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liviotdf 11 minuti fa 
WE BADLY NEED A HORROR GAME ON OUR MOON. partially this urge to shout comes from a frustration that someone hasn't made a Apollo 20 (Yes, yes, I know it was all a hoax) horror game
Arctica 14 ore fa 
Mmmmmm, I want this... But are they working on it still?
mordin86 23 nov, ore 1:39 
Soma in space - I want to play this badly!
-=ȚȒoɱɑ ỆĐɠỆ 20 nov, ore 16:01 
Veringui 19 nov, ore 6:33 
I want to play this game SO BAD!!!
Ph0sSeDy 18 nov, ore 11:39 
@machensan SOMA is an horror masterpiece,you should play it while awaiting for Routine.
machensan 18 nov, ore 8:31 
If this game does not come out , I'll spend my money on Soma
shuttlechief 17 nov, ore 20:03 
I believe in you Devs, I want this game so bad I'll wait until 2020 for it, heck even 2030
고동율 ( KOR_CHAD ) 14 nov, ore 6:07 
i'm just wait...
crazycupmuffin 13 nov, ore 7:56 
Almost 3 and a half years I have been waiting. And no update from March now. Not looking good.
MiningTheStars 11 nov, ore 20:23 
Keep going guys, we want this game! Btw, anyone else who has been folllowing this game for years: did you get reminded of this game when SOMA came out? Routine is the first thing i thought of when i saw soma, even though the settings are different, the aesthetic is very similar.
Shinyface45 11 nov, ore 4:36 
Looking forward to release!
machensan 10 nov, ore 14:15 
@King Pluto Yeah
[DAZL NOVK] 9 nov, ore 20:39 
I've had this in my favorites list since July 16, 2013 @ 9:26 am
King Pluto 7 nov, ore 18:47 
Good to see some of us still have hope for this game.
seanstanton 7 nov, ore 16:47 
been waiting well over a year
mad.mic2 6 nov, ore 4:01 
Check again in the next week,pizzafork123, there may be something.
pizzafork123 5 nov, ore 10:05 
Still excited for this game! But, I'm slowly losing hope that it'll actually be released.. *sigh* Suppose I'll check again for updates in a couple months..
KFC_bucket! 4 nov, ore 15:09 
we need a small update! and I hope your still working on this ?
GaNoo 3 nov, ore 13:51 
I'll totally buy this game when it releases!
Dyssera Entertainment 3 nov, ore 10:07 
of our team, our support for this game can be released. it shows the great work
i wish see this game in the steam
steam pls
mom pls
please add russian language (i will wait this game in steam)
good luck
mortuus 1 nov, ore 9:49 
guess not :/ maybe in a year..
Ph0sSeDy 1 nov, ore 6:17 
A new gameplay video would have been great as an halloween gift! :/
machensan 31 ott, ore 13:30 
Pls Halloween release would be great
§◊|Slothskills|◊§ 30 ott, ore 15:30 
QuickMura 30 ott, ore 5:44 
it looks sssooooo good cant wait to play
-I.S.F-Maxilpazzo 29 ott, ore 17:31 
nice.. :))))))
mortuus 28 ott, ore 3:52 
Halloween release would be nice but thats just wishful thinking..
Alekspoison 28 ott, ore 1:40 
Пусть это чудо по скорее выйдет!
yuri93alves 25 ott, ore 21:30 
parece daora :)
고동율 ( KOR_CHAD ) 25 ott, ore 6:57 
steve358 25 ott, ore 6:32 
i like it.This game reminds me of a moon survival game. Don't remeber the name or what happend to it.
JonnyƦedHed 24 ott, ore 6:17 
A small team can have set backs, but the main thing is Aaron and the team are dedicated to finishing the game to a very high level and that is what we all want I'm most sure.
DatCrazyNerf 23 ott, ore 23:18 
I am really excited for this. I check back every few months. Take your time! Much love from Nerf.
mad.mic2 19 ott, ore 10:09 
Good point InsaneMind 14,unfortunately Halloween is out of the question because Mick Gordon has not been able to finish the sound yet, as for Xmas only Aaron knows and he is not telling. :-)
InsaneMind14 19 ott, ore 9:36 
Christmas would be the best time to be playable or even Halloween.
InsaneMind14 19 ott, ore 9:35 
Most people l know that Routine is not dead Aaron Foster is taking his time with his game could be this year or next patience people.
The Based Ninja 19 ott, ore 0:02 
I care. I care a lot about this game. Just wondering how things are coming along.
KrustyDoughnut 18 ott, ore 18:12 
I'm so pumped for this game but seriously, you guys need either more sneak peeks or a demo that lasts for 20-30 min cuz people are starting to not care anymore
mortuus 17 ott, ore 6:03 
Kudi if u look at the stats it says last update: 14 aug, 2014 does this look like a game thats alive ? to me not.. and where is that thread? what are the official annonucments page for then? to not use them ????
TaylorTime 13 ott, ore 20:17 
Hypetown, Population: Me
Lord Havoc 12 ott, ore 10:27 this dead in the water? Taking entirely to long to get it out. Can't be a good sign.
KILL THE BEAT 11 ott, ore 19:28 
nice baby
OZON 11 ott, ore 9:44 
c 2013 года игру делаете,ну хотя бы Демо версию могли бы дать в народ!
PAGEN 9 ott, ore 23:00 
Mark OmacO 7 ott, ore 18:22 
Мне кажется её вообще уже забросили и никогда не выпустят, чё мы тешим себя надеждами, пора завязывать.
Kudi the younger 7 ott, ore 12:09 
One of the developers, Aaron Foster, wrote on August 27th in dinodude´s thread that development is going great, so no worries, the game is not dead, development is simply taking a while
mortuus 7 ott, ore 2:22 
the lack of updates since last isnt good, seen many games gone into silence like this :( would suck if this game will be another lost in space...