29 
silntthreat 8 Lut - 15:56 
Well, 2014 has come and gone. There wasn't even a December/New Years update. The Twitter account for the developer just seems like rants and retweets of a 14 year old. I am not sure whats going on with this game. It looks lovely, it looks unique. It looks immersive and exciting. I am sure it would be successful as long as its not like Colonial Marines. So WHERE IS IT?! Do a kick-starter! Beg for money! People will open their wallets for this game! The ALPHA trailer came out JUNE 2013! Hello?! ANY updates? ANY problems? Mr. Aaron Foster - STATUS REPORT?!
Knight_Specter 8 Lut - 12:43 
I've been waiting forever! Release it already! I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY :J
s_3_r_g_y_u 8 Lut - 9:45 
Gold shoot 7 Lut - 9:45 
Lusso 7 Lut - 3:14 
Communication : 0
k4sa.GHOST 6 Lut - 7:48 
Aviator✈ 2 Lut - 5:42 
I pre ordered Alien: Isolation on accident because I mistook it for this game
Captain Cloud 31 Sty - 4:02 
looking good
Lazatoy 28 Sty - 20:40 
I wanna get this, (I was not scared by FNaF!) and by the looks of it, it's got a really great atmosphere, and the sound is amazing, which adds to the conclusion I will most likely wet myself when playing, not that that's bad or anything.
mad.mic2 28 Sty - 14:12 
Nice comments UNKNOWN*no66 but you had one thing wrong, they dont have a life, Routine is their life. :-)
pizzafork123 28 Sty - 8:30 
Been following this game for about 2 years now. Can't wait!
The Queen Bee 24 Sty - 4:57 
I long for this game to be finalized, can't wait :D
Destiny 24 Sty - 4:41 
сколько ждать можно как будто космосим лепят?!!
VLAD4ER 23 Sty - 22:48