Ce jeu a été Greenlighté par la communauté !

La communauté a montré son intérêt pour ce jeu. Valve a contacté ce développeur afin de préparer la sortie de ce jeu sur Steam.

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234 commentaires
Scraken 4 nov 2015 à 18h58 
Voted. Dubloon brought me to here. You have yourself to thank for that.
Omegajuriko♐ 1 avr 2015 à 7h52 
If you're not sure about this game, try the Dev's other project!
Blackthorne 16 déc 2014 à 23h11 
You DO realise I'm now going to have that song stuck in my brain until this gets released, right? ;-) This looks like great fun - voted and following for updates. All the best!
xSMWHOREx 27 nov 2014 à 12h13 
Xintract 12 nov 2014 à 9h11 
Looks really cool
Slayer 9 nov 2014 à 8h00 
Great game. Hope it gets to steam.
Alex Row 8 nov 2014 à 5h09 
Voted, good luck.
Norbez 3 nov 2014 à 2h12 
Voted. Good luck!
THE_MAN 1 nov 2014 à 3h59 
danalyze 1 nov 2014 à 0h50 
Awesome game!Voted and bought it through Groupees's Remute's Rewind Your Mind Bundle.Best wishes!
Davey Darko 31 oct 2014 à 21h27 
Please consider a Linux port for us penguins. :)
Kentalis 31 oct 2014 à 13h11 
nice haha
Spoopy Goost 31 oct 2014 à 9h57 
Voted. Really hope it gets greenlit! :D
Eqnx8TH 31 oct 2014 à 8h50 
Spanish traslate, please!
TIM 31 oct 2014 à 5h14 
OMEGAMI 31 oct 2014 à 0h26 
hoox_om 30 oct 2014 à 20h09 
Voted and Bought Groupees's Remute 3 Bundle
Mystica 30 oct 2014 à 16h51 
kelicottia 30 oct 2014 à 14h22 
Luk 30 oct 2014 à 13h37 
voted, good luck, cheers
Krazedlion 30 oct 2014 à 13h13 
Bought it in Groupees Remute's Rewind Your Mind Bundle, Good luck!
Lord_Wicki 30 oct 2014 à 8h53 
Look pretty good, feel free to contact Who's Gaming Now?! if you want it to be on our Twitch Stream Team. www.whosgamingnow.com
jecal88 30 oct 2014 à 5h03 
Is this rogue-like?
spaceovermind 21 oct 2014 à 10h29 
Looks pretty awesome,i don't know why.Voted!
Clover.exe 9 oct 2014 à 2h04 
This looks insane in the kind of way that makes me very intrigued.... Cant say I 100% know what is going on, but I would be happy to try and find out.
10/10 though purely for the remixed ghostbuster theme used in the trailer
MadScientist 13 sept 2014 à 10h02 
This looks positively intriguing. I don't think there are that many RPG's in a contemporary setting, let alone one that does away with grinding and other fillers. Say, have you considered putting this on a mobile platform?
Defilum 24 août 2014 à 16h57 
OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have no idea why, but it looks pretty fricken awesome!
Irene the Henherd 2 août 2014 à 14h15 
This looks like a lot of fun. :)
24 juil 2014 à 6h51 
v4victory501 20 juil 2014 à 18h36 
Voted and bought it from IndieGameStand...enjoying the game...TY !
GameDemonKing 20 juil 2014 à 8h54 
Johnnyzwei 1 juil 2014 à 3h19 
I wonder if this'll get greenlit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed
Hölmb 8 juin 2014 à 17h46 
Here is some gameplay if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fmc5FXUZjcE
KriegerZeta 26 mai 2014 à 19h56 
What an interesting game. It does reminds me of both Homestuck and the Wild Arms series. Can't wait to play it. :)
EdgeOfTheBoom 25 mai 2014 à 18h53 
I need this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EdgeOfTheBoom 25 mai 2014 à 18h52 
I really want to see this on steam because i played the demo today and made it to the end of the demo in 15 minutes. I'm really interested in the game and i want to see what happens next!(I want to find all the friends!)
AJ the Pilot 17 mai 2014 à 13h17 
i would like to see this game
dudeburst8 4 mai 2014 à 19h29 
I first learned of this game about 3 years ago (before I even knew about Steam) and had completely forgotten about it until just tonight when I purchased a more recent game from the same developer. Phantasmaburbia is a fantastic game. Three years ago when I played the demo I had an utterly fantastic time as I enjoyed a light but unique story and some etremely entertaining gameplay. I tried to spread the word around youtube for about a month, but the demo had been the only thing out then. I genuinely enjoyed this game and think it absolutely deserves a spot amongst Steam's Indie games section, it's certainly been waiting long enough.
ionutudor2012 16 avr 2014 à 2h30 
Shadow 8 avr 2014 à 16h38 
if we want it greenlit, we should probably go share this on Facebook, Twitter, and various game site forums.
Turbanmaster™ 2 avr 2014 à 11h05 
I need this game.(it reminds me of some other rpg that i won't name)
SilverHawk 17 mar 2014 à 10h11 
I am so going to get this when it gets green lit. Also I love the ghost busters remix in the first video I wouldn't mind being able to purchase that for a little bit to play on my mp 3 player either xD.
Nyles Locke 16 mar 2014 à 11h45 
ok i'm not going to lie, if this ever gets released im so buying it. it reminds me a lot of homestuck as gibus mentioned, but also with a bit of scott pilgrim so heck yeah i'm voting yes for this
Gutbuster McNutbuster 15 mar 2014 à 15h08 
This reminds me a lot of Homestuck.
One8ight7even 7 mar 2014 à 17h53 
This game had me at its Theme-Song.
R.I.P. Harold Ramis
Victory Forge Games™ 28 jan 2014 à 11h22 
Nice! Upvoted.
nujuat 24 jan 2014 à 3h22 
I remember my friend ICMX was excited about this ages ago - I hope it gets released here!
Shadow 20 jan 2014 à 16h32 
i think we need to be advetrising this again considering Steam has laxed the requirements somewhat since this was originally put on Greenlight.
Spell Craft 10 jan 2014 à 7h28 
Reminds me of Earthbound in a good way