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Wishful Lie (Forget Me Not Annie)
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Toro Y Moi~ 20 ore fa 
Good luck. We're all counting on you.
Mr.Epicness 22 ago, ore 12:13 
what type of horror is this?a horror where the monster screams booglyboo every five secs(cough cough forgotten ones)the horror where the monster doesnt scream booglyboo and its phycological(yes ik i misspled dat) a horror wheres the monster does scream boooglyboo however it's still physoclogicial)or its very sespenful and the monster rarely screeam booglyoo
Mr.Epicness 20 ago, ore 20:24 
Why does the little girl have a drug syringe this is not bioshock
meshpet 15 ago, ore 22:11 
god this game is so frustrating. i've been checking back on it every so often and missed the kickstarter for it since they didn't respond for like ages. then all of a sudden BAM kickstarter. like why they would put up a kickstarter waaaaaay after people have already lost interest in the game is beyond me. as soon as this was added to steam and hyped up it should have been kickstarted not a year+ later >.<
VastouseN 20 giu, ore 2:45 
Are there any updates on this project?
Jeb (a.k.a. Jebus) 18 giu, ore 0:45 
Please try to make something happen to this game anyways, I so want it here on steam. And it's looking very good so far, so please do not give up just yet.
BachBreaker 2 giu, ore 18:37 
How is this game going?
pureheart55 27 mag, ore 20:34 
Please Don't give up! this Game is very very Nice and Really Good.
★NOCTURNAgvc★ 6 mag, ore 19:54 
this game looks really good! please dont give up! :o
portalfan64 3 apr, ore 23:04 
The kick starter goal failed. What will they do now? They can't give up.
ToastedPickle 27 mar, ore 17:49 
Anyone else get here from TMS?
Biggie Cheese 14 mar, ore 10:41 
The kid in the left looks stoned as FU*K!
WishMaster 14 mar, ore 9:21 
I am glad that this is still alive!
But i would suggest you Guys to Add the Kick-starter Page directly into the Description or isn`t that possible after a Green-lit than i would suggest to Contact Steam of this Issue to prevent it happening for you and in the Future for others! A big Kick-starter at the edge is way more Visible than a Link in the Comments!GL
Player1Games  [autore] 27 feb, ore 14:04

Our Kickstarter is up! Support us! Help by pledging or sharing the page!
Player1Games  [autore] 17 feb, ore 14:19 
Hey everyone, apologies for the long silence! But the good news is, the project is far from dead.

We are currently seeking renew funding (50,000 dollars to be exact), and we are looking at individual investors as well as creating a Kickstarter campaign. Once the funding goal is achieved, the game will be finished and released within 6-8 months.

Also, check out our new site at
and our facebook at

Finally, our Kickstarter link will be up and available soon! just help us spread the word and build momentum!
Occisor 9 feb, ore 18:11 
Без версии для Linux не нужна.
Khmeli Suneli 7 feb, ore 19:44 
Congratulations, guys. I really have been following your project and now finally you have been approved. Waiting for other good news.
JT 7 feb, ore 12:54 
Is the demo oculus ready?
♣URFACESUKS♣ 7 feb, ore 2:48 
Well hope everything goes well best of luck
Shad0WeN 5 feb, ore 14:03 
I've had my eye on this for a long time now (since the inception of Greenlight?) and it's definitely a cool concept I would be interested in, but........

There have been no updates/news about this in over a year (including on their Facebook page), so, despite the fact that it has just been greenlit, for all I can tell the project may be dead, which would be a real shame :(
Steven Cojo 5 feb, ore 13:57 
I like teenage girls, that is a reason why I will probably get the game once it is released :D
The Total Package 3 feb, ore 16:05 
So freaking creepy.
agekbaten 28 gen, ore 9:04 
По виду неплохо.
А на практике... Посмотрим.
Плюсую игрушке
krazedlion 27 gen, ore 21:08 
Looks really good, but I don't like first person view
ColosusZerker 27 gen, ore 5:27 
outstanding. FINALLY. I feel like i've been through 100 greenlight games today and none of them were worth a shit. This game looks good, has a good, innovative mechanic, and an ACTUAL presentation, not just some screenshots of NOTHING. There's actually a game here. I'll vote for quality like this any day!
NoN141 26 gen, ore 3:25 
Khmeli Suneli 25 gen, ore 5:13 
Hey guys, any news on the project? Surprised that it is still not approved. One of their first games in the greenlight, I follow.
alan.gatica 24 gen, ore 18:48 
definently yes!
KaHoSc 23 gen, ore 12:16 
I wanna play this game all day long 4ever
Zerofox 12 gen, ore 13:20 
Yes. Need more brainwashed girls in horror games .yes yes and yes =)
Lunatic's Kitten 12 gen, ore 11:37 
I like spooky games like this. the visual quality is interesting too, adds to the nightmareish feel. Very cool, a definate yes.
Crulgius 8 gen, ore 6:12 
looks great especially when playing through the eyes of a child and puzzles seem become more complex as you progress, can't wait to play it.
HinderoxX 6 gen, ore 11:08 
cool game i voted yes certainly
Abyss_Walker 5 gen, ore 8:07 
Spoiler in the game description?
siegemaster1 30 dic 2013, ore 0:04 
looks to be a good game like the graphics game play looks good like to try a demo of this your got my yes
Trasant 29 dic 2013, ore 1:20 
This game looks nice but it seems pretty abandoned. Last update was more than a year ago. Also in their facebook...
zombiekraz41 28 dic 2013, ore 16:01 
Got my vote!
6RAY 21 dic 2013, ore 12:59 
WaZTugueS 19 dic 2013, ore 19:21 
[SPDR13]shortalay|LFPs Iron NA 16 dic 2013, ore 0:35 
Seeing the Demo got me excited, hearing your making a full fledged also free version has me dripping in testosterone! Just please tell me I can do a Let's Play of this when it comes out!
Insane Black Rock Shooter XP 8 dic 2013, ore 17:25 
steeve 5 dic 2013, ore 5:46 
looks interesting, you got my vote!!
ricardocasama 5 dic 2013, ore 1:32 
Please add spanish language.
Flying Gabriel 4 dic 2013, ore 16:27 
elGabito 4 dic 2013, ore 16:04 
Great Game
[F2P] Player 29 nov 2013, ore 2:10 
Haruwa 29 nov 2013, ore 1:54 
jonatan.rodolfo 26 nov 2013, ore 16:41 
can't wait
Johnny Strapony 12 nov 2013, ore 11:21 
както не очень.Как будто ктото слишком много употребил наркотиков перед созданием игры
innthesun 26 ott 2013, ore 22:18 
I'm in