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A Hat in Time
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Casual Gamer 3 nov @ 2:43pm 
does the game run on linux?
Spartan333 31 okt @ 5:59pm 
if mustache girl is the main villain, heres an idea for how she gets defeated: hat kid sends her through a hole in space and time and she is stuck in limbo forever.
gamerdud3 14 okt @ 5:27am 
Just bought the beta (from the deluxe edition on the website) but the game isn't letting me past the any key to start screen can anybody help?
Habboi  [skapare] 1 okt @ 7:41am 
Hey dudes! We update almost weekly on our Twitter and Facebook pages at:
Make sure to check those out to see what we're up to! :D
Yon 29 sep @ 12:02pm 
"Release date: When it's done" Ok, the offspring of Duke Nukem Forever is here.
gamerdud3 28 sep @ 5:21pm 
Can't wait for this to come out because sometime soon i'm buying the deluxe edition on the website meaning i'm gonna get the beta
SereneFlight 6 sep @ 4:56am 
Yes! All of this! In my face!
Fritter ツ 27 aug @ 6:00pm 
This game makes me hard
twsalan 27 aug @ 11:14am 
when some finds out when this game is gonna be on steam... TELL ME!
ClapTrapObama 25 aug @ 2:12pm 
the game is almost done it seems like... I CANT WAIT!!!!!!
GamingOfFabi 24 aug @ 5:25pm 
This game is so Awesome! This game looks like Banjo Kazooe, Super Mario 64 and Zelda Wind Waker. I'm looking forward to the game!
jaguar927 16 aug @ 5:32am 
does this game remind anyone else of windwaker?
comic sans 12 aug @ 9:15pm 
I remember when this was supposed to come out in the summer of 2014. Sigh.
Nintenguy0 10 aug @ 7:09pm 
Hype is still going, can't wait c:
An Original Name 3 aug @ 7:05pm 

make this now
Skindiacus 29 jul @ 8:51pm 
Looking forward to it.
bloody.albatross 19 jul @ 10:40am 
Please also release it for Linux/Steam OS!
Kalysko 16 jul @ 11:40am 
My loins are trembling.
OmegaSanta89 13 jul @ 12:18pm 
So when will this game be released, and will there be a Wii U version release, or is it just PC and Mac only?
bananealm 12 jul @ 12:09pm 
@Yon @ツJuiceツ On top of that I'm pretty sure they're almost getting into the polishing stages of the game's development. You could probably expect this to be out sometime between late 2015 - mid 2016
Juiceh 9 jul @ 12:52pm 
@Yon, give them time. It's better they spend all the time they need to develop the game, instead of rushing it.
Yon 2 jul @ 2:08am 
Hey devs, sorry, but you're taking way too much to develop A Hat in Time. This has been announced in 2012, we're middle 2015 and there's no official release date yet.
Habboi  [skapare] 1 jul @ 6:29am 
Hey dudes! We update almost weekly on our Twitter and Facebook pages at:
Make sure to check those out to see what we're up to! :D
[C69] InhumanThree1 12 jun @ 3:07pm 
pls fx advancd wepnize
Yoshifan51 6 jun @ 5:51pm 
is this still coming out?
The horny pastry puffer 31 maj @ 4:36pm 
jontron is in it 10/10 best cod
Darkneko and Vexy 29 maj @ 9:39am 
Hi!My name is Christina Migliara and here my youtube channel where i vlog about video games and anime: I am writing to you to ask if i can have review copy on your game? To promote your stuff

ALI=3NS 19 maj @ 4:05am 
Brutalmoose brought me here.
Cpt. Snivy 13 maj @ 11:32am 
cant wait for this (from what i seen, AWSOME job!)
Onemoreslice 4 maj @ 5:54pm 
This looks like a really fun game. Can't wait
pyropeper 2 maj @ 12:38pm 
how do i subscribe to this???????
revolverlover 30 apr @ 9:41pm 
game pls...
Fezbones 22 apr @ 2:34am 
if you look to the right it says co-op
jestercard 20 apr @ 6:42pm 
Please... When will this game come out? I've been dying to play it! I haven't played a good fully-opened 3D Platformer since Banjo-Kazooie.
thesecuritycamel 18 apr @ 2:12pm 
So... is there coop? like in the trailer?
Eli Frost 3 apr @ 5:38pm 
i cant wait for this game im so fucking pumped for it!!!
virtualvision 16 mar @ 9:48am 
hey guys i know you want to play this but the prototype was made on thier free time which means they were not paid cut them some ******* slack
TheGameCreator13 14 mar @ 6:15pm 
ugg tis gam is takn 4EVER!!!1 y do gams tak time an efort i dom car I WNT IT NOW!!!!!!!!11

... *facepalm*...
Yon 10 mar @ 9:05pm 
When you devs are going to announce a release data for it?
bananealm 6 mar @ 10:26am 
Hey guys guess what! The Beta comes out tomorrow! :D
DOODLEC0M 3 mar @ 7:34am 
Habboi  [skapare] 25 feb @ 12:30pm 
Hey dudes! We update almost weekly on our Twitter and Facebook pages at:
Make sure to check those out to see what we're up to! :D
Mrs. Kennedy 19 feb @ 10:22pm 
Still waiting for this game...
ShiicKoPudú 17 feb @ 3:31pm 
nickoliy 16 feb @ 11:13pm 
its not dead
Vancouver 16 feb @ 7:29pm 
Fisticuff Mcbuff 1 feb @ 9:21pm 
Looks really good! Can't wait