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99 commenti
Dmitry_Bars 27 nov 2014, ore 21:37 
Nice work
xKiaraXx 29 ott 2014, ore 1:35 
looks nice and interesting
sourenger 4 ott 2014, ore 10:12 
a demo would be cool
Invisigoth 17 ago 2014, ore 19:23 
Voted 'Yes'. :dstools:
Zulgot 15 lug 2014, ore 6:16 
DeadlockxPRO 30 giu 2014, ore 1:07 
looks interesting
NoXiD 29 giu 2014, ore 2:49 
Fulmper 16 giu 2014, ore 20:07 
Is there a demo available?
ShonnedManZik4 13 giu 2014, ore 18:57 
GG Good game
CamiKitten 2 giu 2014, ore 12:22 
Looks like a "modern" Tetris. I'm interested! >^^<
¤ ShaQ(<3 hs) 1 apr 2014, ore 7:31 
lu2kiĝ2gi432hz.∆ॐ 16 mar 2014, ore 9:12 
xX_MLG-PU$$Y-SL4YER_Xx 2 mar 2014, ore 1:57 
Good Game
HADES2001 2 feb 2014, ore 13:39 
fun for mobile not for steam
fruktorezka 14 gen 2014, ore 16:51 
desert 14 gen 2014, ore 2:06 
I have this game on my phone it's great! It would awesome to release it for pc.
Ves 12 gen 2014, ore 12:36 
OgnaVirus 4 gen 2014, ore 21:20 
Modern Tetris :D
real nigga hours 1 gen 2014, ore 13:33 
TheSlambulance 26 dic 2013, ore 23:52 
eL1♥PLAY HARD ! GO PRO ! 18 dic 2013, ore 14:47 
Mickmane 10 dic 2013, ore 14:33 
The puzzle looks fun. The stuff around it and the extra modes only add to that. :)
Fisto101 4 dic 2013, ore 8:17 
Looks good for a phone, but not for pc.
ᄂЦKI 2 dic 2013, ore 8:56 
nieksas 26 nov 2013, ore 5:03 
nice game
Phant0m5 19 nov 2013, ore 16:01 
This reminded me of a board game I used to play with friends. Would be great if this got greenlit :)
Clyde 6 nov 2013, ore 22:29 
Good trailer
sgrogue 6 ott 2013, ore 6:02 
Jeu qui m'a l'air interressant. Je vais regarder çà mais en espérant que ce soit un bête portage d'un jeu téléphone portable sur PC.
LULZ 18 ago 2013, ore 4:10 
☆ДеД sirGHOST(UA)☆ 27 lug 2013, ore 10:14 
Good trailer
kevinyang 15 lug 2013, ore 17:50 
look nice
shuyin 12 lug 2013, ore 15:27 
3$ game
Bomkron 11 lug 2013, ore 20:40 
wtf.. i dont want a phone game... no upvote.. down vote really -1
adil 7 lug 2013, ore 12:30 
Nevermore 29 mag 2013, ore 3:55 
Twaa 21 mag 2013, ore 10:33 
Look interesting.
9' 18 mag 2013, ore 0:25 
Very good :D
RooFeeOOOOOOOO 16 mag 2013, ore 15:29 
looks sweet
VestedGamr 7 mag 2013, ore 21:00 
As a phone game, it looks amazing, but on the PC, games like this just don't stack up. People who buy touch-screen computers usually aren't looking for games, or they would just get the phone/tablet version as it is more portable. People who play games on their PCs aren't likely to have a touch screen monitor.

I can see it as an office time-waster like the games that come with PCs, however, and it would actually be a great alternitive to said "stock" games.
СПУТНИК 1985 9 apr 2013, ore 1:59 
Nice o_O
SowKaZ 6 apr 2013, ore 2:38 
The Wasteland Warrior 19 mar 2013, ore 9:51 
Not sure i would buy anything like this, still voted yes.
Zorro 9 mar 2013, ore 2:44 
ну очень классная игра!!!
Dreadlocks Ltd  [autore] 15 feb 2013, ore 0:30 
The main reason why we want bring the game to PC is a growing availability of touch displays. We have only a few simple games for touch monitors on PC, Mac and Linux.
slippythe8leggedhorse 9 feb 2013, ore 6:22 
I know this game might be cool and all, but can we please stop trying to port phone games to PC.
Praise the sun?!?! 21 gen 2013, ore 18:00 
Sorry guys, this belongs on android and iOS.
Microshock 7 gen 2013, ore 0:48 
Those screenshots don't exactly excite me...
JTrilogy 5 gen 2013, ore 18:49 
I'm torn. On one hand, you devs seem to be a nice bunch, and this game you created looks like one of the more compelling mobile puzzle games, but I'm not sure that it belongs on Steam.

It might just be because the trailer is from the mobile version, but I'm having a hard time imagining seeing this alongside the other games in Steam's "puzzle" catagory. The gameplay seems to be a one-trick pony; you have a set of blocks, and you have to make those blocks into a certain shape of increasing complexity. That sort of single-mindedness works on a mobile platform, but PC gamers need more variety in their puzzle games than this game provides.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to pass. I hope you guys have good luck on the mobile scene, but I don't see this going anywhere on PC.
God Emperor Trump 7 dic 2012, ore 10:31 
I don't find this very driving.
Sirall 28 nov 2012, ore 0:34 
Hi, we can add only trailer for mobile version now, but we prepare a new version of graphic for steam.