Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

A Hat in Time
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Theron 2 февруари в 10:24 сутринта 
Can't wait to play this!!! Finally an old school 3D Platformer on PC!!!
19 29 януари в 6:47 следобед 
Will Slacker Backer that pre-order the Standard or Deleux edition of A Hat In Time get any type of exclusive DLC(s) from those that buy the game when it's officially out on Steam?

Is there a chance the price of the (pre-ordered) standard edition will be cheaper than the final game on Steam?

Will you be posting up any information here about the possibility of producing a 2nd batch of the Kickstarter merch for fans?
tanuki 24 януари в 11:16 сутринта 
I am willing to pay full price for this game.
Habboi  [автор] 24 януари в 4:11 сутринта 
Hey dudes! We update almost weekly on our Twitter and Facebook pages at:
Make sure to check those out to see what we're up to! :D
happyalm 22 януари в 9:16 сутринта 
Chapter 1 Sneak Peak: https://youtu.be/MqhfzzCgQwM
Chapter 2 Sneak Peak: https://youtu.be/s4zbQh9dUEk

For anyone that didn't know and happens to be here
Ish 19 януари в 8:29 сутринта 
coming to steam or not? =/
NoNiC 11 януари в 8:38 следобед 
I played the Beta yesterday!
Never thought than there can be a game better than Mario 64. :)
TheObviousCoach 9 януари в 8:36 следобед 
The hype is real for this game
Sir Voidy 9 януари в 5:31 сутринта 
i want this now.
happyalm 7 януари в 12:25 следобед 
The new screens are the hypest
bekobe 5 януари в 4:07 сутринта 
Watching it on GamesDoneQuick. This game looks awesome! :D
Lost in SR 5 януари в 4:05 сутринта 
THIS GAME IS BEING STREAMED RIGHT NOW ON TWITCH! it's at GamesDoneQuick channel. 87,000 watching.... wow
lifehousee 4 януари в 6:13 следобед 
I can't wait for this game.
Geoff357 1 януари в 12:53 следобед 
Yeah same here! I went and read the website, and I'm getting a couple copies for a friend and my self.
Genis Sage 1 януари в 12:51 следобед 
You have to buy the deluxe edition from the page of A hat in time. I will get it tomorrow!
Geoff357 31 декември 2015 в 7:09 следобед 
Hey, is there anyway to play the beta?
Habboi  [автор] 31 декември 2015 в 6:25 сутринта 
Hey dudes! We update almost weekly on our Twitter and Facebook pages at:
Make sure to check those out to see what we're up to! :D
gamerdud3 29 декември 2015 в 10:18 сутринта 
Got the deluxe edition just to play the beta (From the webite for the game) and it was probably one of my favorite PC game experiences of ALL TIME
Pussy Liquor 28 декември 2015 в 6:55 следобед 
Spawn of Bitnerd 22 декември 2015 в 7:03 следобед 
Same...Gaijin Goombah,ur so interesting...that and the videos you make...
TheObviousCoach 18 декември 2015 в 7:40 следобед 
This looks great can't wait to play it.
carlahuston13 16 декември 2015 в 4:53 следобед 
Gaijin Gombah sent meh here
otp riven zac 15 декември 2015 в 10:40 сутринта 
cant wait for this game
SuperSonicCraze 13 декември 2015 в 5:32 следобед 
I bought the standard edition and the beta upgrade of the website, how do I play the beta?
Genis Sage 13 декември 2015 в 2:36 следобед 
i need to know if they are finishing the game or not T_T
Vukasin Dordevic 13 декември 2015 в 2:25 следобед 
Your Server of your homepage is down.
Vukasin Dordevic 13 декември 2015 в 2:24 следобед 
When is realease?!
kuro いん 13 декември 2015 в 12:32 следобед 
Can you please release it on Linux too? It is running on the UE so it won't be a problem. I would defintley buy it.
Genis Sage 13 декември 2015 в 12:20 следобед 
This game will be release someday? T_T i am so hyped
papa anvia 4 декември 2015 в 6:05 следобед 
hype... hype never ends... one of these days
HeRo #7DAYBAN 3 ноември 2015 в 2:43 следобед 
does the game run on linux?
Spartan333 31 октомври 2015 в 5:59 следобед 
if mustache girl is the main villain, heres an idea for how she gets defeated: hat kid sends her through a hole in space and time and she is stuck in limbo forever.
gamerdud3 14 октомври 2015 в 5:27 сутринта 
Just bought the beta (from the deluxe edition on the website) but the game isn't letting me past the any key to start screen can anybody help?
Habboi  [автор] 1 октомври 2015 в 7:41 сутринта 
Hey dudes! We update almost weekly on our Twitter and Facebook pages at:
Make sure to check those out to see what we're up to! :D
Yon 29 септември 2015 в 12:02 следобед 
"Release date: When it's done" Ok, the offspring of Duke Nukem Forever is here.
gamerdud3 28 септември 2015 в 5:21 следобед 
Can't wait for this to come out because sometime soon i'm buying the deluxe edition on the website meaning i'm gonna get the beta
SereneFlight 6 септември 2015 в 4:56 сутринта 
Yes! All of this! In my face!
Fritter ツ 27 август 2015 в 6:00 следобед 
This game makes me hard
twsalan 27 август 2015 в 11:14 сутринта 
when some finds out when this game is gonna be on steam... TELL ME!
ClapTrapObama 25 август 2015 в 2:12 следобед 
the game is almost done it seems like... I CANT WAIT!!!!!!
GamingOfFabi 24 август 2015 в 5:25 следобед 
This game is so Awesome! This game looks like Banjo Kazooe, Super Mario 64 and Zelda Wind Waker. I'm looking forward to the game!
jaguar927 16 август 2015 в 5:32 сутринта 
does this game remind anyone else of windwaker?
DaBowieGuy 12 август 2015 в 9:15 следобед 
I remember when this was supposed to come out in the summer of 2014. Sigh.
Nintenguy0 10 август 2015 в 7:09 следобед 
Hype is still going, can't wait c:
I love being purple 3 август 2015 в 7:05 следобед 

make this now
Skindiacus 29 юли 2015 в 8:51 следобед 
Looking forward to it.
bloody.albatross 19 юли 2015 в 10:40 сутринта 
Please also release it for Linux/Steam OS!
shit j 16 юли 2015 в 11:40 сутринта 
My loins are trembling.
OmegaMario89 13 юли 2015 в 12:18 следобед 
So when will this game be released, and will there be a Wii U version release, or is it just PC and Mac only?
happyalm 12 юли 2015 в 12:09 следобед 
@Yon @ツJuiceツ On top of that I'm pretty sure they're almost getting into the polishing stages of the game's development. You could probably expect this to be out sometime between late 2015 - mid 2016