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A Hat in Time
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roxy 4 perce 
i hope this comes out soon it looks like a great game!!
tiger_mace36 aug. 30. @ de. 6:11 
Havent played a fun platformer in a long time this is great!
Sir Tobias aug. 28. @ du. 2:36 
'-' so well made... it clearly shows the love from the development team.
Guy with Glasses aug. 27. @ du. 8:49 
So its banjo kazooie, mario 64, wind waker, donkey kong 64, and mario sunshine ? Im sold.
Sigsig aug. 23. @ de. 11:13 
Hat kid is best kid
Snow aug. 23. @ de. 3:51 
This is Indeed a wonderful looking game.
Professor Layton aug. 22. @ de. 7:16 
I must say, even a true gentleman should approve of her hat, wouldn't you agree?
RaPtUrA aug. 21. @ du. 7:36 
Can't wait for that game :D

There are way to little Collect-a-thons / 3d platformer on Steam :(
Phoenix aug. 21. @ de. 8:43 
WhenYouGoWestCallMe aug. 19. @ du. 2:27 
When is it releasing?
[GURL] xXAsHleyXx aug. 19. @ du. 1:17 
can't wait to have this
Game Unit aug. 19. @ de. 8:53 
I'm glad brutalmoose showed this game on his channel, and im really looking forward to it.
The King of Australia aug. 18. @ du. 1:03 
LoliGaggingMolly aug. 15. @ du. 1:59 
I can't wait until this game is done. The moment I saw this game I instantly fell in love with it.
Yon aug. 15. @ de. 12:32 
"When it's done". Okay, that means it'll only come in 2022.
JokerJay779 aug. 11. @ du. 1:19 
When is this marvelous game gonna come out?
Solid Spy aug. 10. @ du. 5:53 
I'm glad a collectathon is finally being made. The gamers of the n64 era were damned while the nes/snes era gamers got all the new super mario bros games and zelda. I'm so grateful for this thank you guys ^^!
trollmaster aug. 9. @ du. 5:52 
this game is a mix with all the classics n64 games we all know and love and gives it great platforming amazing level designs fun mechanics and gives us the controls with a keyboard rather than what the n64 gave us i cant wait for this game to be fully realeased it seems great
2709batman aug. 8. @ du. 2:48 
thank you moosey.
Dish0ut aug. 5. @ de. 10:45 
This game looks like Super Mario Sunshine on Super Mario 64 Brand Steroids. And I love it.
Esteban aug. 3. @ du. 2:04 
I want it on Wii U ! :D
.:: FPF ::. | Foxy Crystal aug. 2. @ de. 1:20 
This game seens to be great , counting day to get it ! <3
mistermoomoo aug. 1. @ de. 7:23 
Wii U? Please? If bloody Ittle Dew can get on Wii U you guys can, too.
Camdroid júl. 30. @ du. 1:09 
Just from listening to the music in the trailer I'm sold, also it's art style reminds me of windwaker and I loved that game.....Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want
DR. OKTOBERFEST (YOUR SENPAI) júl. 29. @ de. 9:13 
YEAH! A real platformer game, like in the old days ^^ Can't wait for it!
The LumberShaq júl. 27. @ du. 3:13 
i fucking love super mario bros 2 for the nintendo dreamcast
MORN V2 júl. 24. @ du. 9:40 
Love the references to majora's mask in the subcon forest
Overlord of the Shreks júl. 23. @ de. 10:52 
I'm exited for this project. A 3-D Collect-a-Thon, Beautiful graphics, and a soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope!? I'm Stoked!
Xiankua júl. 18. @ du. 10:46 
Favorited because of an endorsment from Game Exchange. Subcon Forest looks absolutely stunning. I can't wait to play this game once it's completed.
Alguien júl. 18. @ du. 12:19 
Mutton Cops júl. 18. @ de. 11:41 
banjo kazooie and simliar n64 platformers charmed my childhood, I can't wait for this adventure!
Sylerais júl. 17. @ du. 9:16 
This game is so nostalgic, cant wait for it to be on steam.
Minoru Leonardo júl. 16. @ de. 8:42 
"987% funded"
Seth the mad knight júl. 15. @ du. 3:34 
want want want want want
Antonio Stella bottom tile júl. 14. @ du. 6:05 
gamzf0fun júl. 13. @ du. 8:08 
NukeArmy SirCrazyPenguin júl. 9. @ du. 6:04 
i want to buy this SO MUCH once it comes out im getting it
Rotton júl. 9. @ du. 2:12 
So Slug was like... "I'm fucking bored of my famous ass TF2 server, lemme bring the magic of LOZ:WW to pc with some Mario stuff." >3 Years later< "OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?! PEOPLE ARE JIZZING AND PISSING THEIR PANTS!"
Ser júl. 9. @ du. 1:39 
It looks funny, the art reminds me of Windwaker. Can't wait.
Dealrogers júl. 7. @ du. 9:32 
I'll pre order it when it appears in the store... I have a good feeling it will be a great game.
Da Scoot júl. 7. @ de. 11:50 
shut up and take my money
explosionsexplosions júl. 5. @ du. 12:35 
is this still happening?
Tails the 2Tailed Fox júl. 4. @ du. 12:21 
Why has this not yet have a Store Page D:
Natsu The DragonSlayer júl. 4. @ de. 12:48 
It will be released it's been a while since we don't have updates I'm a little nervous about htat... :(
Jizzbot jún. 30. @ du. 6:14 
The art style reminds me of the Wind Waker (More perhaps the original GameCube version)
Cyaniiide jún. 30. @ du. 4:36 

and does somebody knows when this comes out I've done my research and I've seen nothing! :)
[BTK] Recoherent the Jaffa Cake jún. 29. @ du. 3:37 
awesome. got here after looking at game theorie's thing on this. i would play this. :D i love SM64, ocarina of time, and the likes. :D
Wlaad jún. 25. @ de. 8:16 
Same thing than guys below :D
Scorchy jún. 21. @ de. 8:42 
I'd really buy that, seems amazing!
bloody.albatross jún. 20. @ du. 7:02 
Looks promising. I'll buy it if it's released for Linux/Steam OS.