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Fællesskabet har vist deres interesse i dette spil. Valve har kontaktet denne udvikler for at klargøre til udgivelse på Steam.

A Hat in Time
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twsalan 29. jan kl. 4:25pm 
waiting alot for dis :( havent seen a game like wind waker in a long time
Jão 29. jan kl. 8:51am 
waiting :(
imotalpea23 22. jan kl. 8:48pm 
when is the full game available
Monkey D. Luffy 19. jan kl. 9:42am 
Really enjoyed the Alpha build can't wait for the full release!
MaxHydroStorm 17. jan kl. 4:51pm 
Looks amazing. So glad I found it.
showpowboy 5. jan kl. 6:00pm 
Looking foward to this, saw a gameplay of the alpha online. Bit of stealth in there, i see. Mixing old and new together is a good idea, and I've seen games do this before, excellent combination.
Grumpality 5. jan kl. 3:32pm 
stavrosstylianou6 30. dec 2014 kl. 8:13am 
Iroquois Pliskin 28. dec 2014 kl. 10:54pm 
This game looks so good, I wish they would give us a new update on the release date!
ViktarAmSmart 24. dec 2014 kl. 8:09am 
linux support please! thsi game look s awesome!!!!

Melonplex 21. dec 2014 kl. 3:19pm 
Can Linux support be added down the line?
noidea ☣ 17. dec 2014 kl. 5:52am 
will this game have cards?
BadWing221 15. dec 2014 kl. 1:44pm 
If I hit the lottery on my birthday, I'm buying EVERYONE AT MY SCHOOL a copy of this.
Employee 427 5. dec 2014 kl. 8:39pm 
XD i had a dream with vanessa in it MAN THAT MESS WAS CREEPY i can't wait for the real thing
๖Fatespeaker 5. dec 2014 kl. 6:50pm 
Seriously, when is this thing coming out? I WANT BADLY
Link The Fairy Elf 4. dec 2014 kl. 11:00am 
Man is been 1 year now :( can't wait for this game to come out :(((
Rimisu 4. dec 2014 kl. 3:55am 
I'll take 10.
%%% ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 22. nov 2014 kl. 7:05am 
I really love this, when will it be downloadable?
TrueTrav 23. okt 2014 kl. 10:28am 
Just supported the game on the website, and did a Facebook plug. Can't wait to check out the alpha and beta builds when they're ready! Good luck, you guys.
TrueTrav 23. okt 2014 kl. 10:20am 
Congrats on the Greenlight! I wish I found out about this game earlier. I would have supported the Kickstarter and voted it up.
ClaptrapObama 21. okt 2014 kl. 2:15pm 
hey could you reasles a demo to the public ive been watching this game since Brutal Moose talked about it and I wnat to see how a 3d collect a thon platformer would play on a mouse and keyboard
MekuCube  [ophavsmand] 20. okt 2014 kl. 5:18pm 
Hey dudes! We update almost weekly on our Twitter and Facebook pages at:
Make sure to check those out to see what we're up to! :D
Alex_Gol 20. okt 2014 kl. 11:55am 
What happened? No updates for a long time..
pïkuseru senpai 15. okt 2014 kl. 8:06pm 
wow I want to play this so badly! x.x
ClaptrapObama 15. okt 2014 kl. 4:19pm 
Annie of the Stars! 13. okt 2014 kl. 11:06pm 
hope it comes out soon ive waited so long...
rApe Escape 29. sep 2014 kl. 3:57pm 
NjJohnny 22. sep 2014 kl. 3:01pm 
The moon is the setting of one of the chapters?
I'm going to guess hat girl defeats the final boss there, but it unable to go home in a bittersweet ending?
Just A Toad29 20. sep 2014 kl. 7:17pm 
The layour reminds me of Wind Waker.
Welcome to Honk Town. GET OUT 14. sep 2014 kl. 8:38pm 
Will there be inter-level play? Grunty Industries blew my mind
ArCtiCx 13. sep 2014 kl. 12:21am 
Verolain 7. sep 2014 kl. 12:58pm 
I'm waiting for this one.
[OPST] TheRamMaker 6. sep 2014 kl. 6:13am 
Them shaders
roxy 1. sep 2014 kl. 3:11pm 
i hope this comes out soon it looks like a great game!!
tiger_mace36 30. aug 2014 kl. 6:11am 
Havent played a fun platformer in a long time this is great!
Sir Tobias 28. aug 2014 kl. 2:36pm 
'-' so well made... it clearly shows the love from the development team.
Purple Guy (Jeremy) 27. aug 2014 kl. 8:49pm 
So its banjo kazooie, mario 64, wind waker, donkey kong 64, and mario sunshine ? Im sold.
Sigsig 23. aug 2014 kl. 11:13am 
Hat kid is best kid
Snow 23. aug 2014 kl. 3:51am 
This is Indeed a wonderful looking game.
Your Local Slig Newscaster 22. aug 2014 kl. 7:16am 
I must say, even a true gentleman should approve of her hat, wouldn't you agree?
RaPtUrA 21. aug 2014 kl. 7:36pm 
Can't wait for that game :D

There are way to little Collect-a-thons / 3d platformer on Steam :(
Cobra Commander(Phoenix) 21. aug 2014 kl. 8:43am 
WhenYouGoWestCallMe 19. aug 2014 kl. 2:27pm 
When is it releasing?
Mingo 19. aug 2014 kl. 1:17pm 
can't wait to have this
Grizzly 19. aug 2014 kl. 8:53am 
I'm glad brutalmoose showed this game on his channel, and im really looking forward to it.
Santa Claus 18. aug 2014 kl. 1:03pm 
Popstalli 15. aug 2014 kl. 1:59pm 
I can't wait until this game is done. The moment I saw this game I instantly fell in love with it.
Yon 15. aug 2014 kl. 12:32am 
"When it's done". Okay, that means it'll only come in 2022.
JokerJay779 11. aug 2014 kl. 1:19pm 
When is this marvelous game gonna come out?
Solid Spy 10. aug 2014 kl. 5:53pm 
I'm glad a collectathon is finally being made. The gamers of the n64 era were damned while the nes/snes era gamers got all the new super mario bros games and zelda. I'm so grateful for this thank you guys ^^!