Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

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wAFF 20. tammi 8.53 
Mjjacobs97 19. tammi 10.04 
Can't wait for March!! Quick question: Do y'all seem to have an estimate as to what the price of the game will be??
Ангелина 19. tammi 3.11 
Так она выйдет я не пойму !
Venx 17. tammi 9.19 
Lunar Software, maybe new gameplay?

Latest Gameplay Trailer in 2013...
kondonbollo89 16. tammi 2.04 
looks scary
BrupcatBR 14. tammi 10.14 
Mick Gordon for soundtrack? Get me this game soon.
InoriMinase 14. tammi 6.05 
mikolaj2040 14. tammi 4.24 
hxm19881003 13. tammi 8.26 
awesome hope to see it soon
dronekllr 8. tammi 6.27 
hoh1ain 7. tammi 12.03 
Happy New Year Lunar Software!

maybe new video or screenshots?!
-Versace 6. tammi 5.43 
Altan 6. tammi 4.17 
AWPOWER 6. tammi 0.39 
Nice :)
God 4. tammi 18.41 
朱砂 3. tammi 7.03 
looks fun
wolneymanero 2. tammi 9.40 
Nice, i want play ;)
yungbutt 27. joulu, 2016 16.22 
My body has been ready for four years.
ṼŁÅĐЬҜẴ ✔ ŖŨŞ 25. joulu, 2016 10.19 
danpatapon 25. joulu, 2016 3.28 
Unicornio Retrasado 24. joulu, 2016 16.55 
so awesome :D
Arc Kradel 22. joulu, 2016 20.29 
Graphic looks great gonna try wants its release

pigeonmarwan 19. joulu, 2016 11.02 
j ai hate d y joué
Zodimax 16. joulu, 2016 10.37 
Im sure this is really fun, looks good!
Third2007 14. joulu, 2016 17.31 
Robot Isolation XD
♛*.:。゚*Johnny。R*Angel* 14. joulu, 2016 1.25 
Sick? yes,i'm sick,haha
⚡ТHuℕDe☈™⚡ 13. joulu, 2016 15.39 
So it looks like it's a game between SOMA and Alien Isolation. Btw I loved both games. Can't wait for this one.
Aubri 12. joulu, 2016 15.33 
RIP this project
RAZS 12. joulu, 2016 10.44 
mortuus 12. joulu, 2016 6.49 
M A R C H ----> 2 0 1 7 for those that cant read lol!!!!!!!!!!
crazycupmuffin 11. joulu, 2016 4.04 
Seems half the comments don't realize that the release date is now set for March and all is well.
Don't people read or look at the new vid?
HydroAstral 11. joulu, 2016 3.54 
░░░░ / \░░░░
░░░ /---- \░░░
░░ /( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)\░░░
░ / _______\░░
Beef Supreme 10. joulu, 2016 17.15 
Nice creepy vibe >: )
TheSandman888 9. joulu, 2016 10.35 
I wanna know the sys requirements
Aubri 6. joulu, 2016 13.52 
RIP this project
Luke Green 2. joulu, 2016 1.37 
nice game
HAMBeR 2. joulu, 2016 0.52 
good game
tommy_beast 29. marras, 2016 6.49 
Can't get the god damn hype. You've been lied again.
|M3X|MyChOR1Z0> 29. marras, 2016 5.16 
so hyped finally after year's of waiting for it.
hoh1ain 28. marras, 2016 22.00 
Mick Gordon. Role: "Audio Director " OMFG )

DONT RELAX ALL! Buff the project in all it's aspects. Let your game will be the best in the 2017th!!!
^antarres^ 28. marras, 2016 21.03 
actually soma
i m already fucking love this game
feed us some screenshots, guys
kalendario 23. marras, 2016 16.16 
i love sci-fi horror games
osteo_porosis 20. marras, 2016 18.44 
looks awesome
Floof 20. marras, 2016 8.29 
RW_Razorback 20. marras, 2016 5.25 
Translation spanish language please. Traducción al lenguaje español por favor.
Culture Mathematics 19. marras, 2016 7.20 
I can not tell you how excited I am about this game. I could tell this game was going to be of real quality from the title screen on the Alpha Trailer. As soon as I heard that synth and saw the color scheme plus the shaky VHS style picture I knew I was buying this. I am an 80's baby so seeing that time treated as a cinematic style or genre is very stimulating. Using new technology in the 80's style is a winning combo, evident in recent efforts like Stranger Things. Even milennials who have no idea what the 80's is about love the style. I never comment on greenlight games but this demands my attention. Let me say that your release trailer is astounding. The attention to the little things in sound design is spectacular. Routine looks to be a shining in the darkness amidst a void full of games with no heart, no real character to speak off. It bucks superlatives in favor of paying homage to a proven theme. We are waiting devs. Some of us are holding our breath. Bravo
Faceless Giant 19. marras, 2016 4.21 
I've been watching this game since you first posted it to greenlight in 2012. I'm so glad that you guys didn't give up. I'm so excited to see the final product. Wish you luck on this last hurdle.
Cabadiah 16. marras, 2016 18.34 
Good to see a release date. I've been following this game for friggin years, and I'll say this game still looks better than what Alien: Isolation ended up being. It seems like indie devs are the only ones that can be trusted to make horror games that aren't full of obnoxious QTEs and cutscenes.
Sniper47 16. marras, 2016 16.28 
I need this!