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Rhythm Destruction
209 commenti
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LedZur 12 apr, ore 11:08 
Voted :)
vilevalo 31 mar, ore 11:23 
thumbs up
sennin  [autore] 27 mar, ore 10:23 
@Elfangorax The activation key will most likely be the same as the key you received from the bundle. We'll let everyone know how we handle it on here, our website and twitter when the time comes.

@HombreFelipe No not anymore as it was badly outdated. We will be featured on on March 31 though so you can pick it up for cheap if you wish.
HombreFelipe 26 mar, ore 6:55 
Is there a demo available?
Elfangorax 22 mar, ore 18:14 
Hi there. I was wondering how Steam keys for this game from the Flying Moonrise Bundle will be distributed if the game gets Greenlit? Will the Steam key be completely distinct from the Desura key, or will it only be accessible from the user's Desura collection?
Niktro 19 feb, ore 0:38 
Guitar hero dodging! It would be played :D
ShizZ 15 gen, ore 0:26 
no linux version? no greenlight support.
VonScriptor 11 gen, ore 10:55 
I was part of the game's beta and it's awesome! Great soundtrack and a challenging but fun game. Hope to see it on Steam!
Rav3n 3 gen, ore 14:35 
Would love to see this game on Steam, good gameplay and even better music!
Kooling 28 dic 2013, ore 2:40 
Good luck ! Seems to be fun !
Speed Racer 13 dic 2013, ore 22:25 
Originally wasnt interested but as the video played on it peaked my interest more. Would love in the future to see a update/version that uses you personal music.
chancellor 20 nov 2013, ore 0:31 
Good luck getting into Steam. Looking good - can't wait
AsteriCorvus 11 nov 2013, ore 22:57 
Good luck:)
Dragonayzer 9 nov 2013, ore 23:21 
Seems legit.
Slow Crow | 8 nov 2013, ore 19:01 
Creative idea nice work!
s7121n95 7 nov 2013, ore 22:27 
i love rhythem games and shmup games a like, i think this will be an interesting mix esspecially done in this way, not sure how it would work but extremely excited to get into it and find out
sennin  [autore] 7 nov 2013, ore 19:50 
Thanks :) Yes, if we do put sound effects back in it will certainly be an option in the menu(we'd probably disable it by default). I cant say when we'll the next pack, but we do plan to do another eventually(a free one at that).
cpubasic13 7 nov 2013, ore 19:33 
Having just played it, I love it. Lack of sound effects should remain an option, however, since I am fine with it being a pure rhythm game in that aspect.

Hopefully there will be more songs down the line, as I'd probably wear these ten songs down from having heard them for years already thanks to other rhythm games that Kyle Ward has music in. Haven't looked into the three DLC songs though.
sennin  [autore] 7 nov 2013, ore 10:19 
Thanks guys! Much appreciated!
ʇuǝɔıɟıubnɥʇ 7 nov 2013, ore 8:59 
Neat looking game!
prefer 4 nov 2013, ore 10:28 
Classical style
Chizu 2 nov 2013, ore 7:38 
Will be picking up the bundle shortly, been meaning to get this game for a while but couldn't spare the cash :v

I have to agree with other people and say the lack of sfx is the only real complaint I have.
It means the game lacks a certain amount of feedback.
if its an issue of time delay, why not just trigger the actual sound when the button is hit rather than when the shot actually fires, and then give ships an explosion that is when they explode on screen.

It definitely needs some kind of sound either way.
Feimos 2 nov 2013, ore 5:22 
You have my vote!
MEATMONSTER 1 nov 2013, ore 17:11 
flying bundle vote!
Lungkisser 31 ott 2013, ore 12:52 
Flying Moonrise Bundle brought me here. You have my upvote! Good luck!
crawler9 19 ott 2013, ore 10:11 
This game is a blast, but the calibration process could use a little work. -150 to +150 all seem almost exactly the same, yet when I'm actually in the game, I can't hit anything at quite the right time repeatedly.
Pixel Killer 17 ott 2013, ore 7:51 
Bought from and got my vote, good luck guys.
im_krut 17 ott 2013, ore 2:51 
@Sennin : I have no doubt you guys will make it to Steam, you have super unique game in your hands, literally the only complain i have is the lack of SFX since it feels like there's no input (musical) by pressing the note, it would be even better if the music was layered and it "improved" by shooting the enemies if that makes sense.

