Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

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The Queen Bee 24 януари в 4:57 сутринта 
I long for this game to be finalized, can't wait :D
Destiny 24 януари в 4:41 сутринта 
сколько ждать можно как будто космосим лепят?!!
VLAD4ER 23 януари в 10:48 следобед 
Grim 16 януари в 12:56 следобед 
Can you plss give us a small updat about the game so I can sleep in peace :D
bucsstomp 15 януари в 11:17 сутринта 
It looks fantabulous!
bocacoutinho 14 януари в 1:50 следобед 
estupendo juego lo espero con ansias

fatcat 11 януари в 5:30 следобед 
Everybody should be more patient with the release date. I would rather wait and get a great game rather than have it be rushed and filled with bugs.
Xylo 9 януари в 11:52 следобед 
Is this ever going to be released? It's been two freaking years now.....
Justin_Li 9 януари в 10:01 сутринта 
The Throne that tickles dICKS 9 януари в 4:11 сутринта 
needs an update badly
sniper_bucketXX 7 януари в 3:50 следобед 
giddy up! get er done we waiting Soooooo Long.
Reivax 117 6 януари в 11:08 сутринта 
please release soon the hype is killing me
mortuus 5 януари в 9:26 сутринта 
kinda dead here :(
WobblyTableLeg 3 януари в 11:32 следобед 
A New Years update would have been nice. Hope it's not ded
bisa 1 януари в 7:55 сутринта 
hope to see this game released soon
iButtocks 1 януари в 6:16 сутринта 
Aaron, I've been silently following the progress on this particular title ever since 2012. I'm glad to have hear of the few updates you guys have put out, and I will continue to follow your work on this game. I hope that this new year, 2015, will bring with it more news or possible videos of Routine, as it has a very nice premise about it.
Best regards and a happy new year
UNKNOWN*no66 31 декември 2014 в 10:00 следобед 
guys, they are making a game.
its hard
it takes time
it will be a while
I would LOVE it if they released an update
BUT.... i think the reason for radio static *pun intended* is because they are human
and have a life
have patience, i know its hard *im dieing of waiting too*
Mr. Lemon 31 декември 2014 в 3:35 следобед 
Danteskar 31 декември 2014 в 1:32 следобед 
Partiu !!!!
Gall 31 декември 2014 в 12:57 сутринта 
Brdzi 29 декември 2014 в 11:30 следобед 
DamagedAnvil 29 декември 2014 в 5:23 следобед 
Release it!
红流 28 декември 2014 в 12:40 сутринта 
짜장배달[KOR] 27 декември 2014 в 4:04 следобед 
짜장배달[KOR] 27 декември 2014 в 4:04 следобед 
Please!!! pleaseRelease !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want a game please~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
horsol 26 декември 2014 в 9:11 следобед 
I have look'd at this game for year's.You need to just release it, or drop it. I would love to play,but you are just jackin' off.
EBOLA 26 декември 2014 в 2:14 следобед 
wanna have.... asap! no keep calm, make it good!
-gORDOx- 26 декември 2014 в 4:50 сутринта 
cool :)
DubsteP 25 декември 2014 в 8:59 сутринта 
this looks like awesome :)
Fossel 25 декември 2014 в 12:45 сутринта 
Looking good
BoomKnight 23 декември 2014 в 2:21 следобед 
Looks Awesome!
kromy 23 декември 2014 в 12:07 следобед 
I would love to play this game and beat it! It looks amazing!
Atrox Vincentius 23 декември 2014 в 6:21 сутринта 
Yeah I'd like to buy it too, but who knows when it'll be done, in this case, no news is not good news.
=FathoM= 22 декември 2014 в 7:02 следобед 
might have to wait a while this game is taking forever
TheMinecraftApocalypse 22 декември 2014 в 2:23 следобед 
this game looks AWESOME. I'm gonna buy it when it comes out
EDI_Normandy 22 декември 2014 в 3:34 сутринта 
Люблю космическую тематику, а это пахнет если не шедевром космического симулятора, то точно чем-то, что может заинтересовать любителей астрофизики
Bernet 20 декември 2014 в 9:27 следобед 
<3 <3 I don't even mind if you haven't got us anything for Christmas, Lunar. :P Still hyperventilating with excitement every time I click on this page! Stay awesome xoxoxx
GameR DyroN 20 декември 2014 в 8:03 следобед 
@PaDaUy:::: Alien film is from 79,Routine's devs clearly say they've been inspired from 80s visions of the future and these included alien franchisee
PaDaUy:::: 20 декември 2014 в 5:51 следобед 
@AfterBorned: Do you realize that this game was in the works before Alien Isolation was even announced? IMO, i think that CA saw the videos of this and they copied the concept... after hearing that Doom 4 will be a Brutal Doom in 3D, i just don't believe in the creativity of "serious" developers anymore...
mikee 20 декември 2014 в 11:14 сутринта 
Even if they said it will definitely be out in 2015. That alone would make me happy that I know. Instead of going through yet another year of checking in every few weeks to get disappointed time after time wondering how hard it is to show a 30 second clip. I'm just frustrated.
mikee 20 декември 2014 в 11:12 сутринта 
Sigh back again to get disappointed. :(
Even a short video or anything really? Seen this vid for far too long everytime I come to have a look.
JonnyƦedHed 17 декември 2014 в 11:38 следобед 
merry Christmas Aaron and team.
ASTR0x0M3GA 17 декември 2014 в 6:50 следобед 
can you add mutliplayer some how
cryonordon 17 декември 2014 в 10:08 сутринта 
when it will be launching routine? :(
Bill Murray 14 декември 2014 в 5:35 следобед 
How is development coming guys? I have been looking forward to this for awhile now. Would love to here how progress is going at this time.
Leegend 14 декември 2014 в 9:38 сутринта 
So looking forward to Routines release and i love the retro style Lunarsoftware intro it reminds me a little of this old school Spectrum Holobyte intro but much much better lol! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFJ2xCIEiMo
Well good luck with Routine and shall definitely be looking out for it when it arrives.
nayred 13 декември 2014 в 4:48 следобед 
can't wait
[λ]ϚiƮɌœN_91 13 декември 2014 в 10:51 сутринта 
DDAY157 12 декември 2014 в 6:24 следобед 
i want
BIONICLEfan42 12 декември 2014 в 8:23 сутринта 
how much will it cost???