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La communauté a montré son intérêt pour ce jeu. Valve a contacté ce développeur afin de préparer la sortie de ce jeu sur Steam.

Dark Ocean
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GASPro14 30 août 2014 à 20h33 
no esta en steam
Bremswind 12 mai 2014 à 16h50 
Can't play it because of a black screen. Help!
Mariscal  [créateur] 28 avr 2014 à 15h18 
We just opened a discussion to hear what do you think about the game and get some feedback from you, we would love to see what people thinks about the demo we did and how to improve it :)
jejune1 21 avr 2014 à 18h33 
Will play it if right price. Fun!
Scrabby & Scooby Doo 19 avr 2014 à 22h06 
Great game. I will have it at once.
Kimmy 18 avr 2014 à 7h00 
seems like lara from TR :D
Sablicious 17 avr 2014 à 21h32 
Music's a tad too grandiose, but the game look alright.
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 17 avr 2014 à 0h41 
Congratulation Greenlit
Noris Nordberg 16 avr 2014 à 16h22 
It doen't look good in terms of graphics but who the hell cares? It looks and is extra fun. :D
BloodyRo 16 avr 2014 à 15h58 
Melix 15 avr 2014 à 9h39 
[BlackXS] 31 mar 2014 à 1h11 
I Love Horror Game's! Another reason for me not to sleep at night. Very nice.
Trey 30 mar 2014 à 4h37 
well, perhaps graphics is not the best part, but gameplay should be 10+ (as far as i can see it itsn't that perfect, yet) still vote yes
kkos 7 mar 2014 à 12h20 
looks ok
2ch 17 fév 2014 à 12h05 
I vote YES, but price should not be higher than $4.
AprilFX 13 fév 2014 à 16h11 
I don't care about the graphics i just love horror games. As long as they are scary count me in.
Hesurka 24 jan 2014 à 10h27 
Orbister 11 jan 2014 à 19h02 
The Adventures of Mara Kroft in the 90s low polycount games VS the zombies...
Darkon343 8 jan 2014 à 23h52 
This looks pretty good
Luka Magnotta 5 jan 2014 à 20h53 
This game looks fun as hell!
Artesia 5 jan 2014 à 19h20 
This is listed as horror because of game's graphics quality , I take it?
Bach 20 déc 2013 à 12h48 
Yeah, the game needs some improvements but I'm still upvoting, this has potential.
Doot 11 déc 2013 à 12h11 
After actually playing the game I have to say no, flat out. The enemies become randomly immune to attacks, the camera flash is annoying and takes away from the already less then fantastic atmosphere and the game looks awful to me. I'm ok with less graphicly intense games, pixels, cube art, etc. but this just had very ugly textures and a very unfinished look to the entire game. I didn't find it very enjoyable, the zombies or whatever they are become extremely annoying making the exact same grunting attack sound over and over again while your character makes some deep, animal grunt every time she is hit. Being slammed into a corner and unable to press a button because the interface is so poor just makes you quit the game. Death was the sweetest thing I could do for the poor, hideous creature that I was playing. Her skin reminds me of the texture you see on your undead character in Dark Souls but less refined.
MuSa 12 nov 2013 à 1h33 
Muy interesante este juego de horror, si sigue asi creo que lo compraria.
Jontron's Hot Valentines Day 27 oct 2013 à 12h00 
cry played this you can put his video on this or something also this could use co-op like the person below said and it needs some jumpscares
[RBC] Striker 9 oct 2013 à 10h45 
it could use co op :/
ninjawarrior 7 oct 2013 à 12h53 
При всей убогости графики, более качествеооно подошли разрабы к гемлею и атмосферности - стоит попробовать.
04#Captain: Unohana Retsu 22 sept 2013 à 2h54 
Инересненько, думаю стоит попробовать
❀Sakura #Luv Me 16 août 2013 à 21h45 
javi ib 420 31 juil 2013 à 15h06 
esta bien
The Captain01 29 juil 2013 à 17h11 
yeaahh.. downloaded the game, and it aint so good..
shawn_antoine_turner 13 juil 2013 à 0h29 
my kind of game needs to be on steam
DeadlyDoRight 6 juil 2013 à 14h17 
Downloaded it and played it already. Game is low grade in quality and not worth paying for.
Unless they vastly improve it. Otherwise it remains what it is, a shoddy cheap quality production.
The gameplay is crappy also. Half the time I couldn't even access my weapon to use.
The controls in the game leave a lot to be desired.
I've taken back my vote for this to be on Steam.
wrophoenix 27 juin 2013 à 10h47 
I like the atmosphere of the game, it's not just bloody rooms.
kisukesis 18 juin 2013 à 1h03 
Сюжет не плохой;D
OneTrueSaxon 1 juin 2013 à 18h09 
Looks like my kind of game... Gets my vote.
=DiG= Dragged & Chopped 28 mai 2013 à 2h17 
Music is way too epic, but I fell the game.
[FroYo]PfC redgamer8 13 mai 2013 à 4h48 
It looks okay. Like some other people said it needs polish.
Dbomb 11 mai 2013 à 12h50 
Cool concept.
andy1236_7 14 avr 2013 à 18h53 
yes i would get the game
H0RR0R B0Y 5 avr 2013 à 3h23 
Combat needs a lot of work but definitely has potential.
Grognard_87 2 avr 2013 à 11h10 
Have to say, I'm very interested in wanting to see exactly what's going on here.
Byte01 1 avr 2013 à 1h21 
I really don't want to see another horror adventure game in the next 50 years. Yawn!
Bach 29 mar 2013 à 15h12 
we need more horror games like this!
Ty 25 mar 2013 à 20h41 
What in the low polygonal hell
Terry Needham 21 mar 2013 à 1h44 
Looks like a classic survival horror from the PS1/PS2 days. I'm in!
Chebz 18 mar 2013 à 16h27 
that music for the trailer just doesn't work. Also trailer itself could use a lot of improvement and polish.
drkl0rd2000 10 mar 2013 à 17h21 
The game is a novel idea, interesting concept but missing a lot of polish. No Keyboard mapping, choppy animations. With a little more work this could give many mainstream titles a run for their money. I voted yess because if Aliens Colonial Marines is selling on steam this title has much higher production values than ACM and should be on there instead of that.
Seaspite 5 mar 2013 à 20h30 
Given recent events a horror game on a cruise ship is pretty believable.... Upvoted :)
Outlanderz 1 mar 2013 à 17h54 
hope it can bring me back to the world of survival horror...