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Спасибо, что помогли этой игре оказаться в магазине Steam. Более подробную информацию, включая ссылку на страницу в магазине, вы можете найти ниже.

Система Steam Greenlight прекращает свою работу. О новом способе публикации игр можно узнать из нашего блога.
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Kras Kis 16 дек. 2015 в 6:46 
snsherryah 1 фев. 2015 в 4:09 
The 1st person view walking makes me makes me very nauseous. I hope you will do another game like this only give option of 1st person view and 3rd person view like Sherlock Holmes Crime and Punishment does. Motion sickness when playing a game doesn't just stop after the game stops the sickness is not worth the price I paid trying to play this game.
Big DanZ 31 авг. 2014 в 22:38 
good game to watch your friends squrm :bigheart:
Noe✦ 1 авг. 2014 в 4:04 
scarest game ever
тёмная стoрона 26 мая. 2014 в 22:49 
MattDementous  [автор] 8 апр. 2014 в 8:03 
@noahc2002 Because I'm really bad at checking things. I work on Paranormal all day, check the forums, etc., I overlooked this page for like two months. My apologies!
Nozza 8 апр. 2014 в 7:12 
how come you answred just 17 hours ago?
MattDementous  [автор] 7 апр. 2014 в 13:43 
@noahc2002 It's not free on the internet. The 'free' version on the internet is an alpha build from 2011 that is completely obsolete.
Nozza 2 янв. 2014 в 19:00 
Ummm How Come Its Free On The Internet But Yet On Steam Its 9 Bucks. This Is A Complaint. PLEASE MAKE THIS FREE
EL SASQUATCH 18 дек. 2013 в 17:57 
i think i almost shit my pants
LiamBull1996 26 окт. 2013 в 21:44 
Just played it! Awesome work man! So Scary and great story! Can't wait for the updates!
Klappstuhl 14 окт. 2013 в 15:31 
Why wasn't this done with Steam's Hammer Editor...
Capital_G 9 окт. 2013 в 18:11 
this dude is awesome. he is jewish, just like me!
4Tix 4 окт. 2013 в 3:57 
Fadey 21 1 окт. 2013 в 5:01 
@Wales Grey
I don't see anything wrong with it.
Shade Wolf 28 сен. 2013 в 5:54 
because it did
Wales Don't! 21 сен. 2013 в 10:25 
You fucking saps, why did this get greenlit.
masterchief 19 сен. 2013 в 8:15 
matt wil you guys add control changes in the game plz because im from belgium and our keyboards are different then the ones in america, im letterly pushed to use my xbox controler because i realy cant play with W as forward it needs to be Z thx for reading
Q-Tip 19 сен. 2013 в 6:17 
Can't wait to see new additions. I have had some of those frightening moments for sure!
KrOnOs 15 сен. 2013 в 14:42 
No puedo abrir el Juego ya los descarge y no funciona ayuda !! =(
jwrath 15 сен. 2013 в 0:26 
I hope that your game becomes a majorly huge hit on Steam!
jwrath 15 сен. 2013 в 0:26 
Thank you so much for the key!!! You kept your promise and for that I love your game even more!
Sombie: Fake Fatty 14 сен. 2013 в 12:30 
Done... Thks Matt <3
Kaido 12 сен. 2013 в 11:41 
äh i cant start the game it dont work. do you know why ?
Pattiku 10 сен. 2013 в 11:52 
Looks great! :)
Chris 10 сен. 2013 в 8:37 
Looking forward to this Matt :)
Cray Hoxworth 9 сен. 2013 в 9:01 
Reedemed my steam key C:
MattDementous  [автор] 8 сен. 2013 в 22:06 
@Captain Cook September 12th/13th
Curly Pube ✅ 8 сен. 2013 в 15:33 
When will Paranormal be officially released in the Steam Store?
TheVidoja dijo 7 сен. 2013 в 0:54 
Ok Ok, I found it! Thanks!!
TheVidoja dijo 7 сен. 2013 в 0:53 
Hey, I can't reach my Paranormal Steam key!!! Please help!!!
Rafa_9000 6 сен. 2013 в 13:05 
Thx Matt!! =D
MattDementous  [автор] 6 сен. 2013 в 12:54 
@Rafa_9000 To claim your Steam key (if you own Paranormal on Desura), visit this URL: http://www.desura.com/collection And find Paranormal on the list and click keys.
Rafa_9000 6 сен. 2013 в 11:30 
I bought the game on Be Mine 6, the key i will use for activate on STEAM is the same key of the Desura version or you will provide another key?
MattDementous  [автор] 5 сен. 2013 в 17:35 
@Kittycat I've fixed this issue, but haven't updated it to the Desura branch yet. Try downloading the standalone installer for the game from Paranormal's Desura page on the web for the latest version of the game (the one that fixes the dreaded black screen issue).
RoyalRex 5 сен. 2013 в 16:37 
One question, when i play this game, the screen doesnt show. I mean, everything loads perfectly, but when the game starts, the whole screen is black and all i see is the cameras battery, and if i walk i can hear myself. Any way to fix this black screen?
bugboy63 5 сен. 2013 в 13:48 
Me first downloading the game: GEE THIS LOOKS COOL! Me now: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE
Brian_Farnet 5 сен. 2013 в 2:44 
Thanks so much for getting Steam keys for early buyers. Really appreciate that!
MattDementous  [автор] 3 сен. 2013 в 20:02 
Check the 'Coming Soon' section on Steam :) It will be available for purchase on Friday the 13th of September :D
Dovahkiin 3 сен. 2013 в 19:27 
When are we able to preorder/buy the game on steam? I know its on Desura but still...
Sam Kramer 2 сен. 2013 в 16:53 
Gratz for making Greenlight u have been in a lot of bundles! Ur giving steam keys to all of them? I got mine from Be Mine 6 of Groupees ;) anyway, Gratz!
KrOnOs 1 сен. 2013 в 16:17 
hola, es increible que este juego porfin lo aprobo steam !! =D ojala pudieran hacer una version en español de este increible juego
Goonkeu 30 авг. 2013 в 22:16 
Kaido 30 авг. 2013 в 14:42 
wow cool thank you !
MattDementous  [автор] 30 авг. 2013 в 12:20 
@Madval I don't think so, but possibly. Not entirely sure. I'll investigate.
@Dakiro I'm working on a MAJOR update that adds an entirely new campaign, pretty much a new game, for free. I will also be updating the house, fixing, adding stuff, etc.
Kaido 30 авг. 2013 в 7:43 
will there be any new rooms in the next updates or new scary things ?
Madval 30 авг. 2013 в 1:20 
Nice ! Need it ! Is it compatible Nvidia 3d vision 2 ?
.#Dopa 28 авг. 2013 в 15:14 
HellRaizer4785 27 авг. 2013 в 12:53 
The minute I see this up on Steam...consider it purchased. I am very interested in it!
MattDementous  [автор] 25 авг. 2013 в 15:52 
No, it's not free. I need to earn money as a game developer so I can keep making games :) Valve doesn't really add free games to Steam often, since there's no profit for them in it. I can assure you, however, that Paranormal will be a part of as many sales as possible and will be VERY affordable. AND all the DLC will be free!