Dette spillet har fått grønt lys av Steam-samfunnet!

Samfunnet har vist sin interesse for dette spillet. Valve har kontaktet utvikleren for å kunne jobbe mot å en lansering på Steam.

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darkwalker6 1 time siden 
gameplay trailer was so scary, I hope i get to see a youtube video of this when it comes out, work hard on this game devs! Godd luck! :D
Lx33 1 time siden 
@pizzafork123, not rage, just truthful comments.
pizzafork123 16. apr @ 7:04am 
Hey, @lx33 . Why don't you stop the hate and maybe let the people work? It's only a team of 4 people and they obvously don't want to spoil the game by putting out gameplay/excessive screenshots. I understand that it's been in development for some time, but please, keep the pointless rage to yourself?
Lx33 16. apr @ 4:58am 
@Aasron Foster Once again, guess the truth can't be handled by some individuals. Also, 2 comments isn't routine, but your obvious insecurity is confirmed by the deleting of the comments. Maybe try letting the fanbase that has followed this for far too long have updates and some more solid evidence, gameplay or pictures that the project is actually still alive, but hey delete it if you wish to follow your "routine"...
DarkFall - S5 16. apr @ 4:46am 
As an indie Dev myself I know how hard it is to craft somthing that will meet what the fans want, what you have so far looks very exciting, and motivated me to finish my own project that is similar and was the reason I stumbled across Routine. Can't wait for the final product.
Aaron Foster  [skaper] 15. apr @ 2:40am 
Thank you for the support everyone!

@mortuus Thank you, someone made a thread recently asking for a bit more info on why it's taken so long, it may clear a few things up a bit >LINK<

@Lx33 Honestly I deleted your comment because it's become pretty routine (no pun intended) for you to come here leaving hateful comments that do nothing for the devs or public. I am sorry that you feel the need to do this, we are just trying our best to get the game finished and the public will decide whether the game is a "flop" or not.

@Hitman_Actual The link that Sigurd put up is our March update, If you check out our announcements section you will see a few more updates there.

Thanks again everyone, we are working as fast as we can.
Kaii-Killer 14. apr @ 10:33pm 
I am looking forard to this.
mortuus 14. apr @ 2:15pm 
I have faith in this game, the dev team are small but what ive seen so far it looks prett solid, im sure they want this out as soon as possible but maybe they dont want rush out a half finished game to dissapoint everyone who waited so long.. there are other good games to play for now lol..
Lx33 12. apr @ 11:52pm 
Lol they removed my comment, dont worry Devs, if people have half a brain they will also realise that your game will flop, typical greenlight game that promises but will never deliver. Guess hearing the truth must be hard enough to lead to comments being removed.
Hitman_Actual 11. apr @ 9:53pm 
It's been a 1yr 1/2 since the last update. I hope this game doesn't get scrubbed.
Havoc 11. apr @ 8:11am 
want this
fresco italian 9. apr @ 12:24pm 
gonna be awesome
Rudy Zbych z MIAMI 8. apr @ 10:08am 
nice game :)
F0re$t 8. apr @ 7:06am 
Juanxd96 7. apr @ 6:02pm 
good game :)
ai need dis ples
Fer 7. apr @ 1:04am 
Cz3ѕi3k 5. apr @ 3:17am 
good game
Ryan 4. apr @ 6:50pm 
Hexbolt 4. apr @ 4:18pm 
*to take horror games*
Hexbolt 4. apr @ 4:17pm 
it looks cool but t's hard for me to horror games but i like it.
El_Fynn:) 3. apr @ 6:53am 
nice game
rusinspector 3. apr @ 4:36am 
TheRealColonelMustard 2. apr @ 3:50pm 
good game well done
Applejack_1337(.)(.) 31. mar @ 10:35am 
very cool
mikee 31. mar @ 2:17am 
Have literally been waiting 2 and a half years for this :(
BIDLOGAN 30. mar @ 11:01am 
Isco 30. mar @ 6:57am 
very nice
Alexcore 30. mar @ 5:28am 
Cld! ㋡ 28. mar @ 8:02pm 
excelent game! excelent graphics! can't wait!
Zanx 25. mar @ 7:53am 
I like all the endings in this game!
CrustySocks 24. mar @ 10:09pm 
I have been waiting for this game to come out for over 2 years :(
Champagne 24. mar @ 3:39am 
pretty good
F3derica/ 23. mar @ 3:29pm 
White Ghost 23. mar @ 1:24pm 
ok game
GRIZZLY 23. mar @ 10:05am 
Картмен 20. mar @ 11:54pm 
philipp546 20. mar @ 10:08am 
[BKLSG] Legionario 20. mar @ 5:01am 
Looks very good.....
Pillow 19. mar @ 9:12pm 
Looks good
xAitoRacing 19. mar @ 5:20pm 
looks pretty good
Nandes 17. mar @ 5:43am 
good job on sound
PicekGames™ 16. mar @ 8:33am 
Looks nice :D
AnnexOne 15. mar @ 10:48am 
Wait wait waaaaait... I've been following this game for nearly ages and only now realised that Mick Gordon is on music duty here? That in and of itself is worth every cent you charge for this game.
Eสd'LeSs'∞ 15. mar @ 6:30am 
It looks good
MrDaviD D 15. mar @ 3:52am 
i have to say this game in deed looks amazing :)
Mr.Button 14. mar @ 1:09am 
ZakTheCthulhu, thats hella routine ya got there! see what i did there?
FaCe_CoNtRoL 13. mar @ 12:44pm 
ZakTheCthulhu 13. mar @ 9:43am 
Wow, this is possibly going to be that game of the year, whenever it is that this comes out. Can't wait, I would definitely buy this not only once, but five times.