Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

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The Queen Bee 24 jan om 4:57vm 
I long for this game to be finalized, can't wait :D
Destiny 24 jan om 4:41vm 
сколько ждать можно как будто космосим лепят?!!
VLAD4ER 23 jan om 10:48nm 
Grim 16 jan om 12:56nm 
Can you plss give us a small updat about the game so I can sleep in peace :D
bucsstomp 15 jan om 11:17vm 
It looks fantabulous!
bocacoutinho 14 jan om 1:50nm 
estupendo juego lo espero con ansias

fatcat 11 jan om 5:30nm 
Everybody should be more patient with the release date. I would rather wait and get a great game rather than have it be rushed and filled with bugs.
Xylo 9 jan om 11:52nm 
Is this ever going to be released? It's been two freaking years now.....
Justin_Li 9 jan om 10:01vm 
needs an update badly
sniper_bucketXX 7 jan om 3:50nm 
giddy up! get er done we waiting Soooooo Long.
Reivax 117 6 jan om 11:08vm 
please release soon the hype is killing me
mortuus 5 jan om 9:26vm 
kinda dead here :(
WobblyTableLeg 3 jan om 11:32nm 
A New Years update would have been nice. Hope it's not ded
bisa 1 jan om 7:55vm 
hope to see this game released soon
iButtocks 1 jan om 6:16vm 
Aaron, I've been silently following the progress on this particular title ever since 2012. I'm glad to have hear of the few updates you guys have put out, and I will continue to follow your work on this game. I hope that this new year, 2015, will bring with it more news or possible videos of Routine, as it has a very nice premise about it.
Best regards and a happy new year
UNKNOWN*no66 31 dec 2014 om 10:00nm 
guys, they are making a game.
its hard
it takes time
it will be a while
I would LOVE it if they released an update
BUT.... i think the reason for radio static *pun intended* is because they are human
and have a life
have patience, i know its hard *im dieing of waiting too*
Mr. Lemon 31 dec 2014 om 3:35nm 
Danteskar 31 dec 2014 om 1:32nm 
Partiu !!!!
Gall 31 dec 2014 om 12:57vm 
Brdzi 29 dec 2014 om 11:30nm 
DamagedAnvil 29 dec 2014 om 5:23nm 
Release it!
红流 28 dec 2014 om 12:40vm 
짜장배달[KOR] 27 dec 2014 om 4:04nm 
짜장배달[KOR] 27 dec 2014 om 4:04nm 
Please!!! pleaseRelease !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want a game please~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
horsol 26 dec 2014 om 9:11nm 
I have look'd at this game for year's.You need to just release it, or drop it. I would love to play,but you are just jackin' off.
EBOLA 26 dec 2014 om 2:14nm 
wanna have.... asap! no keep calm, make it good!
-gORDOx- 26 dec 2014 om 4:50vm 
cool :)
DubsteP 25 dec 2014 om 8:59vm 
this looks like awesome :)
Fossel 25 dec 2014 om 12:45vm 
Looking good
BoomKnight 23 dec 2014 om 2:21nm 
Looks Awesome!
kromy 23 dec 2014 om 12:07nm 
I would love to play this game and beat it! It looks amazing!
Atrox Vincentius 23 dec 2014 om 6:21vm 
Yeah I'd like to buy it too, but who knows when it'll be done, in this case, no news is not good news.
=FathoM= 22 dec 2014 om 7:02nm 
might have to wait a while this game is taking forever
TheMinecraftApocalypse 22 dec 2014 om 2:23nm 
this game looks AWESOME. I'm gonna buy it when it comes out
EDI_Normandy 22 dec 2014 om 3:34vm 
Люблю космическую тематику, а это пахнет если не шедевром космического симулятора, то точно чем-то, что может заинтересовать любителей астрофизики
Bernet 20 dec 2014 om 9:27nm 
<3 <3 I don't even mind if you haven't got us anything for Christmas, Lunar. :P Still hyperventilating with excitement every time I click on this page! Stay awesome xoxoxx
GameR DyroN 20 dec 2014 om 8:03nm 
@PaDaUy:::: Alien film is from 79,Routine's devs clearly say they've been inspired from 80s visions of the future and these included alien franchisee
PaDaUy:::: 20 dec 2014 om 5:51nm 
@AfterBorned: Do you realize that this game was in the works before Alien Isolation was even announced? IMO, i think that CA saw the videos of this and they copied the concept... after hearing that Doom 4 will be a Brutal Doom in 3D, i just don't believe in the creativity of "serious" developers anymore...
mikee 20 dec 2014 om 11:14vm 
Even if they said it will definitely be out in 2015. That alone would make me happy that I know. Instead of going through yet another year of checking in every few weeks to get disappointed time after time wondering how hard it is to show a 30 second clip. I'm just frustrated.
mikee 20 dec 2014 om 11:12vm 
Sigh back again to get disappointed. :(
Even a short video or anything really? Seen this vid for far too long everytime I come to have a look.
JonnyƦedHed 17 dec 2014 om 11:38nm 
merry Christmas Aaron and team.
ASTR0x0M3GA 17 dec 2014 om 6:50nm 
can you add mutliplayer some how
cryonordon 17 dec 2014 om 10:08vm 
when it will be launching routine? :(
Bill Murray 14 dec 2014 om 5:35nm 
How is development coming guys? I have been looking forward to this for awhile now. Would love to here how progress is going at this time.
Leegend 14 dec 2014 om 9:38vm 
So looking forward to Routines release and i love the retro style Lunarsoftware intro it reminds me a little of this old school Spectrum Holobyte intro but much much better lol! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFJ2xCIEiMo
Well good luck with Routine and shall definitely be looking out for it when it arrives.
nayred 13 dec 2014 om 4:48nm 
can't wait
[λ]ϚiƮɌœN_91 13 dec 2014 om 10:51vm 
DDAY157 12 dec 2014 om 6:24nm 
i want
BIONICLEfan42 12 dec 2014 om 8:23vm 
how much will it cost???