Best of luck with the game, i'm sure you'll succeed.
sennin  [autore] 16 ott 2013, ore 15:13 
Thanks folks :) Ya, we know that the(lack of) sound effects is one of the biggest complaints. However having a 50-100ms delay between when you press the note and when you hear the sound tended to throw the user off the rhythm and ended up subtracting from the experience(imo) rather than adding to it. If we make it onto steam that will probably be the first thing we revisit.
Pinhead 16 ott 2013, ore 9:27 
i just bought and voted it
im_krut 16 ott 2013, ore 4:49 
I picked up this game, and it's pretty refreshing but dear lord for a musical game i don't understand how they could neglect the SFX department! it feels so empty without sound fx (explosions, etc)
Just Ducky 15 ott 2013, ore 7:49

Yours for only a dollar now, no telling for how long though without further info..
Dr_Psychopath 9 ott 2013, ore 9:02 
Nice =)
Xcrypt1991 12 set 2013, ore 10:48 
This is looking pretty damn sweet! +1
Oni Kidou 26 ago 2013, ore 14:27 
Sounds like someone was getting some help with the music from Kyle. Awesome! Need more music from ITG in games.
{V}[5}(1CE RE1gN) 19 ago 2013, ore 15:06 
This better be released. Already have an account!
Navarta 18 ago 2013, ore 9:19 
I love these games!
Aivas 17 lug 2013, ore 0:34 
Eggman 11 lug 2013, ore 9:21 
I like the idea. I hope to see this game on steam. I will buy it.
sennin  [autore] 20 giu 2013, ore 21:06 
Common question, but it's not possible without completely redoing the game I'm afraid. Closest thing we can do is give people a level editor to create their stages with their own music, which would most likely happen if we were to get on Steam or sell a lot of copies in another fashion.
StarFrost 20 giu 2013, ore 6:26 
Would you be kind enought to include a generator for our own track?
maldyus_grm 16 giu 2013, ore 16:42 
Wonderful stuff.Please, bring this to Steam.
Spagett 24 apr 2013, ore 15:07 
Looks balls-breakingly hard. In a good way, of course. I wouldn't buy it, but I'd bet a ton of people would. Good luck.
sennin  [autore] 21 apr 2013, ore 18:18 
Yes, if Steam allows us to do that we will make sure everyone who has already purchased the game will get a copy on Steam
Phill 21 apr 2013, ore 5:31 
if I buy my copy on the site comes to steam when the game passes the greenlight?
I am a fan of bullet hell games, this is awesome
Lelo 5 apr 2013, ore 17:41 
Just loved it.
CultClassicGamer 30 mar 2013, ore 11:43 
I was lucky enough to get a review code for this game, and I have to say, I absolutely love it! This NEEDS to be on Steam.
Tetsuo3K 26 mar 2013, ore 19:56 
I got one of the keys from the giveaway on Reddit. Finally got a chance to try the game out after work, was not disappointed. Definitely giving this the thumbs up.
Rokxx 25 mar 2013, ore 23:15 
This looks pretty awesome actually, would love to have it on steam
Kaldra 19 feb 2013, ore 22:59 
This does actually look like a fun (and potentially challenging) game. The only major concern I would have is with how few levels you have (since 10 is only about an hour of play), but it sounds like you're planning regular updates.
The music style didn't bother me, since you really need a fast, kind of frenetic beat for these kinds of games to be interesting.
I did check out Beat Hazard :p very different kind of shooter, and is an isometric beat generated game rather than a rhythm matcher. This definitely has potential as a pretty good and unique match-up.