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Благодарим Ви за помощта с избора тази игра да бъде чрез Steam. Още информация, включително и връзка към страницата в магазина, може да бъде намерена по-долу.

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Mr.Maestro 30 август 2014 в 10:20 следобед 
Vexen77 27 март 2014 в 2:54 следобед 
magikogaming  [автор] 27 март 2014 в 2:31 следобед 
@Vexen77: Launch price is 9.99$
Vexen77 27 март 2014 в 1:43 следобед 
any set price yet?
Vexen77 27 март 2014 в 1:43 следобед 
Sweet! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!
magikogaming  [автор] 27 март 2014 в 1:02 следобед 
Platformines will release tomorrow.
Thanks you very much, Greenlight community, and get ready to loot!!
Vexen77 12 март 2014 в 1:12 следобед 
Its only the truth!
magikogaming  [автор] 12 март 2014 в 12:57 следобед 
Thank you Vexen77 ;)
Vexen77 10 март 2014 в 12:16 следобед 
░░░░Add it now Valve!░░░
░░░░░░Because it's░░░░
░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀ ░░
░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█ ░░░░
░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀ ░░
Vexen77 9 март 2014 в 1:11 следобед 
looks almost like borderlands meets terraria!
Vexen77 9 март 2014 в 1:10 следобед 
magikogaming  [автор] 9 март 2014 в 9:43 сутринта 
We have a release date! The game is coming on March 28th! More info on the platformines website http://www.platformines.com/
Thanks again to everyone who helped us getting there, you made it happen!
Vexen77 7 март 2014 в 7:14 следобед 
Its march 2014! any day now...
seph 2 март 2014 в 1:03 следобед 
any new info when this is going to be out?
really looking forward to it :)
Calming Effect 8 февруари 2014 в 8:43 сутринта 
I agree, I am glad to see you have updated this, and are planning to release it soon
whoiii 18 януари 2014 в 2:47 следобед 
Good to hear thought you and this concept had gone into the great beyond.
magikogaming  [автор] 7 януари 2014 в 9:03 сутринта 
You're right, I've just updated the release date.
Vexen77 7 януари 2014 в 7:54 сутринта 
4th quarter of 2012? ITS 2014! it still has not come out
magikogaming  [автор] 7 януари 2014 в 5:04 сутринта 
No, there won't be some early access.
seph 6 януари 2014 в 10:56 сутринта 
is there going to be some early access on steam in near future?
Glory Hole Taco 6 януари 2014 в 10:40 сутринта 
Still looks great. I'm looking forward to checking it out whenever it is released. Developing a game is not a walk in the park.
-Tritian- 5 януари 2014 в 2:56 следобед 
thanks for the info, waited over a year, what is 2 more months heh
magikogaming  [автор] 5 януари 2014 в 9:23 сутринта 
The game will release in March. It will include Normal, unlockable Hardcore(harder) and unlockable Ironman(1 unique life) modes. Adaptation to Steam via Steamworks is in progress.
Stay tuned!
-Tritian- 5 януари 2014 в 3:00 сутринта 
been waiting forever for this to come out... can we get some updates please magiko?
Chopz 25 декември 2013 в 6:46 следобед 
Oh nice !
Levi 4 ноември 2013 в 5:09 следобед 
Just be patient man, its not like there isn't plenty of other games to play in the meantime. :)
Dohi64 4 ноември 2013 в 11:20 сутринта 
ok, just read on the forum that it'll last 'several months'. un-fuckin-believable...

how about releasing the game now, seeing as it is supposed to be complete, and adding steam features whenever they're done? I for one couldn't care less about achievements and badges, I'd like to play the game.

it's not that I don't have anything else to do, I just don't understand your behaviour, not until this point with your steam obsession and definitely not now with this bull about adding steam features while all you've been waiting for is to get on steam. but until then no game for anybody for several more months. great job...
Dohi64 4 ноември 2013 в 11:11 сутринта 
so you decided not to sell your finished(!) game _anywhere_ (gog, humble store, desura, your own website, etc.) for almost A YEAR because you've been waiting to get on steam and only steam for some unfathomable reason and you're starting to add steam features only now?

