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A Hat in Time
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sammy 22. marras 7.05 
I really love this, when will it be downloadable?
TrueTrav 23. loka 10.28 
Just supported the game on the website, and did a Facebook plug. Can't wait to check out the alpha and beta builds when they're ready! Good luck, you guys.
TrueTrav 23. loka 10.20 
Congrats on the Greenlight! I wish I found out about this game earlier. I would have supported the Kickstarter and voted it up.
JacintoJake 21. loka 14.15 
hey could you reasles a demo to the public ive been watching this game since Brutal Moose talked about it and I wnat to see how a 3d collect a thon platformer would play on a mouse and keyboard
MekuCube  [tekijä] 20. loka 17.18 
Hey dudes! We update almost weekly on our Twitter and Facebook pages at:
Make sure to check those out to see what we're up to! :D
Alex_Gol 20. loka 11.55 
What happened? No updates for a long time..
pïkuseru senpai 15. loka 20.06 
wow I want to play this so badly! x.x
JacintoJake 15. loka 16.19 
Annie of the Stars! 13. loka 23.06 
hope it comes out soon ive waited so long...
Micro 29. syys 15.57 
NjJohnny 22. syys 15.01 
The moon is the setting of one of the chapters?
I'm going to guess hat girl defeats the final boss there, but it unable to go home in a bittersweet ending?
Capt. Cap29 20. syys 19.17 
The layour reminds me of Wind Waker.
Will there be inter-level play? Grunty Industries blew my mind
ArCtiCx 13. syys 0.21 
Verolain 7. syys 12.58 
I'm waiting for this one.
TheRamMaker 6. syys 6.13 
Them shaders
roxy 1. syys 15.11 
i hope this comes out soon it looks like a great game!!
tiger_mace36 30. elo 6.11 
Havent played a fun platformer in a long time this is great!
Sir Tobias 28. elo 14.36 
'-' so well made... it clearly shows the love from the development team.
Major Isaac j. Havok 27. elo 20.49 
So its banjo kazooie, mario 64, wind waker, donkey kong 64, and mario sunshine ? Im sold.
Sigsig 23. elo 11.13 
Hat kid is best kid
Snow 23. elo 3.51 
This is Indeed a wonderful looking game.
I must say, even a true gentleman should approve of her hat, wouldn't you agree?
RaPtUrA 21. elo 19.36 
Can't wait for that game :D

There are way to little Collect-a-thons / 3d platformer on Steam :(
Sir Neckbeard McFedora 21. elo 8.43 
WhenYouGoWestCallMe 19. elo 14.27 
When is it releasing?
Pidgey 19. elo 13.17 
can't wait to have this
Grizzly 19. elo 8.53 
I'm glad brutalmoose showed this game on his channel, and im really looking forward to it.
Corn on the cob 18. elo 13.03 
BrothermanBill 15. elo 13.59 
I can't wait until this game is done. The moment I saw this game I instantly fell in love with it.
Yon (StarFox) 15. elo 0.32 
"When it's done". Okay, that means it'll only come in 2022.
JokerJay779 11. elo 13.19 
When is this marvelous game gonna come out?
Solid Spy 10. elo 17.53 
I'm glad a collectathon is finally being made. The gamers of the n64 era were damned while the nes/snes era gamers got all the new super mario bros games and zelda. I'm so grateful for this thank you guys ^^!
Crazy_pony 9. elo 17.52 
this game is a mix with all the classics n64 games we all know and love and gives it great platforming amazing level designs fun mechanics and gives us the controls with a keyboard rather than what the n64 gave us i cant wait for this game to be fully realeased it seems great
*Insert Smart Pun* 8. elo 14.48 
thank you moosey.
Dish0ut 5. elo 10.45 
This game looks like Super Mario Sunshine on Super Mario 64 Brand Steroids. And I love it.
Esteban 3. elo 14.04 
I want it on Wii U ! :D
This game seens to be great , counting day to get it ! <3
mistermoomoo 1. elo 7.23 
Wii U? Please? If bloody Ittle Dew can get on Wii U you guys can, too.
Whole Wheat 30. heinä 13.09 
Just from listening to the music in the trailer I'm sold, also it's art style reminds me of windwaker and I loved that game.....Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want, Want
SUZUKI SENPAI 29. heinä 9.13 
YEAH! A real platformer game, like in the old days ^^ Can't wait for it!
GIRUGAMESH. 27. heinä 15.13 
i fucking love super mario bros 2 for the nintendo dreamcast
Raymond The Crow 24. heinä 21.40 
Love the references to majora's mask in the subcon forest
Jirmmy 23. heinä 10.52 
I'm exited for this project. A 3-D Collect-a-Thon, Beautiful graphics, and a soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope!? I'm Stoked!
Xiankua 18. heinä 22.46 
Favorited because of an endorsment from Game Exchange. Subcon Forest looks absolutely stunning. I can't wait to play this game once it's completed.
Hoxtoquin 18. heinä 12.19 
Benwrath Hurt 18. heinä 11.41 
banjo kazooie and simliar n64 platformers charmed my childhood, I can't wait for this adventure!
Resais 17. heinä 21.16 
This game is so nostalgic, cant wait for it to be on steam.
Minoru Leonardo 16. heinä 8.42 
"987% funded"
Seth the mad knight 15. heinä 15.34 
want want want want want