Este jogo recebeu o sinal verde da Comunidade!

A comunidade demonstrou interesse neste jogo. A Valve entrou em contato com este desenvolvedor para começarmos a preparar o lançamento no Steam.

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Timthenchanter há 15 horas 
Looks pretty cool and I like the film grain on the alpha trailer. I'm interested and will be following.
Djordje 16 de fev às 15:19 
Solaron 15 de fev às 19:58 
March 2017? Yeah right. Lets see an update aye?
Badloki 15 de fev às 15:38 
This game will probably be delayed. Hope we'll have some news when Greenlight will close.
Neo-<644>-CZ 15 de fev às 11:30 
Good !!!
Leon Man Slave 14 de fev às 18:45 
from the features this is a survival horror that is ment to be, as in hopefully this will set survival horor on the right track! unfortunently it doesnt look like you can fight back but ill take multi endings over fighting back!
hoh1ain 13 de fev às 19:18 
Release March 2017 - "100%" !!!

Why not have a new fresh information about the game? Fresh screenshots expired, the new video? Why not open a pre-order?
Mjjacobs97 11 de fev às 15:16 
lol same @tommy
tommy_beast 11 de fev às 3:05 
So... a month and a half before the release and still no promo, no new info, no screenshots and videos. Delay confirmed, I guess.
Venx 10 de fev às 13:57 
hoh1ain, +1
hoh1ain 10 de fev às 12:42 
Routine is one of the first games appeared on Steam Greenlight, and she's one of the last to get to the release, before closing Greenlight
Mosqito 10 de fev às 10:16 
yes!!! It's coming.. *hamster dance*
badass1988 9 de fev às 16:37 
不出预购 钱包饥渴难耐
Mjjacobs97 9 de fev às 9:50 
Doctor Evil 8 de fev às 17:03 
Finally ! This is going to be real ! Looking forward for release and counting the days...
hoh1ain 6 de fev às 14:59 
Zzz ='/
b3n_d0vah 1 de fev às 2:39 
Every time I hear the Alpha Gameplay voice recording sytem thing (idk) it reminds me of Cerberus soldiers from Mass Effect 3 lol
Thomas The Dank Engine 30 de jan às 17:20 
awesome suace
Assassino 29 de jan às 1:38 
looks good
alxmetsd 27 de jan às 22:17 
nice game
大酱柄 26 de jan às 4:56 
哦吼吼吼吼!Its coming now!!!!!!!!I I love it!!
Papa John 24 de jan às 15:09 
-TeddyBeckツ- 20 de jan às 8:53 
Mjjacobs97 19 de jan às 10:04 
Can't wait for March!! Quick question: Do y'all seem to have an estimate as to what the price of the game will be??
PETINKOT #FIXCSGO 19 de jan às 3:11 
Так она выйдет я не пойму !
Venx 17 de jan às 9:19 
Lunar Software, maybe new gameplay?

Latest Gameplay Trailer in 2013...
kondonbollo89 16 de jan às 2:04 
looks scary
BrupcatBR 14 de jan às 10:14 
Mick Gordon for soundtrack? Get me this game soon.
BrokenHeart 14 de jan às 6:05 
mikolaj2040 14 de jan às 4:24 
hxm19881003 13 de jan às 8:26 
awesome hope to see it soon
dronekllr 8 de jan às 6:27 
hoh1ain 7 de jan às 12:03 
Happy New Year Lunar Software!

maybe new video or screenshots?!
㉿ѦҰม 6 de jan às 18:45 
-Versace 6 de jan às 5:43 
Altan_Artes 6 de jan às 4:17 
AWPOWER 6 de jan às 0:39 
Nice :)
God 4 de jan às 18:41 
朱砂 3 de jan às 7:03 
looks fun
wolneymanero 2 de jan às 9:40 
Nice, i want play ;)
yungbutt 27/dez/2016 às 16:22 
My body has been ready for four years.
ṼŁÅĐЬҜẴ ✔ ŖŨŞ 25/dez/2016 às 10:19 
danpatapon 25/dez/2016 às 3:28 
Unicornio Retrasado 24/dez/2016 às 16:55 
so awesome :D
Arc Kradel 22/dez/2016 às 20:29 
Graphic looks great gonna try wants its release

pigeonmarwan 19/dez/2016 às 11:02 
j ai hate d y joué
Zodimax 16/dez/2016 às 10:37 
Im sure this is really fun, looks good!
Third2007 14/dez/2016 às 17:31 
Robot Isolation XD
♛*.:。゚*Johnny。R*Angel* 14/dez/2016 às 1:25 
Sick? yes,i'm sick,haha
⚡ТHuℕDe☈™⚡ 13/dez/2016 às 15:39 
So it looks like it's a game between SOMA and Alien Isolation. Btw I loved both games. Can't wait for this one.