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A Hat in Time
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WhenYouGoWestCallMe Il y a 22 heures 
When is it releasing?
Yugi Moto Il y a 23 heures 
can't wait to have this
MundaneDonkey 19 août à 8h53 
I'm glad brutalmoose showed this game on his channel, and im really looking forward to it.
The King of Australia 18 août à 13h03 
LoliGaggingMolly 15 août à 13h59 
I can't wait until this game is done. The moment I saw this game I instantly fell in love with it.
Yon 15 août à 0h32 
"When it's done". Okay, that means it'll only come in 2022.
JokerJay779 11 août à 13h19 
When is this marvelous game gonna come out?
Solid Spy 10 août à 17h53 
I'm glad a collectathon is finally being made. The gamers of the n64 era were damned while the nes/snes era gamers got all the new super mario bros games and zelda. I'm so grateful for this thank you guys ^^!
trollmaster 9 août à 17h52 
this game is a mix with all the classics n64 games we all know and love and gives it great platforming amazing level designs fun mechanics and gives us the controls with a keyboard rather than what the n64 gave us i cant wait for this game to be fully realeased it seems great
2709batman 8 août à 14h48 
thank you moosey.
Dish0ut 5 août à 10h45 
This game looks like Super Mario Sunshine on Super Mario 64 Brand Steroids. And I love it.
Esteban 3 août à 14h04 
I want it on Wii U ! :D
.:: FPF ::. | Foxy Crystal 2 août à 1h20 
This game seens to be great , counting day to get it ! <3
mistermoomoo 1 août à 7h23 
Wii U? Please? If bloody Ittle Dew can get on Wii U you guys can, too.
Camdroid 30 juil à 13h09 
Just from listening to the music in the trailer I'm sold, also it's art style reminds me of windwaker and I loved that game.....Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want
YEAH! A real platformer game, like in the old days ^^ Can't wait for it!
The LumberShaq 27 juil à 15h13 
i fucking love super mario bros 2 for the nintendo dreamcast
MORN V2 24 juil à 21h40 
Love the references to majora's mask in the subcon forest
Jimmy_Rox 23 juil à 10h52 
I'm exited for this project. A 3-D Collect-a-Thon, Beautiful graphics, and a soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope!? I'm Stoked!
Xiankua 18 juil à 22h46 
Favorited because of an endorsment from Game Exchange. Subcon Forest looks absolutely stunning. I can't wait to play this game once it's completed.
Alguien 18 juil à 12h19 
Mutton Cops 18 juil à 11h41 
banjo kazooie and simliar n64 platformers charmed my childhood, I can't wait for this adventure!
Sylerais 17 juil à 21h16 
This game is so nostalgic, cant wait for it to be on steam.
Minoru Leonardo 16 juil à 8h42 
"987% funded"
Seth the mad knight 15 juil à 15h34 
want want want want want
Antonio Stella bottom tile 14 juil à 18h05 
gamzf0fun 13 juil à 20h08 
NukeArmy SirCrazyPenguin 9 juil à 18h04 
i want to buy this SO MUCH once it comes out im getting it
Nercophobia 9 juil à 14h12 
So Slug was like... "I'm fucking bored of my famous ass TF2 server, lemme bring the magic of LOZ:WW to pc with some Mario stuff." >3 Years later< "OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?! PEOPLE ARE JIZZING AND PISSING THEIR PANTS!"
Ser 9 juil à 13h39 
It looks funny, the art reminds me of Windwaker. Can't wait.
Dealrogers 7 juil à 21h32 
I'll pre order it when it appears in the store... I have a good feeling it will be a great game.
Da Scoot 7 juil à 11h50 
shut up and take my money
explosionsexplosions 5 juil à 12h35 
is this still happening?
Tails the 2Tailed Fox 4 juil à 12h21 
Why has this not yet have a Store Page D:
Natsu The DragonSlayer 4 juil à 0h48 
It will be released it's been a while since we don't have updates I'm a little nervous about htat... :(
Tactical Doritos 30 juin à 18h14 
The art style reminds me of the Wind Waker (More perhaps the original GameCube version)
Cyaniiide 30 juin à 16h36 

and does somebody knows when this comes out I've done my research and I've seen nothing! :)
awesome. got here after looking at game theorie's thing on this. i would play this. :D i love SM64, ocarina of time, and the likes. :D
Wlaad 25 juin à 8h16 
Same thing than guys below :D
Scorchy 21 juin à 8h42 
I'd really buy that, seems amazing!
bloody.albatross 20 juin à 19h02 
Looks promising. I'll buy it if it's released for Linux/Steam OS.
prettygrayt 17 juin à 8h28 
The devs actually said those two game and a few other like Banjo Kazooie very heavily inspired the style of the game. They hope to reintroduce a genre that has not recieved much love as of late.
Gasser47 16 juin à 13h59 
Holy crap, this game has the quirky more unique art style of Wind Waker and looks like the platforming magic of a 3D mario game. Where the hell do I sign up?
SH4D0WLURK3R 5 juin à 14h27 
The game looks awesome! When will it be released on steam?
EliteMustardW 4 juin à 21h00 
nevermind, apparently I have the worst observational skills in the world
EliteMustardW 4 juin à 20h59 
has this game been greenlit?
Duskylyon 3 juin à 9h29 
I bought the Alpha and it's totally worth it. Makes me even more excited for the full release.
Brotato 27 mai à 19h09 
And I thought that TF2 was the only hat based game on steam...
死EternallyAries死 24 mai à 20h43 
I am so buying this game as soon as its release, I might even put $70 down on this game just to support you guys. This looks outstanding, and the fact its base off the collecting games from Nintendo 64 is what making me wanna get this game big time.
Oshawott64 18 mai à 13h40 
its looks like wind waker and i LOVE IT