Dette spillet har fått grønt lys av Steam-samfunnet!

Samfunnet har vist sin interesse for dette spillet. Valve har kontaktet utvikleren for å kunne jobbe mot å en lansering på Steam.

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Yomil 23 timer siden 
Can't wait for this game. It looks amazing.
Saeker 22. apr @ 2:08am 
We're looking forward to test it ;)
Dakis 21. apr @ 6:23pm 
This was made by 3 guys? And it's their first game?!? Fucking sweet job.
seanstanton 21. apr @ 12:37pm 
to looooooooooooong
knd 21. apr @ 12:22pm 
Jake the Dog 21. apr @ 6:35am 
You gotta change that "looking to release early 2013 for PC and MAC." in the features part of the description! lol. P.S. can't wait to shit my pants goddamit
microphone_man 19. apr @ 5:51pm 
I'm so hyped for those space snacks
A no0b Cookie 19. apr @ 10:02am 
I hope someday from nowhere a trailer will come without no one expecting that,bam,july 2014 release date yeeyyy :D
Atrox Vincentius 18. apr @ 6:08pm 
Finally, a real heir to System Shock 2.
dark monocle 18. apr @ 10:46am 
Can't wait!
A no0b Cookie 17. apr @ 8:07pm 
@FRENETICO!!!!! no,luckily it's not,developing's going great and they said they don't want spoil anything more,I know it's frustating man,but we can resist it,the annoying thing is not to have a date to wait...
angelmmuriel 17. apr @ 7:28pm 
I want this game now i need it!!!!!!!
Looks awesome the graphics and enviroment are beautiful!!!!
It has an amazing horror feeling i dont know how to describe it!!!!
FRENETICO!!!!! 17. apr @ 6:48pm 
is being a very long time since we had an update, im starting to think this project is dead.
TYGAMER 17. apr @ 6:35pm 
This game looks amazing! cant wait for its realease
ItstheJay 17. apr @ 4:52pm 
if this had oculus capabilities people would need adult diapers to play.
Rock1m1 17. apr @ 2:38pm 
Please add Steam Big Picture Support.
Clark Can't 16. apr @ 2:27pm 
This game is bitchin!
DerBacksteinHD 15. apr @ 7:33am 
Die Bitch,Die!!! 14. apr @ 12:11pm 
We see potential, i wait for it!
Marksman5453 14. apr @ 10:39am 
Получше outlast будет
[Moff]! 14. apr @ 4:10am 
luv dat game :) follow this for a year and always want it !!!!!
aBomberZ 14. apr @ 2:33am 
@Aaron Foster. You're welcome. You've captured something quite magical with your art & sound design etc.. All the best going forward on the finished product. :)
paxtonbrimstone 13. apr @ 2:28pm 
very intrested in seeing it when released
Aaron Foster  [skaper] 13. apr @ 10:31am 
@aBomberZ Thanks for the heads up, we just went and found the part where he watched it and it honestly made our day! Thanks again!
aBomberZ 12. apr @ 11:08pm 
I saw a video of Routine on Lirik's twitch stream last night. He had 9K odd viewers. We're all super pumped for this game!
A no0b Cookie 12. apr @ 6:38pm 
I really hope asap period will end soon,I can not wait anymore in the absolute dark
Angryspider 12. apr @ 5:22pm 
this is the best looking game on the greenlight list
azgoodaz 12. apr @ 3:23pm 
We need a release day please.
Blittzd 12. apr @ 3:01pm 
cannot wait for this game!
SpartanLutherKing 12. apr @ 1:56pm 
This game looks amazing!
VamP 12. apr @ 12:01am 
very GOOD
ModelOfAScientistSalarian 11. apr @ 8:34pm 
Hard to believe this was one of the first games posted to greenlight... Can't wait for more news!
Vortrezz 11. apr @ 7:45pm 
Game looks AMAZING! Great work
Mr. Dog 11. apr @ 6:10pm 
This game looks amazingly immersive and terrifyingly awesome
Ramo' Yajonai 11. apr @ 3:57pm 
Haven't been impressed by a game on horror like this ever since I learned about The Forest. Great job, this game looks very tense!
SOPE 11. apr @ 2:58pm 
Shut up and take my money! (You can wait for Oculus though, I want my first game and my first playthrough on Rift to be this game)
MY MOM ATE MY HAMSTER 9. apr @ 2:11pm 
This game................ looks..................... AMAZING!
Marty15 9. apr @ 12:09pm 
I really want this game, but honestly I can not find it.
Skeleton King 8. apr @ 5:46pm 
666 games are greenlit right now lol. Can't wait for this game.
Effect Derp 8. apr @ 3:46pm 
That trailer...better than some movie trailers. good job guys
[IBC] Scar_Boy 6. apr @ 7:02pm 
This game should not be free. Quit your F***ing whining.
KondratRYAA 6. apr @ 5:01am 
AWESOME! I'm waiting for the game! and then make something for UE4!
Lord Swaggington 5. apr @ 2:52am 
I think that you guys/gals who made this AWESOME game should make a gamode where you and MAYBE someone else have to keep a small space station running and barricading the outside world.
chrsmrs557 5. apr @ 12:19am 
this game kinda reminds me of beyond: echo for the ps2, man i had a blast playing that game, fell in love with it because there was no weapons, you practically had to run from everything till' you vented all that mist...will definitely be keeping a watch on this game, graphics looks beautiful
lspraven 4. apr @ 11:57am 
Also add multiplayer, because its almost like the COD gamemode or map without the horrible, nooby, and stupid COD atmosphere and game, and with alot less noobs, which would be awesome, because this game could be a game without noobs.
lspraven 4. apr @ 11:43am 
Make it Free, or at least $1.99 because then everyone will buy it, and that means with approximately 12 billion people you get $23,880,000,000 and that's $11,880,000,000 in profit.
MedalDaddy66 3. apr @ 7:12pm 
LOVE IT!!!!!!! Looks amazing, im sold
CptnFoxxyLegs 2. apr @ 7:53am 
This is probably going to make my computer explode but you have my money.
ıllıllıKINGMANıllıllı 1. apr @ 10:37pm 
make this game in FREE TO PLAY pls
Hyper Light Drifter 1. apr @ 2:09pm 
A w e s o m e !!!!!!