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Ir/rational Investigator
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HeartsandMachineGuns 6 de abr às 21:25 
Looks like fun. Got my vote :)
HombreFelipe 26 de mar às 6:54 
Is there a demo available?
ricardocasama 16 de mar às 3:29 
Please add spanish language.
Spicy Sauce 15 de mar às 18:32 
looks fun
tonydennis1 10 de mar às 19:41 
Looks like a throwback to very early text and logic based games, which we have lost to flash and visual puzzle games. I like the feel of it and the noir setting.
SheSaidSheWaslvl18 8 de mar às 10:23 
wow looks good
Ottie 5 de mar às 14:09 
Looks great, nice art style
THEHOLMES 10 de fev às 16:08 
we could use a differnt take on the dectective genre
Redawl(the Taggerung) 20 de jan às 12:02 
this looks really fun!
Runtus 16 de jan às 16:21 
Нет Linux версии? Я буду голосовать назло нытиков как Shizz
No linux version? GOOD. I will up vote just to spite whiners like Shizz
Biggie 15 de jan às 19:55 
Seems interesting :)
fisilfox 9 de jan às 7:00 
сначала сделайте что то большое а потом разбейте картину и так много раз - будет много тайн(пользователь greenlith)
Jay Zero 9 de jan às 4:21 
This game looks really cool, love the art style and the mystery aspects. THUMBS UP!
Nathan 9 de jan às 2:34 
is cool!!!!!!!
yaff ™ 7 de jan às 22:53 
this game looks interesting :D
스카웃장인 7 de jan às 12:56 
interesting detective game nice
YEAH TOAST!!!! [ITA] 2 de jan às 2:25 
I don't really like the white-black colors but it probably have the characteristics needed to be accepted.
Nowyouseeme 30/dez/2013 às 1:55 
I loved ir/rational redux on kongregate. Super excited to play this.
Pun1 28/dez/2013 às 8:16 
Dumbusa 19/dez/2013 às 9:20 
Looks like a pretty interesting game for those who like misteries. GUN GIV IT A UP
Mickmane 9/dez/2013 às 7:52 
I'm not normally for adventures, but this sounds interesting even to me! The setting, look, and way it is described to work is very appealing.
Moechan (Defcon キュート) 13/nov/2013 às 21:52 
shimuspirs 9/nov/2013 às 0:32 
I like Noir and the shape of it in your game is really promising:)
tony8669 6/nov/2013 às 19:22 
If this is anything like the paper and pencil logic puzzles, then I can't wait to plunk my money down!
[PiP][UK]An Elderly Burricho 31/out/2013 às 9:57 
There are hardly any dective games out there. dis looks goooooood
Nimo 30/set/2013 às 11:15 
if you helped at penumbar and ftl then you probably don't need steam to release huh?
TJ  [autor(a)] 30/set/2013 às 8:11 
Let's see... 6,000 odd yes votes. Needless to say that puts us someway away from the top 100. Fingers crossed once we have more to show off we can put a proper dent in that gap.
sh0t ` 29/set/2013 às 7:24 
Seems good, a little L.A Noire like, that's what i love in this one !
Nimo 28/set/2013 às 11:17 
where can i see how far you are with getting greenlight likes?
Couture 15/ago/2013 às 5:36 
so i started plying some brainy games, afterwards i'll pick up some brainy books :)
Couture 15/ago/2013 às 5:35 
I'm trying hard to man myself up and do some thinking. especially after a number of weeks I've behaved like a total couch potato.
sonoandre99 15/ago/2013 às 0:10 
yea, but more languages pls!
The Question 8/ago/2013 às 15:42 
sounds cool! can't wait.
๖ۣۜGodlo™ ЯPK' Vodovorot 2/ago/2013 às 3:25 
This game looks interesting :)
TJ  [autor(a)] 22/jul/2013 às 17:24 
@everyone Thanks for all the comments guys! Things are afoot.

@Lizard King
LOL, too true. I do have The Swapper now, though, which people like more than I thought they would.
The Lizard King 21/jul/2013 às 18:32 
Seems interesting and a litle humorous too.
My kind of game.
Vercinger 20/jul/2013 às 17:05 
Also, I can scarcely believe Valve filter the word Newgrounds! Another small mistake added to the large pile of crap that's dissolving their reputation.
Vercinger 20/jul/2013 às 17:02 
Now, from the writer of games not known for their stories... :)

Nevertheless, upvoted.
Xerex 5/jul/2013 às 23:33 
Loved the intense logic that went into the original and would love to see this one come to fruition. I'm expecting great things from this game.
DUST DEVIL 29/jun/2013 às 11:29 
Type of game I really like
sanyek321 12/jun/2013 às 9:42 
not a bad
bachus916 31/mai/2013 às 14:34 
work a bit more on the typography, now it looks abit odd.
TargusTargus 17/mai/2013 às 15:12 
Looks like some nice work, can't wait to check it out!!
Ticklefist 11/mai/2013 às 4:54 
Pretty funny stuff.
[Paragon] Madattak 7/mai/2013 às 13:32 
I loved ir/rational, and actually if it wasnt for that game, I never would of found your blog, and it was from there I found FTL...
[Stab]Gatekeeper 1/mai/2013 às 3:57 
Really looking forward to this. Played through Ir/rational redux a while back, and loved every second of it. Interested to see how the mechanics work in a more conventional setting.
TJ  [autor(a)] 7/abr/2013 às 7:28 
Thanks guys! LOL, I've just noticed Steam has switched on automatic text censoring, which means all my references in the text above to Rick being a 'private dick' have been censored out, as well as links to the original game on Newgrounds! Yet for some reason I'm still allowed to say 'crapstorm'. Go figure.
kanzy 4/abr/2013 às 19:55 
Ir/rational Redux was a game with an interesting concept and was really fun! Really looking forward to this game, especially if it's anything like Professor Layton. (:
Alias58 4/abr/2013 às 7:10 
I love Noir, in pretty much any iteration.
A Yellow Pikmin 3/abr/2013 às 12:25 
I think the world could benefit from having to think with reasoning when playing a game.