Dette spil har fået grønt lys af fællesskabet!

Fællesskabet har vist deres interesse i dette spil. Valve har kontaktet denne udvikler for at klargøre til udgivelse på Steam.

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Winkle For 9 timer siden 
DevilDriver ☆ Pekka 31. aug kl. 10:29pm 
I can't f#@king wait \m/
MrOreo 31. aug kl. 2:25am 
plz totally greenlight this game!!
☆-PelotroX-☆ 30. aug kl. 8:30pm 
The NoObmonster 30. aug kl. 2:05am 
goodbye girlfriend, hello routine :S
xxvoidxx4 29. aug kl. 8:47pm 
this is intresting they should start kickstarter, we need more games like this.
lumber jackson #fann 29. aug kl. 8:27pm 
i need this in my life. start a kickstarter. start a second. a third. start 10 of them. can i subscribe to a donaters club to just send you money every 2 weeks? i need this game in my life.
BearHoldnShark 29. aug kl. 3:48pm 
Guys, can people please be patient. this game looks amazing, but its being made by 3 guys. please stop bitching about a realease date
The Blackreaper 27. aug kl. 2:55pm 
Looks amazing
dman237urface 27. aug kl. 11:20am 
this game looks like its going to be pretty cool
TheBuzwell 27. aug kl. 8:25am 
People, stop asking when the game will be released, of course it will, it will just take time, and will most likely be an amazing game. Just be patient.
Some Bananas, rainbows & seals 27. aug kl. 5:40am 
Is it just me or the bad robots are just not scary at all? In the videos, I didnt see any "horror" elements: no corpses, no scary npcs, no dismemberment, few blood, and with light turned on, the environment would look like ok.
Anyway this game has a lot of potential, and can certainly become a hit after a little bit more work ( I know I couldn't even do 1/100 of what these guys do but hey, I'm no game developer ;) )
HeroNineJigs 26. aug kl. 5:42pm 
Great! Hwo in the world do I rate it up? I am a big fan of horror games!
powerchucker 25. aug kl. 9:12am 
this looks like its going to be amazing! I cant wait for it to drop!
ashestooash0900 25. aug kl. 7:52am 
I want it mommy. Now ,now,now 11111 whaaaaaaaaaaaa
[06]PwrPak 24. aug kl. 3:21pm 
almost 2 yrs later, still no release.
Smitty Werbejagermenjensen 24. aug kl. 1:51pm 
is this the outlast/amnesia in space i've heard?
alecmangum 24. aug kl. 12:42pm 
release it on mac ASAP!
Pocket Miner 23. aug kl. 5:19pm 
chrissyre 23. aug kl. 6:20am 
Looks awesome!!
Rostofa 22. aug kl. 12:51pm 
FunfishLP 22. aug kl. 8:19am 
nice :) to
Saimon 21. aug kl. 6:43am 
Nice :)
Brendan AKA Link_400 20. aug kl. 10:30am 
looks cool
theking97ify 19. aug kl. 11:35am 
i love so much this game that when i saw it i came immediatly
BewiggedShrimp2 19. aug kl. 10:01am 
pleas add this
DARKNESS 19. aug kl. 5:20am 
HULK79 18. aug kl. 10:11pm 
I would love a CE of this with some 1980's inspired swag, like a floppy disk with some special Background lore on it and/or an extra mini game.
You don't gnome! 18. aug kl. 5:54pm 
This game looks freaking awesome!
EmblazE 18. aug kl. 3:44pm 
SEBEL[A]S 18. aug kl. 3:35pm 
Odey555 17. aug kl. 8:30pm 
At this point I think I'm expecting a super-awesome horror game! Hope you don't disappoint
INSANITY TIME 16. aug kl. 6:43am 
"these things, they take time" GABEN
A no0b Cookie 16. aug kl. 5:58am 
it changed from early 2013 to q1 2013,q2 2013,ending 2013,early 2014,q1 2014,2014 and now tbd,fuck off,I'm full of this,bye all (it will be a 3 hours game,20£,3 yrs,think about it)
A no0b Cookie 16. aug kl. 5:52am 
Mr.RoBoT 15. aug kl. 6:39am 
must have this
Klappstuhl 14. aug kl. 2:14pm 
HYPE! HYPE! HYPE! If they do get their work done on the Oculus with the next dev kit... this will be so Boss!
Papercoolcat an official coolcat 14. aug kl. 1:11pm 
cardboardknight 14. aug kl. 1:56am 
No update since Feb. 19th?
Come on guys, I am not rushing but at least keep the page alive. This seem more like vaporware every passing month.
¸ګ i ˘Ϟ`۲-ڶϵ.¸ 13. aug kl. 1:28am 
grumble grumble
sayDonut 12. aug kl. 2:31am 
Крестный отец 10. aug kl. 10:37pm 
How long has it been? Its almost 2015! I want it now! haha. But i know a good game takes time
Connor Arbiter 10. aug kl. 8:20pm 
We know you don't want to release or give away too much about Routine but come on, nothing since February? at least post a picture of space on your Facebook or something, damn.
tonytone94 10. aug kl. 12:35pm 
How long has it been? Its almost 2015! I want it now! haha. But i know a good game takes time
DevilDriver ☆ Pekka 10. aug kl. 6:33am 
:|RRG|: Nick 10. aug kl. 5:08am 
Release this now!
migwier 9. aug kl. 2:44pm 
DaMastahCreeper 9. aug kl. 11:04am 
this game looks amazing! WHEN WILL THEY RELEASE IT??
Pee_Wee 9. aug kl. 10:31am 
I would really like a story mode, or a capaign or something like that cause i would liek to see how the character survived, got his "Cosmonaut Assistance Tool" and how this whole place went to hell.
A no0b Cookie 9. aug kl. 3:33am 
@APOC | Lx33 I won't be sure,first trailer said october 2014 but now they said they'll post a release date when they'll be sure...same bs...