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Die Community hat genug Interesse an diesem Spiel gezeigt. Valve ist nun mit diesem Entwickler in Kontakt getreten, um auf die Veröffentlichung auf Steam hinzuarbeiten.

Greenlight wird eingestellt. Weitere Informationen zur Veröffentlichungen von Spielen auf Steam finden Sie in diesem Blogeintrag.
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TiredTyrant Vor 10 Stunden 
"No one can hear you scream in space, or your indignation" ~ XxForeverEntitledxX
Wroaw//o[x_X]o 21. Juli um 20:10 Uhr 
It doesn't matter that nobody is out any money here. People have invested time, patience, faith, etc. in the devs. Don't think for a second that just because money hasn't changed hands that nobody has the right to voice their feeling about what has and hasn't happened regarding Routine. Respect the fact that people are disappointed, discouraged, and pessimistic. They have good reason to be.
crazycupmuffin 8. Juli um 14:18 Uhr 
@mute. Eh? What you on? I never mentioned anything about money or being scammed. Stop associating what I said with fantasies in your mind.
tommy_beast 3. Juli um 0:13 Uhr 
Even their god damn website is dead.
Sicreate 2. Juli um 18:29 Uhr 
mortuus 2. Juli um 7:49 Uhr 
mute. because they waste everyone time by not releasing it ?
mute. 2. Juli um 4:47 Uhr 
@crazycupmuffin, you sound like devs are asking for your money or something. Like you've been scammed.
Sicreate 1. Juli um 7:51 Uhr 
August August August
>Solar Eclipse
>5 f**kin years in dev
中共中央总书记 30. Juni um 23:16 Uhr 
Been waiting for 5 years and still waiting
ZIGS 30. Juni um 20:08 Uhr 
With any luck, it might even come out this year!
SixFootTurkey64 30. Juni um 20:06 Uhr 
Yeah. Eventually.
Caimthereaper 30. Juni um 20:04 Uhr 
Is this game still coming out?
Ph0sSeDy 28. Juni um 11:01 Uhr 
@Custer701 it'll be the same story over and over,every year is full of amazing games and of every kind of genre,video games marketplace is unstoppable,the game should release when it's ready,and it probably will look old when it will come.
Custer701 27. Juni um 19:00 Uhr 
These devs have some rather illustrious competition to contend with being Prey just came out and there are several other games in the space/horror survival genre that are in the pipe now...System Shock remake...System Shock 3...Far Out...Ariel,etc. They have to be careful when they release because another game could trump them and overshadow their release. I saw this happen to several games when Half Life 2 came out back in 2004.
For1cK 27. Juni um 13:16 Uhr 
^('.'^AGw 27. Juni um 4:22 Uhr 
>Nwii : Surprise no one knows about this or posted it
I'm sure no one is talking about the moment they broke promised dead-line

luisaoli6 26. Juni um 17:46 Uhr 
Just Kidding 24. Juni um 3:32 Uhr 
A couple years ago they said they were finishing up and were in the process of replacing place holder assets. In just a few years, surprise, they're almost done again, just finishing up again.
On the one hand, I liked the idea that they weren't cutting their losses like most games do, where they promise a thousand new features then literallly cut every single new thing at release, so they basically just re-release the same game over again, but at this point it genuinely looks like another Duke Nukem.

I was rooting for this game from day 1 and referred every one I know for greenliight votes. Now Greenlight is toast and the game is floating in limbo.
Not surprised about greenlight death. A couple hundred mine craft clones. People greenlighting games then not buying them. Eating up servers for shit nobody wants.
Nwii 24. Juni um 3:05 Uhr 
Surprise no one knows about this or posted it:

It seems that the game is near-completion but needs a bit more time
to polish or whatnot.

It was posted back in March 2017 so it wasn't too long ago
this was talked about...

Sucks this game is still in developement but I'm used to it, what with
other games I've waited many long years for... (FFXV, BG&E2 that's recently surfaced, etc).

That and knowing game-dev isn't simple and does take a ton of time...
Hopefully when this game "eventually" comes out in the future, it'll be
worth the wait and not turn out to be trash.