I'm very glad you got greenlit because it means people will actually be able to buy your product after all this time but this is unbelievable...

do you have any idea when the game will actually be released? is it gonna happen this year at least?
magikogaming  [автор] 4 ноември 2013 в 10:34 сутринта 
Thank you @all, it is such a great event for us: Platformines has finally been greenlit by the community!
We gonna start the final step of the development: Conform the game to Steam features (as leaderboards, achievements, badges, ...).
Stay tuned...
Giovi 31 октомври 2013 в 2:25 следобед 
FINALLY you get Greenlit!
rizaloo.kulianatosaro 30 октомври 2013 в 5:40 следобед 
There, you're greenlit! Now freakin' release the game!
Levi 29 октомври 2013 в 9:20 следобед 
Woo, grats on getting greenlit!
Juiner 22 октомври 2013 в 3:15 следобед 
Voted! Have a fantastic design!!!
cr4ug 17 октомври 2013 в 4:35 сутринта 
I think that its a funny game :)
Ozucchi 9 октомври 2013 в 4:09 следобед 
I would love this game to be on steam, i can finally play a nice 2D Shooter with badass looking characters again and me becoming the one who owns :D
dave 8 октомври 2013 в 3:58 следобед 
This seems pretty cool, make sure you don't fall down the Borderlands 2 hole and stretch it out so long it just seems like your getting a 1% upgrade every hour of gameplay. Keep it short and sweet, for example Portal 1 and 2 were perfect because the kept it fresh throughout the game but weren't missing anything.
Pr1zeee. 7 октомври 2013 в 7:55 сутринта 
Looks awesomeee
Drunken_Gandhi 26 септември 2013 в 3:00 сутринта 
This game is similar rogoue legacy with guns.
Awesome :).
mackey 11 септември 2013 в 1:31 сутринта 
This game looks awesome
mickiedahmer 9 септември 2013 в 7:57 следобед 
Some excellent potential within this game, as soon as it comes out I will be looking for some key parts such as smooth controls, interesting story or plot, and possibly multiplay. Good luck with the game guys!
class101 5 септември 2013 в 2:46 сутринта 
This game has been reviewed and added to the Procedurally generated games collection
Smannesman 1 септември 2013 в 8:12 сутринта 
Looks nice, but no co-op makes me a lot less interested. Interestingly enough three of the four games that influenced your design do have multiplayer.
dirtywhirlwind 28 август 2013 в 5:24 следобед 
Sad to see that this didn't make it in the big update today. What happened to the game though? Is it pretty much done and just waiting on Steam to greenlight it? I hope everything's alright.I haven't seen you on Steam for what seems like forever. :)
Allenspellwaver 28 август 2013 в 5:21 следобед 
Looks good. But it is so similar to Mercenary King.
Draino 21 август 2013 в 12:27 следобед 
Very cool
>L0nkΣyIsDankΣy(Fixing PC) 15 август 2013 в 8:27 сутринта 
it looks amazing with the graphics like tales of xillia
Calming Effect 14 август 2013 в 8:06 следобед 
Really sad that this game isn't looking to be released. Looking forward to release for a long time now. "Release Date: "Forth Quarter of 2012" It's already 4th quarter of 2013. no new release date has even been added.
ooktar 8 август 2013 в 4:29 следобед 
@morakdais I should note that regardless of what I've said, I really do like this game. I've spent hours just playing the beta alone and its quite fun and addictive. Which is why I've been so passionate about getting the developers to release it. I think this game could find a pretty good audience if the developer gave it a chance. It's just that from the way the developer has handled the game makes it seem like they don't care what happens to it.
morakdais 8 август 2013 в 12:07 следобед 
looks fun, but only negative things said about this. I saw this game before somewhere else a while ago. Also the trailer music just reminds me of catherine.
Tyler Zeta 7 август 2013 в 3:25 следобед 
one of their dev's posted this on a forum jun 28, 20012.

We havent got a release date yet, but seeing as we are at the final stage of developing the game, it shouldn't be too long before a release.

It's now august 7 2013 and still no release, i'm guessing that they are being lazy.