Dieses Spiel hat von der Community grünes Licht erhalten!

Die Community hat genug Interesse an diesem Spiel gezeigt. Valve ist nun mit diesem Entwickler in Kontakt getreten, um auf die Veröffentlichung auf Steam hinzuarbeiten.

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The Doctor Vor 3 Stunden 
this is awsome
❆Snowdust❆ Vor 20 Stunden 
Take your time there game makers I got a bunch of money waiting for this game to release
aurelius.commodus 16. Sep. um 6:23 Uhr 
I hope it will be on steam
FT#Sambuka™ 15. Sep. um 8:09 Uhr 
очень классная игра но слегка страшная я бы сделал игру менее срашной и добавил бы союзников чтобы было интересней играть)))
RedtheCrimson 14. Sep. um 19:34 Uhr 
I hope the protagonist is a woman.
Dixie Fire 14. Sep. um 8:01 Uhr 
Oh Yea!!! This trailer got my heart pounding. Im in when its out !!!!!
mikee 14. Sep. um 3:49 Uhr 
Wow! Havent checked in for a couple of mnths. Was looking forward to a new vid, pictures or news. Very disappointing.
Copper 14. Sep. um 2:40 Uhr 
When is it coming out?
Joeman9833 11. Sep. um 17:29 Uhr 
This..... this looks absolutely great and terrifying. I really want to buy this game.
wirmon775 11. Sep. um 13:07 Uhr 
This is like a new version of amnesia AWsome but even better :D
d3n153nk0 9. Sep. um 10:48 Uhr 
выглядит неплохо вроде =)
OlegOman 8. Sep. um 4:36 Uhr 
Хотелось бы...
Greel97 5. Sep. um 18:32 Uhr 
@Zelousmarineinspace You do release the forest hasn't technically been released yet, it's still in early access?
Xaryi 5. Sep. um 10:01 Uhr 
Zelousmarineinspace 5. Sep. um 1:20 Uhr 
I hope it doesn't turn out like The Forrest, please make sure it is polished when it is releaced.
sniper_bucketXX 4. Sep. um 17:18 Uhr 
you should make a small play demo somewhere else before you get to the moon base O_O
TRHeadshot 4. Sep. um 8:52 Uhr 
This game will be my LIFE
The_Gaming_Llama 3. Sep. um 23:00 Uhr 
Megazed101 3. Sep. um 13:49 Uhr 
epic i never knew that robots could look so scary it also looks great for 3 dudes ,so relistic (:
ill buy this game if its 100$
Winkle 1. Sep. um 14:59 Uhr 
DevilDriver ☆ Pekka 31. Aug. um 22:29 Uhr 
I can't f#@king wait \m/
MrOreo 31. Aug. um 2:25 Uhr 
plz totally greenlight this game!!
☆-PelotroX-☆ 30. Aug. um 20:30 Uhr 
The NoObmonster 30. Aug. um 2:05 Uhr 
goodbye girlfriend, hello routine :S
xxvoidxx4 29. Aug. um 20:47 Uhr 
this is intresting they should start kickstarter, we need more games like this.
ripley 29. Aug. um 20:27 Uhr 
i need this in my life. start a kickstarter. start a second. a third. start 10 of them. can i subscribe to a donaters club to just send you money every 2 weeks? i need this game in my life.
BearHoldnShark 29. Aug. um 15:48 Uhr 
Guys, can people please be patient. this game looks amazing, but its being made by 3 guys. please stop bitching about a realease date
The Blackreaper 27. Aug. um 14:55 Uhr 
Looks amazing
dman237urface 27. Aug. um 11:20 Uhr 
this game looks like its going to be pretty cool
TheBuzwell 27. Aug. um 8:25 Uhr 
People, stop asking when the game will be released, of course it will, it will just take time, and will most likely be an amazing game. Just be patient.
Some Bananas, rainbows & seals 27. Aug. um 5:40 Uhr 
Is it just me or the bad robots are just not scary at all? In the videos, I didnt see any "horror" elements: no corpses, no scary npcs, no dismemberment, few blood, and with light turned on, the environment would look like ok.
Anyway this game has a lot of potential, and can certainly become a hit after a little bit more work ( I know I couldn't even do 1/100 of what these guys do but hey, I'm no game developer ;) )
HeroNineJigs 26. Aug. um 17:42 Uhr 
Great! Hwo in the world do I rate it up? I am a big fan of horror games!
powerchucker 25. Aug. um 9:12 Uhr 
this looks like its going to be amazing! I cant wait for it to drop!
ashestooash0900 25. Aug. um 7:52 Uhr 
I want it mommy. Now ,now,now 11111 whaaaaaaaaaaaa
[06]PwrPak 24. Aug. um 15:21 Uhr 
almost 2 yrs later, still no release.
Smitty Werbejagermenjensen 24. Aug. um 13:51 Uhr 
is this the outlast/amnesia in space i've heard?
alecmangum 24. Aug. um 12:42 Uhr 
release it on mac ASAP!
Pocket Miner 23. Aug. um 17:19 Uhr 
chrissyre 23. Aug. um 6:20 Uhr 
Looks awesome!!
Rostofa 22. Aug. um 12:51 Uhr 
FunfishLP 22. Aug. um 8:19 Uhr 
nice :) to
Saimon 21. Aug. um 6:43 Uhr 
Nice :)
Brendan AKA Link_400 20. Aug. um 10:30 Uhr 
looks cool
theking97ify 19. Aug. um 11:35 Uhr 
i love so much this game that when i saw it i came immediatly
BewiggedShrimp2 19. Aug. um 10:01 Uhr 
pleas add this
DARKNESS 19. Aug. um 5:20 Uhr 
HULK79 18. Aug. um 22:11 Uhr 
I would love a CE of this with some 1980's inspired swag, like a floppy disk with some special Background lore on it and/or an extra mini game.
You don't gnome! 18. Aug. um 17:54 Uhr 
This game looks freaking awesome!
EmblazE 18. Aug. um 15:44 Uhr 
MERIyourDaughter 18. Aug. um 15:35 Uhr