I do agree, I feel the team should try to post a bit more on their
progress with the game...small twitter posts from time to time would've
been enough. Oh well.
crazycupmuffin 23. Juni um 17:17 Uhr 
5 years of fuck all to show, except for a short trailer with very little in it. This was all a joke from the start to see how long they could ride it.
Routine went from a 2014 release date to a 2015 release date.............to a 2017 release date. And now it's passed, they've fucked off again. The only difference now (and nobody is talking about for some reason) is that for the very first time since 2013...............Aaron and the other chick from the company have stopped tweeting altogether since March. Having not been off their fuckin twitter accounts in all the years before it for more than 2 days. I think they've decided to call their big joke a day.
Nobody is off their release date by 1 year, followed by another 2 years. 3 year delay? I'm not even that dumb. And that is saying something.....
SixFootTurkey64 23. Juni um 16:51 Uhr 
Y'all need to chill. Patience is a virtue.
Wroaw//o[x_X]o 23. Juni um 9:09 Uhr 
Aaron has a tummy ache - Routine delayed 3 more months.
SixFootTurkey64 23. Juni um 6:19 Uhr 
Exactly. Greenlight being ended doesn't change a thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ZIGS 22. Juni um 18:38 Uhr 
"Worst case scenario for us would be this page disappearing and therefore communication being severed"

What communication?
SixFootTurkey64 22. Juni um 14:56 Uhr 
Again, Greenlight shutting down doesn't matter.

Worst case scenario for us would be this page disappearing and therefore communication being severed. But I guess that would just mean waiting for the day Routine's actual store page is up and the game is available, which is pretty much what we're doing already.

Worst case for Aaron, he'd have to pay the $100 Steam Direct fee.
StarrHD 「アンドウ」 22. Juni um 13:04 Uhr 
so greenlight is going to die soon what now?
Spicy Cat 19. Juni um 9:10 Uhr 
Mark2 17. Juni um 5:24 Uhr 
Let's put a dick on this game if aaron did not bother for almost 3 months to say anything
Sniper47 16. Juni um 18:18 Uhr 
it passed now 2 months, where s the date?
Sicreate 16. Juni um 17:11 Uhr 
Wroaw//o[x_X]o 16. Juni um 9:53 Uhr 
This just in on Twitter: Routine delayed another 18 months due to Aaron getting an ingrown toenail.
Kim's SOX 15. Juni um 21:56 Uhr 
I've been waiting for this since 2013.
Kim's SOX 15. Juni um 21:51 Uhr 
This will be Duke Nykem Forever.
M.R.cg 12. Juni um 18:16 Uhr 
please don´t leave us waiting!
SixFootTurkey64 12. Juni um 16:32 Uhr 
August 22nd what?
Sicreate 12. Juni um 15:36 Uhr 
August 22
Spicy Cat 12. Juni um 11:07 Uhr 
well.. ok.. hmm.. rekt..
Alejorp22 11. Juni um 8:47 Uhr 
not bad
MURDER PATROL 10. Juni um 11:40 Uhr 
Papercoolcat 10. Juni um 11:35 Uhr 
@tommy_beast, why would you report it? They have done nothing wrong. They simply have been working on the game, and are sorry that it isn't out when YOU want it out. And how would this be a pretendoware game mortuus? They are clearly making a game, and there is gameplay of said game. It isn't pretend, why would anyone spend 5 years making a joke?
mortuus 10. Juni um 7:56 Uhr 
was fun as long it lasted, this game is nothing by a pretendoware game... lol
tommy_beast 10. Juni um 1:58 Uhr 
As said before, report this crap so it gets removed.
Peldo 8. Juni um 5:30 Uhr 
thx aron
MassiveStroke 7. Juni um 21:33 Uhr 
Yes Beatiful
Sicreate 7. Juni um 13:46 Uhr 
Steam's pulling the plug on Greenlight anyway.
Sicreate 7. Juni um 13:45 Uhr 
"We don’t expect the delay to add more than a month or two and when we next update, we promise to finally give you a clear release date with a game that we are proud of."
- Lunar Software, March 23, 2017

I'm done
Wroaw//o[x_X]o 7. Juni um 9:36 Uhr 
Routine delayed 7 years due to Greenlight being retired. Then an addition 7 because Aaron got a hang-nail.
SixFootTurkey64 6. Juni um 16:08 Uhr 
I believe Greenlight shutting down doesn't affect Routine. Not totally sure though.

Worst case scenario for us would be this page disappearing and therefore communication being severed. But I guess that would just mean waiting for the day Routine's actual store page is up and the game is available, which is pretty much what we're doing already.

Worst case for Aaron, he'd have to pay the $100 Steam Direct fee.
Papercoolcat 6. Juni um 16:03 Uhr 
Oh no, greenlight is closing. Aaron plz
Venx 6. Juni um 11:49 Uhr 
Today Closing Greenlight...