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La comunità ha mostrato il suo interesse per questo gioco. Valve si sta accordando con lo sviluppatore per il rilascio su Steam.

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ABNER1700 22 ore fa 
Esse sim eu quero testar se for free ou ate mesmo um preço em conta
El WatchaVato 26 lug, ore 17:44 
Aguante Tucuman Vieja!!!!
Fullblod 26 lug, ore 2:33 
To the people who are asking if this is cancelled, it is not. Aaron wrote last thursday on twitter about progressing on the game. They're getting closer one day at a time.
Strikerz28 25 lug, ore 18:03 
the game is cancel ?
Mario 25 lug, ore 14:55 
looks like another greenlight routine
OnlinePolice 25 lug, ore 11:47 
One day... I hope this game will come out!
But we have to say:
RIP Routine
Buxenus 25 lug, ore 10:26 
Unfortunately, the monster in this game killed the devoloper and proceeded to eat his corpse. RIP
Kexoid90 25 lug, ore 5:08 
I hope this game will come out one day
~Rendezvous~ 23 lug, ore 20:03 
Kinda a pompous thing to say "as we really believe that this horror experience will really make the most out of the headset!"....... It should say "we really believe that Oculus rift will make the most out of this horror experience!" ..This game wont sell Oculus rift but OC will definitly sell this game..
nilka.oddette 23 lug, ore 19:10 
its like an alien isolation,but cheaper(in terms of money)haha
RainbowDogLivingInAsandwich 23 lug, ore 10:44 
liamt.91 23 lug, ore 8:47 
Has this stopped? Theres been no updates anywhere i can see since feb.
Iceyyy 22 lug, ore 14:00 
A no0b Cookie 20 lug, ore 9:23 
feet on the table!
MrHawKiE 20 lug, ore 6:39 
i want it
TinSoldier223 19 lug, ore 19:30 
i can not wait for it to come out
[R/P]-Jake 19 lug, ore 11:04 
йоу бандиты я оценил это говнецо,обязательно поиграю))
Dodge 19 lug, ore 8:59 
Sacha418 19 lug, ore 8:10 
Its Look awesome... Se ve genial
-=Crono_Edge=- 18 lug, ore 12:53 
Sketchy updates with information gaps lasting months at a time. I hope this eventually gets released, but until then its off my radar. Alien: Isolation hits october 7th, pretty stoked for that now.
Big Boss 18 lug, ore 11:44 
i hope that this will turn out like outlast in space!
Rendoll 17 lug, ore 6:55 
Very beautiful game.I can not wait release
SpaceNavy 15 lug, ore 9:53 
I want it so bad :(
But not before my DK2 comes in.
Please be timing the release for it.
MFPapercoolcat the Dark Soul 14 lug, ore 21:54 
WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?! HALF OF 2014 HAS GONE BY AND STILL RADIO SILENCE! WHERE IS IT!?!?!?!? sorry got a little overwelmed there
drfrenchhorn 14 lug, ore 19:29 
Can we please have this game now? ill take the pre-alpha if it means i can finally has
A no0b Cookie 14 lug, ore 8:02 
That's your problem,perma death suits perfectly what seem to be this product,this should be seen as a deep interaction,experience of what survival horror is,not as a simple gameplay,also SINGLE PLAYER is one of the MAIN KEYS of the game,if you're searching something different with re-spawn,checkpoints or no sense co-op,this product is not what you're searching,so bye!
Oh ya and about the time to spend on gaming,that's also another of YOUR PROBLEMS,the game will be about 3 hours,I hoped the game was 7-8 hours cause i'm waiting this from 2012,so permadeath will hopefully make it longer
cloverfield369 13 lug, ore 20:43 
I hope it takes on a kind of dead space feel and also like Alien Isolation where you cant fight only run
sniper_bucketXX 13 lug, ore 16:08 
Game IDEAs

Hi all I hoped you played dead space and dead space 2.
perma death seams like we have to spend hours and hours of replay.who has the time these days?
I like games that i can save at any time are best.
games with check points and save stations or the option to save when ever we want.

I hope you have a option to play perma death or normal or even with a friend 2 astronaunts online could join coop

crazy it sounds but might be more fun and last long.into the future
BearHoldnShark 12 lug, ore 13:42 
looks good. isolation might not be the only horror i get this year.
Grim_Reaper94 12 lug, ore 6:32 
Looks awesome!
=PanzerWerk= 11 lug, ore 23:57 
they should have had this out before the new alien game......lossing intrest
The Trany 10 lug, ore 22:28 
I have been waiting so long for this game and there is still no release date de fuck, you guys must have some sort of idea on when its going to be finished right? I keep coming here to see what news there is and there is always nothing and im really disapointed. Please at least update once a month or something I cant live like this D':
Breadstick coma 10 lug, ore 20:10 
have they thought about crowdfunding?
¸ګ i ˘Ϟ`۲-ڶϵ.¸ 10 lug, ore 17:00 

Lost interest in this game ............ yawn!!!!
Moonstomp 10 lug, ore 16:10 
looks pretty fucking freaky
|Alvy| 10 lug, ore 8:58 
good game
leodoidaum 9 lug, ore 9:05 
Have one date for release :-) ?
Lotsa 9 lug, ore 0:46 
I have given up on this game because it is obviously going no where. I shouldn't have voted for it.

Feb was the last update on how progress is going.
Travis Fartbarf 8 lug, ore 18:28 
This looks so dope!
cr4zyjay 8 lug, ore 10:03 
really want this game. when's it coming?
sawoni 8 lug, ore 6:21 
good. good
S.T.E.E.L.N.A.I.L. 8 lug, ore 0:52 
amazing mood.
Bread GoD™ 7 lug, ore 8:28 
This game was last updated 10 months and 6 days ago?
Batman™♥Lavynae 7 lug, ore 3:17 
Approved by Batman !
Sanctus Fides 6 lug, ore 15:44 
I can't wait for your game to be a success. I will be preordering it the moment yall put up a price.
Nick 6 lug, ore 10:10 
MR-INVERTED 5 lug, ore 21:34 
this looks so awesome i hope this comes out during 2014. looks awesome 10/10
burgerbros 5 lug, ore 14:41 
DerSpaßSpieler 5 lug, ore 12:38 
looks nice
A no0b Cookie 5 lug, ore 6:36 
I only hope the game will come on 2014,the waiting is too much frustating