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Tagalas 10 кві о 5:45am 
iam a Fan of David Brabens Elite and the Game looks awesome
XtremXK 8 кві о 11:03am 
It looks really awesome
Lord'Pvt.Vincent 23 бер о 5:21pm 
Please add this! It looks so great!
frozenflame 14 бер о 4:14pm 
Looks good. bonus points for epic trailer music ^w^
-\AAA/- blubleeder 5 бер о 9:46am 
hmm, this looks very similar to freelancer..!! which i like very much.. wanted a part 2.. this could be it..! :)
its got all the makings of a great space game..!! please make it keyboard and mouse friendly..! not too sensitive either..! :)
love the lighting...!! can use the original game.. freelancer as reference..!! :)
looking forward to seeing this on steam... got my vote :)
Be2maru248 22 лют о 2:26am 
I am a Japanese. Please support Japanese.
krazedlion 12 лют о 7:08pm 
Game looks awesome, but wheres the gameplay video?
amazing0 29 січ о 12:33am 
this game is looking good. Green Lighted
Mefistofel 22 січ о 10:33am 
Все хорошо, плюсанул, но где, где же тени от планет?
erdima 22 січ о 7:15am 
Эпическая задумка. Если при всех обещанных возможностях будет глубокий и интересный сюжет, результат тоже будет эпическим.
Kordalis 17 січ о 11:25am 
Идея очень хороша. Думаю, что когда игра будет завершена, она будет интересна.
Zyous 15 січ о 3:48pm 
looks, sounds, smells <_< AMAZING
$ourly ( っ ‘๐’)つ 13 січ о 10:03pm 
Nice. Ich liebe solche Spiele. Ich hoffe doch sehr, dass es an Freelancer anknöpfen kann. ;)
Acmaar 24 гру 2013 о 3:48am 
Этому чуду место на мобильных платформах, причём средней ценовой категории. Не на ПК.
JHodgy 22 гру 2013 о 2:44pm 
Great game on mobile, would love it on PC!
zemor3067 15 гру 2013 о 3:32pm 
It would be nice to have a game in which you can explore space, so i hope you make it happen. I would pay for it.
Samedizombie 8 гру 2013 о 3:45am 
Don't like the look of the 3rd person ship view. Out of the cockpit is ther only way.
Nude-Muse 1 гру 2013 о 6:59am 
Hopefully this will be as good as to play as Elite was in the old days.
semicom 11 лис 2013 о 1:07am 
Open space. Yes x3. Steam and I needs this game. Tablet is so small and I dont like watch my fingers
Drakken 7 лис 2013 о 5:04am 
some ships are remembering Peter Elson ships and the docking is remembering me Elite2
Drakken 7 лис 2013 о 5:03am 
clearly an intersting game !
added to must buy.
SataniCow 1 лис 2013 о 4:01am 
Why isnt this Greenlit yet?
jamesreynolds1981 31 жов 2013 о 9:27pm 
I like this game. It is so close to being eve online but without pvp so if you are a eve player you will love this. One thing that is missing in a preview of the ship you want to buy a nice 3D pic of the ships you are looking at. I would buy this off steam when it comes available.
makklay 31 жов 2013 о 7:30am 
Love the game about space
Em3rson 27 жов 2013 о 8:57am 
An "Yes" and we have the portuguese language?
Beef Rice Pepper 14 жов 2013 о 7:41am 
Voted. Awesome game..Bought from GamersGate.
Nagyi aki kondiba jár:) 10 жов 2013 о 11:13am 
Nem tetszik.
brodyga08 8 жов 2013 о 12:27am 
Элита фронтиер была супер надеюсь что эта тоже будет такой еще не видел не одного масшабного космосима
Braxuss 3 жов 2013 о 4:39pm 
It's not working correctly on my ipad the screen is too big and menus are cut off
Drako Remus 23 вер 2013 о 4:41pm 
I have this game on my tablet its awsome hope it makes it to steam.
Rymorp 13 вер 2013 о 4:49pm 
Great game. I would love to see it on Steam.
hezekiah-angel 4 вер 2013 о 5:32am 
U guys [BinaryHelix] have made a very very good game.I vote yes yes yeeees.
Bransor 24 сер 2013 о 8:03am 
I'm interested in space games like this. There isn't enough of them out there.
ashurakain 15 сер 2013 о 10:40pm 
cool... looks like a single player version of EVE... voting and following
フランク ☺ 15 сер 2013 о 6:50am 
irepdabub 11 сер 2013 о 1:03am 
When i type in dangerous in steam greenlight it doesnt even come up i have to find it in my voted for Tab + it says its available now why the hell can't i find it? D:
Caldari Ghost 9 сер 2013 о 5:16am 
jesus is a space pilot? figures he would be the type to hog all the sci-fi stuff and leave humanity scrambling in the dirt.
syky_finisher 2 сер 2013 о 7:41am 
Great Soundtrack!!!
OneTrueSaxon 1 сер 2013 о 7:47pm 
This sounds very interesting, gets my vote.
njhvfpp 30 чер 2013 о 1:40am 
априу сенаи лу
Died Again 26 чер 2013 о 11:16pm 
looks cool
Professer 26 чер 2013 о 8:37pm 
romance and mini-game are integral

I better be able to be gay if I have to have a romance in this awesome sounding sandbox
Psychoschuetze 18 чер 2013 о 2:55am 
Dangerous is still on "Finest Selection, Ultimate Top 100 Greenlight Collection":

Further there is an insane cool Game Development Kit out there on Kickstarter:
Hope they will add full HL / HL2 mod conversion as a stretch goal :)
Serb 7 чер 2013 о 12:45pm 
Star Lancer, is it you?
John Shepard 5 чер 2013 о 12:11am 
Sort of looks like Dark Star one, and from the description reminds me of EVE, but since is single player I am more interested in it :P.
KDR_11k 1 чер 2013 о 6:27am 
Sheesh, the Gamersgate version includes translations that are completely unintelligible. This game really needs a language selector because the automatic translation that's included mangles any semblance of meaning out of the text. And the few bits that can be understood just kill the atmosphere completely unless I'm to assume that all characters had their speech center surgically removed from their brains and are now spouting word salad. Even basic functions get mistranslated (load -> heavy weight, undock -> leave the train station)
akkom 30 тра 2013 о 4:23pm 
Waiting for further development of this game. Though ME4 release date is too far.
=DiG= Dragged & Chopped 28 тра 2013 о 2:25am 
dull artwork though
ryans.99 18 тра 2013 о 5:26pm 
played on ipad.
good job
Overfiend_87 11 тра 2013 о 4:59am 
Isn't Binary Helix a leader in the fields of genetic engineering and biotechnology in Mass Effect...huh. Never know they made games too.

Also this game reminds me a lot of the upcoming Elite: Dangerous game that's in production.