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Shadow of the Game
156 commenti
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ionutudor2012 16 apr, ore 2:21 
stvnjn 6 apr, ore 17:08 
Unique idea, graphics are reminiscent of earlier third-person games. Would definitely try it out.
Справедливый. 6 mar, ore 2:35 
Very nice look!
Adventureman23 2 feb, ore 8:34 
Good to see somebody not making clones of other games,
...   5RI 22 gen, ore 23:18 
look nice!
KrimsonLust 18 gen, ore 20:47 
Haha cute and an original idea.
Leo 6 gen, ore 22:10 
Rin ren 5 gen, ore 10:26 
rpg... o.o
Sertin 4 gen, ore 22:44 
KuxpeH 4 gen, ore 19:26 
The game about the game. Something new. Want it
Бритая киска 4 gen, ore 15:43 
gloaw3n 4 gen, ore 15:25 
This looks like some crazy good mix of video game culture and hours of fun. Would like to see more of this kind around :) It's a buy.
⋆mr.Ricco⋆ 4 gen, ore 14:46 
Я бы в нее точно поиграл!
microspawn 27 dic 2013, ore 13:41 
About time this game get released on steam!
¡Matches # BATA` 30 ott 2013, ore 13:03 
Mithrarin 13 set 2013, ore 19:47 
Looks Hilarious and Awesome! Most "Meta" thing that Ive seen in weeks!! Lol.
el apa 9 set 2013, ore 12:59 
I love this genre of games. also seems that the story is cool and distant from the stories of the Japanese RPG. I hope it is and I'll definitely buy. Steam the matter with you?
Booterix 14 ago 2013, ore 15:02 
I hate buses. 10 ago 2013, ore 15:48 
The absolute game for badass people. But me, i only have the demo. But still, I would buy this game. Voted.
darthschwartz13 9 ago 2013, ore 0:53 
amazingly awesome trippy-ass shit.
darthschwartz13 9 ago 2013, ore 0:53 
this is some trippy-ass shit right here.
PoliteBoro 5 ago 2013, ore 12:36 
this looks so wonderfully kickass. I'd buy it.
Oº°‘¨ zAAz ¨‘°ºO 31 lug 2013, ore 4:39 
Se parece a pokemon
iN. x DR ZEDD 11 lug 2013, ore 15:09 
Seems interesting.
Masque and Mirror 7 mag 2013, ore 7:51 
Sounds funny and interesting, but the graphics are a bit messy.
DeRail Games  [autore] 7 mag 2013, ore 3:49 
The combat is based on puzzles, when you encounter an enemy you will be presented by several options. You have to figure out what will be the correct option for each enemy, a typically setup is 3-4 choices. In bigger battles you will have to make strategies choices. Having said that, the combat is not the focus in this game, and there is not much combat to find. The core interactive elements are making choices that affect the storyline.
Nebula 22 apr 2013, ore 10:24 
I didn't see any actual gameplay in the video. Is the combat turn based or hack n slash, etc.?
ManifestoX 14 apr 2013, ore 22:46 
looks dumb to me
Sarakkas 28 mar 2013, ore 12:43 
May the framerate be with you my friends of good games
Marcus_Pareli 18 feb 2013, ore 10:51 
cool NORWEGIAN game
Arawanach 9 feb 2013, ore 10:20 
One of the more unique games that I played that year. Okey, I take that back. It's probably the most unique game I played last year.
Dagit 22 gen 2013, ore 21:40 
This looks awesome.
Catscratch 16 gen 2013, ore 8:02 
Loosk pretty Looks pretty nice!
I'd suggest adding more language support and multi-OS support if possible upon release, though.
SOLDIER 1st class 12 gen 2013, ore 7:34 
looks good tbh, love the concept and story but if yor already released then no vote from me :) i will go get the game i think though.
Chibini 6 gen 2013, ore 3:47 
@ Campaigner It's only a parody on the surface. The core story is vert unique and original. ;)
Jerry 5 gen 2013, ore 15:16 
Don't like parodies.
DeRail Games  [autore] 5 gen 2013, ore 8:58 
@ Fenrir007 Have a go at the demo over at Gamersgate if you are not sure how you feel about it=)
Fenrir007 4 gen 2013, ore 17:54 
Sounds like Hack mixed with Sword Art Online. Not sure how I feel about this.
DeRail Games  [autore] 16 dic 2012, ore 0:30 
Thank you for voting and commenting guys. Remember to check out the demo or buy the game at gamersgate or one of the other game portals. If you want to have a look at the game without downloading anything you can watch Rock’s LP videos, there are 15 episodes out at the moment, and he will play through at least one complete story branch.
Halbarad 14 dic 2012, ore 3:39 
Don't be so childish Khilkov. If it's made well then it's still worthy of a vote, a lot of hard work can go into a RPGmaker game. To The Moon is a game made using RPGmaker and it's a bloody fantastic game at that, don't decry the engine somebody uses because in that respect anybody using Unity, Ogre or any other aren't making their "own damn game".
Mobeta^ 11 dic 2012, ore 18:11 
RPGmaker = instant downvote. Make your own damn game.
vector 9 dic 2012, ore 12:08 
Yes, I have played such a game... it was called .hack. The color is way too... bright? Uncontrasted? Poorly tuned? For me to upvote this... sorry. Looks interesting, though.
Shubean 9 dic 2012, ore 10:08 
I've recently just finished the demo for this game, and I really would like to see more! I want to know more about the combat mostly. It's such an interesting concept and I hope that it can do what .hack couldn't- make a fun game within a game!
DeRail Games  [autore] 8 dic 2012, ore 2:20 
Great to hear that you remembered it! If anyone would like to have a look at the first 40 minutes of the game you can watch Indie Access’s introduction to Shadow of the Game:
ArcticFqx@TG14 7 dic 2012, ore 4:25 
Oh wow, I remember seeing this in the game compo at TG12
Target 6 dic 2012, ore 10:48 
Just played the demo of this after the release of it came up in my Desura news feed. Ran out of demo and found myself pre-ordering and upvoting and favouriting on here!
DeRail Games  [autore] 6 dic 2012, ore 10:05 
Lost the game;) Thank you for voting and commenting everyone. Happy news, Shadow of the Game is available on over 60 game portals at the moment, but we need your help to reach Steam.
Kangajuice 4 dic 2012, ore 16:13 
Made me loose the game...
MickMC7 2 dic 2012, ore 13:37 
I love the concept.
Artist Formerly Known As Kaizer 29 nov 2012, ore 8:18 
This is a very interesting concept. I feel like it got a lot of inspiration from the original .hack// games. I very much look forward to it's release.