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La comunidad ha mostrado su interés por este juego. Valve se ha puesto en contacto con este desarrollador para comenzar con los trámites que llevarían a su lanzamiento en Steam

The Real Texas
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Ben Dover 19 de Oct a las 21:45 
thit aint texas this is a vidja game
psysal  [autor] 6 de Sep a las 23:27 
NOT abandoned. I'm super far into my next project (and already was when TRT got greenlit) so that is taking precedence, is all. It'll hit Steam and when it does it should be worth the way for the stuff I am adding :) Thanks for your patience
Masaicker 6 de Sep a las 0:03 
Ozium 28 de Ago a las 22:14 
Brian_Farnet 26 de Ago a las 2:05 
Brian_Farnet 18 de Jul a las 3:04 
How's progress coming along on the Steam release?
Molag Bal 12 de Jul a las 16:02 
Zelda was a BIG HIT, your game might catch that crowd of gamers by the balls and take-off.
psysal  [autor] 12 de Jul a las 15:46 
Mikey no worries and apology accepted :) The game is more of a Zelda-like than a block builder (just so you know) but just has that kind of aesthetic. Thanks for the well-wishes!
Molag Bal 12 de Jul a las 6:19 
Hey, I just wanted to apologise for my comment on your game. Block builders ain't my really
cup 'o tea, but I don't speak for everyone. Your game has been Greenlit, so you you've got some people on the band wagon. Honestly, I hope you succeed with it. GOOD LUCK!!!
psysal  [autor] 11 de Jul a las 23:47 
Mikey hahahaha :) Have a nice weekend man, this brightened my day!
Molag Bal 10 de Jul a las 12:27 
WOW!!! I can't think of any Texas in his right mind that's going to play this. I know I'm not.
Also, I wish game developers would stop the whole square and block thing. Block games looked like crap 30 years ago and they still look like crap today. Just more colorful, yep you really can polish a turd.
psysal  [autor] 1 de Jul a las 1:47 
dpuza, I'm not sure as it's ultimately up to GOG. I don't think they have a policy for Steam keys in place, but I could be mistaken. Sorry!
Zz. 1 de Jul a las 0:06 
啊 ·······哈哈哈哈哈哈哈,喔·····吼吼吼吼
dpuza 29 de Jun a las 16:00 
Will purchases of The Real Texas from GOG be eligible for a Steam key upon release?
Wishmaster 29 de Jun a las 3:07 
parece bueno
Ich gebs zu 20 de Jun a las 1:36 
BigJon 3 de Jun a las 14:38 
I hope its like zelda thats a good game
Griever_GF 19 de May a las 17:57 
I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing's happening!
CAtpool 28 de Abr a las 17:09 
sounds cool oh yeah you had me at zelda RECOMENDED
psysal  [autor] 18 de Abr a las 22:17 
Hey guys, if you check the announcement page there is some more info on why the Steam release is taking a long time.

There's no plans (for now) to add controller support but I think about it a LOT. It's just a ton of work because of how the control scheme works, basically it's highly based on clicking things. But yeah-- I would love to if I could figure out an easy way, maybe some time I will experiment. I don't reccommend playing it without a keyboard/mouse.
Clever Button 18 de Abr a las 8:51 
Do you plan on adding controller support to the game?
Devastatin_Dave 18 de Abr a las 6:51 
why is this not on steam yet???!!!
Voxel8bitRoguelikeFPSSimulator 18 de Abr a las 2:18 
Any chance of this getting multimonitor support on linux upon steam release?
Beanchilla 17 de Abr a las 22:48 
Any word on a release date on steam? Would love to play it on here.
Fleshlight Cop 17 de Abr a las 21:42 
It's a weird, weird game, but in a market full of try-hard weird games that ultimately just bore you to death-- The Real Texas has been a refreshing title! I know it's a big hit over at gog, and it might be a different crowd on Steam, but I think with a certain level of care, this game will have an active community. Good luck man!
psysal  [autor] 17 de Abr a las 21:09 
Thank you so much :) Kind words go really, really far to help me making more games, but also just helping me feel happy about my life. I'm glad you liked it!
Fleshlight Cop 17 de Abr a las 21:05 
I caved and just got this on Humble Bundle, too. I'll be sending a copy of this game to a few people and hopefully that'll entice them to snag the Steam version down the road! Keep up the great work.
Fleshlight Cop 17 de Abr a las 21:02 
I got this on gog.com a while back, and I will certainly get it on Steam! The Real Texas is EXCELLENT.
psysal  [autor] 17 de Abr a las 20:44 
:) Hey guys. Yes, if you buy through the currently running Humble Bundle Weekly Sale you'll receive a Steam Key as long as I can give you one :) I think actually through Humble there is an automatic system of some kind to activate it on Steam, so you don't even have to enter the key.

The only reason I wouldn't be able to do that is if if Valve somehow changed their policy between now and then and stopped making them available, but this is extremely unlikely (and they've never even hinted that they might change this policy so I'm not worried.) So: YES!

The same goes of course if you purchased direct or through another bundle.

I'm not sure yet about providing Desura keys, probably on a request basis so if you wanted one just email support@kittylambda.com.

Thanks :)
Clever Button 17 de Abr a las 16:50 
Fantastic game! Can't wait for an excuse to play it again *cough* Steam key *cough*!
Locke 17 de Abr a las 16:12 
Will Humble Bundle buyers get a Steam key? Even a Desura key would be cool.
Mimut Rice 17 de Abr a las 13:39 
You can get this game via the Humble Bundle this week for super cheap. There is not a code for Steam but the game itself is DRM free. www.humblebundle.com
udienowplz 3 de Abr a las 3:44 
Oh man I remember voting for this ages ago, and it's been Greenlit! Congrats!
Willie the Pimp 31 de Mar a las 20:21 
Played this game when I got it from IndieGameStand! Definitely an underappreciated gem. I hope it gets more attention!
Radon[Rn] 1 de Feb a las 23:25 
Если делать нечего, то норм.
ukkraLOVE-dA-fANATICO 29 de Ene a las 13:31 
Jeff 26 de Ene a las 9:42 
*smirk* great looking game
Bekonakin 19 de Ene a las 6:13 
the characters looks funny :D
Ben! 14 de Ene a las 8:07 
It was one of my favorite games of 2012. Can't wait to play through it again on Steam.
a fluffy teddy bear 4 de Ene a las 3:22 
this looks fun
lukester623 30 de Dic, 2013 a las 9:43 
Griever_GF 25 de Dic, 2013 a las 18:49 
really can't wait for steam version!
Space Cadet 24 de Dic, 2013 a las 21:54 
Tis some great news right there, pardner!
psysal  [autor] 24 de Dic, 2013 a las 20:51 
Space Cadet early next year, am preparing something special for y'all :)
Space Cadet 24 de Dic, 2013 a las 19:47 
Suomi 23 de Dic, 2013 a las 2:55 
FROS_DAD 20 de Dic, 2013 a las 10:24 
ha nice!
reozky,gg 19 de Dic, 2013 a las 19:29 
duck_norris 4 de Dic, 2013 a las 19:45 
For living in Texas myself, this looks exceedingly charming.
4LT 25 de Nov, 2013 a las 16:52 
Glad to see this was greenlit! Excellent game; I picked it up on a whim, and it went far beyond my meager expectations!