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A Hat in Time
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the MAGICAL hobo 3 timmar sedan 
waiting :)
Lieutenant Fichina 22 apr @ 3:49am 
This is going to be SO much fun!
Looks amazing, do want
pizzapatrick 21 apr @ 8:03am 
I want this so bad.
neb1600 19 apr @ 2:50pm 
cant wait
does anyone know when its going to be out?
SlyCooper 19 apr @ 12:07pm 
Love it
Toot42 16 apr @ 11:19am 
This looks super awesome!
Mütze 15 apr @ 2:38am 
A N64 like collectathon with voiceovers from Jon, Ego and many more...this gonna be guuuuud, and Kirkhope musc <3
truegamer95 6 apr @ 12:24am 
yay a fun looking collectathon
ShonenX 1 apr @ 5:27am 
I want this game so bad, It looks so unique and creative for a platformer these days. Not to mention it has voice work from some of my favorite internet celebrities like Team Fourstar, good stuff.
Batou 31 mar @ 6:43pm 
Looks amazing, could be a huge hit especially as pc lacks in general 3d platformers in banjo kazooie / mario 64 style.
[T.P.F.T]Dorkly 30 mar @ 3:40pm 
2 Words Hat Kid And Mustache Kid (ik its 4 But it still counts M'Kay)
Sigsig 28 mar @ 11:28am 
Hat kid is best kid
Undr 27 mar @ 2:14pm 
As much as I want this game, like, right this instant... I think I'm going to wait to see if there is a Wii U release. Something about encouraging Nintendo to go back to it's 3D roots might just be the kick in the pants they need. Especially since if anyone can revive the collectathon genre, it's Nintendo.

Secondly, there are so many names tied to this that the gaming community already embrace dearly. I really feel this is the "next indie title" that's going to turn people's heads.
Glaadbag 23 mar @ 10:37pm 
This game reminds me of Psychonauts!!! sorta....
Molinden 23 mar @ 7:55am 
J'ai vraiment l'impression de revoir mes bons vieux jeux de plateforme 3D, et ça me tente drolement
Marco 23 mar @ 6:56am 
The game looks amazing, i need it! The soundtrack really reminds Banjo Kazooie. Release the game on Wii U and Steam would be perfect. Great job!
carue 21 mar @ 5:19pm 
im happy keep working on it
Bunnyrabbit 21 mar @ 1:18pm 
YAY Kirpdope is gonna compose again :D
Ultimate Sniper 16 mar @ 10:32am 
We need this
Link76 16 mar @ 1:21am 
we need this in Wii U too
ThePCMadning 15 mar @ 3:49am 
Lol, looks AWSOME!!! XD
[DyF3] amigosan 14 mar @ 8:08pm 
omg I want this game !!! It looks like a AAA game like mario or something like that in term of graphics... And the gameplay is as far as I see VERY FUNNY ! I WANT THE FINAL GAME RIGHT NOW
Bloodrealm 11 mar @ 5:53pm 
Fun Fact: Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi is the Voice Director for this game.
($420$) xXFaze PopachopXx 9 mar @ 11:17pm 
Mafia town's music is VERY similar to animal crossings music (this is not a bad thing if anything its good!)
Cd!zzl3' 9 mar @ 7:25pm 
Apple Pie 7 mar @ 11:03pm 
Can't wait til it's released on Steam!
shit 6 mar @ 8:12pm 
Additional Motivation:

This game has voice work by JonTron in it.

You may now change your panties.
vindurza 5 mar @ 7:43pm 
I really wish I could pledge a little money to this game sadly I am broke I'll be looking forward to it though
.:JARATE:. 3 mar @ 3:58am 
That Haunted House tho D:
Dang, I wanna try this out, but I'm just a peasant T___T
El Brayo 1 mar @ 7:47am 
I want to play it
The Beast of Aaaarrrrggghhh! 28 feb @ 10:42am 
this looks awesome
Womrgalore 26 feb @ 11:33pm 
It should be on a Nintendo console because it's based off of the games made for a previous Nintendo console.
MyDarkAssassin 26 feb @ 2:22pm 
could you guys put the game out on consle too? cuz i wanna play it on my ps3 and/or xbox
HGX - Flameburst225 25 feb @ 7:21pm 
God Damn! The Halloween Update Vid killed it for me. I hate parts of games that have the kind of aspects. Which is why I've never been able to beat the entire 1st Paper Mario Game by myself. I need a friend to come over, and have him go through the part ._.
whiskers 25 feb @ 5:45pm 
jens.tassile 24 feb @ 10:12am 
It looks great i want to play it right now!
MudkipMedic 23 feb @ 10:51am 
Although, judging by the system requirements, I might be able to play it on the lowest settings.
MudkipMedic 23 feb @ 10:50am 
Hoping it comes to Wii U, my desktop sucks
Creyne 22 feb @ 9:33am 
Oh, I forgot that it would be great to see a music themed chapter if it is possible.
Creyne 22 feb @ 6:05am 
It looks amazing can't wait to play it!
unosturgis 21 feb @ 9:42pm 
This game is gonna be SWEET
cumberbitch5lyfe 21 feb @ 6:09am 
Can't wait for this, it looks amazing! The art style kinda reminds me of the legend of zelda: wind waker.
MulVuhNay 21 feb @ 5:55am 
This game looks so amazing. I've been waiting for this to come out since it was pretty much annouced. I cannot wait for it to launch! Plus, music done by Grant Kirkhope mixed with how lovely it looks, is going to be fantastic!
aBomberZ 21 feb @ 3:39am 
I watched Cosmowright (co-founder of SRL) play this on today. Very, very good game.. looks very runnable/resetable. Kappa b
Sigsig 20 feb @ 9:38pm 
Please release this game I think I will kill myself waiting
PAYPAL PRIVACY POLICY 20 feb @ 7:25pm 
Fantastic game, thanks devs.
cant wait for this awesome game to be released!
tohaki 15 feb @ 12:06pm 
well no duh!!
Jelly Roll 12 feb @ 1:47pm 
Will I be able to run this on my mac?