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A közösség kimutatta érdeklődését e játék iránt. A Valve kapcsolatba lépett ezzel a fejlesztővel, hogy megkezdjék a Steames megjelenés irányába terelni a dolgokat.

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Lx33 aug. 26. @ du. 7:29 
Seems it must be going great, dayum Aaron you really should know what you are doing before you try and make promises to this community. Keep up the fails mate, clearly seems what you are best at :)
world aug. 24. @ du. 1:05 
Halloween or Christmas fingers crossed.
Professional Lazy aug. 22. @ de. 1:14 
Giff me!
Badloki aug. 20. @ de. 6:13 
We need some news!
B-37 aug. 16. @ du. 9:42 
Patiently waiting for Mr.Foster to create his game so i can pay him $59.99 for it, like everyone else. How many comments has been so far? 52 comments per page, at 112 pages, which brings the round estimate of, and assumption that each is a paying customer, so that's $349,381.76 USD, in the comment section alone.
SurfBoy aug. 16. @ du. 7:32 
again to the routine
^1Shep^8ardov aug. 15. @ du. 3:26 
They have twitter, we have people, why dont we just spam them?
Daniel3131 aug. 14. @ de. 2:26 
love the concept of the game.
Havoc aug. 10. @ de. 11:44 
When Routine comes out it'll definelty be an interesting read to see why it has taken so long.
sicreate aug. 9. @ du. 8:45 
Hemog, I wish you were wrong. I really do...

Hemog aug. 9. @ du. 6:44 
Vaporware. Time to move on.
CREAMSIKL aug. 5. @ du. 10:06 
why the fuck isn't this game out yet
BlackNinjaOfDeath aug. 5. @ de. 2:36 
Been a while since we heard any news about it....
Game looks amazing, I hope it is still on track and soon to be released.
(crossing fingers and hope it won't get canceled)
iTzMagnoGR™ aug. 4. @ de. 7:12 
q jogo <3
dead666 aug. 4. @ de. 4:58 
Where game?
Scoops aug. 2. @ du. 5:15 
-rep scammed me
KFC_bucket! júl. 27. @ du. 4:46 
Hi all Like you Ive been waiting for routine to come out so long now. but to
Hold you over go play frosty aliens predators SE Mod for alien vs predator 2 game its only hour and half play time cause you propbably gonna be waiting a bit longer.
you can get it at avpunknown or moddb
Future/Mirai 未来 júl. 25. @ du. 12:13 
Seems to be nice, can't wait
^1Shep^8ardov júl. 24. @ de. 8:40 
There is no advertisement for this game, developers must be lucky to sell 10000 copies.
Mauricio_Cara júl. 22. @ de. 8:45 
I can't wait!!!!!
☠ Zinomorf ☠ júl. 20. @ du. 6:25 
Can't wait for it :D
world júl. 20. @ de. 12:57 
My Summer is nearing it's break I hope to see this game out before my teen years get worse in the zit covered hormon adult low stakes ass world that is high school.
Robbadopolis júl. 16. @ du. 5:20 
I've been carefulling managing my hype for 3 years
looks awesome. keep it up
Venx júl. 15. @ de. 10:17 



Catdog-Cookie júl. 13. @ de. 9:13 
This looks like it is going to be an amazing horror game, keep up the good work on it.
ΛΛ Λ T Λ H D Λ T Λ H júl. 11. @ du. 1:54 
Esqueceram o jogo no churrasco
Rissie júl. 11. @ de. 9:03 
Bernet júl. 7. @ du. 9:35 
Still excited!! Always excited!! Can we has new screenshot plz? I neeeeeeed
buGGiz - dota.no júl. 7. @ de. 4:27 
Nice :)
mother golden kappa júl. 7. @ de. 3:15 
Spellions júl. 5. @ du. 3:25 
sicreate júl. 4. @ du. 12:10 
Mr.Duck júl. 4. @ du. 12:07 
[END] STR™ 天 júl. 2. @ du. 4:33 
sicreate jún. 29. @ du. 8:45 
Daltsy, you should follow Aaron Foster on twitter.
He said the game's releasing this year. Of course he first said it would release in 2013, so...
It'll be this year for sure!
Daltsy jún. 29. @ du. 8:32 
I've been rooting for this game for years now, waiting for it for years now, and now I don't care anymore. I, personally, am tried of giving my money to developers who are too lazy to post monthly, bi-monthly, or even tri-monthly updates. Your'e basically saying screw the people who are willing to give you money for your product, so you know what I say? Screw the product.
SonRyse jún. 28. @ du. 7:14 
Looks nice
AKnieval jún. 23. @ du. 2:29 
This game was announced before I started high school and now I'm about to head off to college. Still waiting!
^1Shep^8ardov jún. 23. @ de. 9:38 
Yon jún. 22. @ du. 10:25 
Really, devs. When are you gonna announce a release date for this one? This was announced in 2012, we're in 2016, that's a 4 years development hell. I find dumb your excuse to use SOMA and Alien: Isolation to not properly dedicate yourself to the completion of this project. If you really are no longer interested in finishing this, you should announce this as a vaporware.
crazycupmuffin jún. 20. @ du. 6:26 
Their twitter tells nothing. Aaron just seems more interested in other peoples games than his own. And drawing anime pictures.
mortuus jún. 20. @ de. 11:53 
@AzureanStudios i agree it seems the train passed on this one, shamed looked good but the devs should be aware that there is competition and many similar games already out like this..
Nexus jún. 20. @ de. 10:00 
Based on their Twitter activity, I don't think it's dead.
matrixmod jún. 19. @ de. 7:24 
-Λ N D R O M E D Λ- jún. 18. @ de. 3:56 
Its dead, rest in pepperonis Routine...
Jack1911 jún. 17. @ du. 8:38 
It's dead? C'mon Aaron...
Lx33 jún. 17. @ du. 7:12 
rip, keep up the good work at failing to release the game Aaron
AzureanStudios jún. 17. @ de. 10:41 
I'm with everyone else that the concept of this game will feel pretty "said-and-done" by the time it's released. SOMA kinda already scratched this itch. I'm having a blast with that game right now. I still want Routine really badly, but I guess it's just not as exciting anymore. Hopefully it's not over $15 when it's out because by then, SOMA will be, and Alien Isolation won't be far behind. I probably won't get it right off the bat at this rate if it's priced higher than that, which it should be, due to its quality, yet shouldn't be due to its marketing methods over the years.
Slavophile jún. 12. @ de. 9:43 
With Alien Isolation and SOMA already out, this game will be considered dated even before it's released. Too bad developers, you took too long for anyone to give a crap.
Aya jún. 8. @ de. 9:49 
I'm sure I voted for this game the year it was put up. I'll patiently wait until the end of time.