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TiredTyrant 20 minuti fa 
They could at least remove the "Release date: March 2017" under description; I get triggered everytime I see it.
badass1988 25 mag, ore 18:41 
just take my money and give me the game
Papercoolcat 25 mag, ore 15:06 
Just continue to wait. Don't you have better things to do than whine about it?
Venx 25 mag, ore 11:49 
So... 2 months have passed. And again the silence.
FoxFennec 25 mag, ore 9:32 
Когда выйдет в из зелёного света?
Justin Time 21 mag, ore 16:50 
this is what they say peeps,

we promise to finally give you a clear release date with a game that we are proud of.

Once again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for your patience and support.
-Lunar Software

I'd say that means perfectionism,
could be a while so strap in ;]]
Mark2 21 mag, ore 12:43 
-rep aaron
Papercoolcat 21 mag, ore 10:02 
@N7 are you being serious...? They have gotten $0.00 from this project. Tell me-please I would LOVE to know where I can A) pre-purchace this game or B) help crowdfund or C) pledge an amount to a patreon or to a kickstarter campain. Please message me when you find one, I would LOVE to see where they get their "cash and ran". Also "getting these games instead" how do you get a game "instead" of this one when it isn't out yet? Don't get me wrong Dead Space is my favorite game seires and Alien Isolation is an amazing game too, but come on.
Nameless_000 20 mag, ore 14:18 
Muero de ancianidad...
SixFootTurkey64 20 mag, ore 12:38 
"took the cash and ran" lolwut, they AFAIK they haven't made a penny off this project yet. No crowdfunding campaign, no pre-orders
mad.mic2 20 mag, ore 0:19 
What cash N7?
Shing02 19 mag, ore 19:20 
RedLine 19 mag, ore 17:56 
if you want a game like this Alien Isolation and Dead Space 1 are games you can get instead
RedLine 19 mag, ore 17:53 
i knew this shit would come out 5 years later took the cash and ran
^('.'^AGw 19 mag, ore 1:55 
Press F to pay respects
pegran 18 mag, ore 4:40 
it's may 18 my dudes

game where
StarrHD 「アンドウ」 18 mag, ore 0:33 
well its already greenlit @edgelord so it will come out they still have that slot for them but if greenlight goes down and the slot goes away you will be expecting to buy the game off there website most likely but it will still come out.
HmF| PennyWi5e 17 mag, ore 21:58 
It aint dead son. They have a website where you can see the lastest updates:
Doomseas Malkavian 17 mag, ore 21:54 
While I'd love to see this game,I doubt it'll ever come out. It's dead guys. Greenlight will be killed off soon and with it,this game will never be on Steam.
BrAshTix 16 mag, ore 4:52 
Atleast your not making the mistake of delivering shiteee to people .. I hope ... that being said give some updates please you have so many people following this and while yes you are working hard and all that stuff are we but we still make time to support and follow the progress of something we hope to enjoy, throw is a bone every once an a while, even if it isn't gonna drop until next year just give us some light on the situation.. a lot of people are planning to invest in your work... don't forget bout the ones that pay the bills
Mjjacobs97 15 mag, ore 19:04 
Mark2 15 mag, ore 9:37 
Dick Jones 14 mag, ore 13:28 
I hope it gets released near the end of May. That should be when the new Prey hype starts dying down.
Wayward Son 14 mag, ore 11:23 
Similar to last year, releasing Routine now would mean taking a hit due to the summer sale so I think it's safe to say we won't see this until August, possibly September. Could be wrong but that's been justification for delay before. Would certainly appreciate early comms if this ends up being the case.
Mark2 13 mag, ore 10:46 
wtf are u doing aaron
Ering 13 mag, ore 7:18 
tommy_beast 13 mag, ore 0:56 
Still says "March", lol how lazy can Aaron get?
Crawler 12 mag, ore 1:55 
Please at least remove this "March 2017" release date
SixFootTurkey64 8 mag, ore 18:27 
The main concern I have is that at this point they really should consider porting the game to Unreal 4 even though it would take even more time.
Papercoolcat 8 mag, ore 16:19 
@mortuus... Do you even know how long it takes to develop a game with this amount of detail with only FOUR people working on it? Just wait-unless you want to make a similar game and "rls" it. Christ.
mortuus 8 mag, ore 2:01 
someone should just make a similar game like this and rls it , and they still will not get this out lmao....
StarrHD 「アンドウ」 6 mag, ore 11:33 
they might have to delay it longer so they dont have to compete with Prey since its also a open ended scifi game as well which is a triple A budget game so we may not see it until 2 more month or 3 which isnt a big deal go play that or Outlast II, Friday The 13th by than you will have the hype out of your system and this game will be fresh again
Mjjacobs97 4 mag, ore 22:52 
guys chill the frick out gheez yall are so annoying.. it will get here when it gets here, and yes, it will get here.
Sniper47 4 mag, ore 16:15 
take my money,just give me the damn game already
Mjjacobs97 4 mag, ore 9:53 
@Papercoolcat Preach It!
Papercoolcat 3 mag, ore 16:56 
@Champion Plague News; They literally only said the release date once, and delayed it once. They have been really causious to make sure they don't give the wrong date-they wanted to be sure, but something came up. They've been good and doing what any good developers should do. Stop being petty and just wait. It'll come out soon.
Champion Plague Nexus 3 mag, ore 16:30 
Not like the game will ever come out, this has been like the 3rd or 4th time these guys said "releases at this date" and never showed.
-pro FiL 2 mag, ore 7:22 
Ben 1 mag, ore 23:44 
I'd believe that the next announcement will be release. This dev team has shown they care so they'll probably bring it out as a surprise :D
Wayward Son 1 mag, ore 10:58 
@Korean guy yeah, that's true but Outlast had a far larger, far more experienced dev team.
Wayward Son 1 mag, ore 10:57 
We'll probably end up seeing it at Halloween, which would be fine but they'd need to come out and say so now .
mortuus 1 mag, ore 7:33 
the majority of greenlight games where devs gone silent are unreleased.. so just sayin... silence means usually a bad thing not good.
Papercoolcat 30 apr, ore 15:32 
They've been silent for 21 days now, which means they're are doing something. We can definitely see an update or even a relase soon. Just keep hope! Cannot wait for this game!
ЯΛBBIƬƬIƬΛП 30 apr, ore 5:33 
what will the graphics requirement be?
your father 30 apr, ore 4:06 
it's cool i will buy it
^('.'^AGw 30 apr, ore 1:19 
I will assume it's 1 year left to prevent rage in future
tommy_beast 29 apr, ore 11:48 
So Aaron said "a month or two" and since one month has passed we can safely assume that only one month left until another delay! Ahoy!
아나거참 25 apr, ore 18:48 
Even Outlast 2 released earlier than you
Willehei 24 apr, ore 1:54 
BIG BEPIS!!??!?!?! XdddD
BuZ 23 apr, ore 5:36 
Cool game.