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A Hat in Time
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NukeArmy SirCrazyPenguin 9 de jul às 18:04 
i want to buy this SO MUCH once it comes out im getting it
Rotton 9 de jul às 14:12 
So Slug was like... "I'm fucking bored of my famous ass TF2 server, lemme bring the magic of LOZ:WW to pc with some Mario stuff." >3 Years later< "OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?! PEOPLE ARE JIZZING AND PISSING THEIR PANTS!"
Ser 9 de jul às 13:39 
It looks funny, the art reminds me of Windwaker. Can't wait.
Dealrogers 7 de jul às 21:32 
I'll pre order it when it appears in the store... I have a good feeling it will be a great game.
Da Scoot 7 de jul às 11:50 
shut up and take my money
ephyoosecay 5 de jul às 12:35 
is this still happening?
Tails the 2-Tailed Fox 4 de jul às 12:21 
Why has this not yet have a Store Page D:
It will be released it's been a while since we don't have updates I'm a little nervous about htat... :(
A blue tile 30 de jun às 18:14 
The art style reminds me of the Wind Waker (More perhaps the original GameCube version)
Cyaniiide 30 de jun às 16:36 

and does somebody knows when this comes out I've done my research and I've seen nothing! :)
[BTK] Recoherent the Jaffa Cake 29 de jun às 15:37 
awesome. got here after looking at game theorie's thing on this. i would play this. :D i love SM64, ocarina of time, and the likes. :D
Wlaad 25 de jun às 8:16 
Same thing than guys below :D
Scorchy 21 de jun às 8:42 
I'd really buy that, seems amazing!
bloody.albatross 20 de jun às 19:02 
Looks promising. I'll buy it if it's released for Linux/Steam OS.
prettygrayt 17 de jun às 8:28 
The devs actually said those two game and a few other like Banjo Kazooie very heavily inspired the style of the game. They hope to reintroduce a genre that has not recieved much love as of late.
Gasser47 16 de jun às 13:59 
Holy crap, this game has the quirky more unique art style of Wind Waker and looks like the platforming magic of a 3D mario game. Where the hell do I sign up?
SH4D0WLURK3R 5 de jun às 14:27 
The game looks awesome! When will it be released on steam?
EliteMustardW 4 de jun às 21:00 
nevermind, apparently I have the worst observational skills in the world
EliteMustardW 4 de jun às 20:59 
has this game been greenlit?
Duskylyon 3 de jun às 9:29 
I bought the Alpha and it's totally worth it. Makes me even more excited for the full release.
Molotov Cocktail Party 27 de mai às 19:09 
And I thought that TF2 was the only hat based game on steam...
死EternallyAries死 24 de mai às 20:43 
I am so buying this game as soon as its release, I might even put $70 down on this game just to support you guys. This looks outstanding, and the fact its base off the collecting games from Nintendo 64 is what making me wanna get this game big time.
Oshawott64 18 de mai às 13:40 
its looks like wind waker and i LOVE IT
Nutmeg-Slushin 18 de mai às 9:19 
Gamebro9001 18 de mai às 1:43 
Take my money now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xXNyan_Cat101Xx 17 de mai às 1:13 
i want this game so badly right now
Duskylyon 15 de mai às 16:45 
Dat song in the trailer. Much good.
Bradley 14 de mai às 16:50 
that coop tho
crisisw 13 de mai às 11:26 
I cant wait for this! This has a top spot on my list of things I cant wait for this summer!
milk cow 12 de mai às 4:34 
a fedora in time :^)
away for a while 8 de mai às 6:22 
This is a Game which MUST come out.Nintendo were always too stupid to release there Games on PC even a lot of Players are playing there Games on PC.But this Game is just perfect!
It got this really beutifull Wind Waker stile and i really hope that it will come out this Year
We really need to suport those Games,it woud be too sad if not
Share this Greenlight so we all can suport this Game
Kyrehx 6 de mai às 17:49 
I didn't think I could be looking forward to this game anymore...and then this trailer happened, and Plasma3music announced he'd be one of the main composers. (It's his work in that Alpha Release Trailer) Great. Grant Kirkhope AND the guy who reorchestrated the Halo 4 title theme to put it on par with the original Halo's, made a friggin amazing orchestration of the Moon from Ducktales, and did a mind-blowing orchestration of Earthbound's Eight Melodies, among other things are doing the music for this game. If I had any doubts before, I now know I'm going to love the OST to death. This can't release any sooner.
Dingolicious 6 de mai às 10:49 
I miss games like these!
crisisw 4 de mai às 18:52 
Just saw this on one of my favorite youtube chanels (game exchange) and found this this gem in one of his older videos from last summer, really looking forward to playing thsi game in its beta and full release, already on my wish list (if i could put it there) cant wait to play!
[GeMe] Lateguy 4 de mai às 0:06 
i was already waiting for summer but now... I WANT IT TO BE SUMMER NOW
J.Daddy$WAG 3 de mai às 19:02 
Simply BEAUTIFUL; great work so far guys! Can't wait to see Jon Jafari's role in the voice acting.
tohaki 2 de mai às 17:01 
Spilk Spliterinski 1 de mai às 20:02 
I literally cannot wait for this game. SO EXCITED!!!
DocBlue 30 de abr às 6:26 
This is pretty awesome i WILL preorder
Dedsec 27 de abr às 5:28 
2 Words AWE SOME
Captain Carpenter 23 de abr às 13:11 
Reminds me also on Zelda Windwaker, but with a cuter Protagonist :) Really Cute!
drawer100 23 de abr às 10:30 
Can't wait!
the MAGICAL hobo 23 de abr às 3:25 
waiting :)
Fichina the Skygod 22 de abr às 3:49 
This is going to be SO much fun!
Looks amazing, do want
pizzapatrick 21 de abr às 8:03 
I want this so bad.
neb1600 19 de abr às 14:50 
cant wait
does anyone know when its going to be out?
SlyCooper 19 de abr às 12:07 
Love it
Toot42 16 de abr às 11:19 
This looks super awesome!
Mütze 15 de abr às 2:38 
A N64 like collectathon with voiceovers from Jon, Ego and many more...this gonna be guuuuud, and Kirkhope musc <3