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The Real Texas
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LINC154 27. elo 21.58 
DemoN 25. elo 8.01 
Jackal 9. elo 21.41 
moop u go back to englund, this is the real real texas here
moop (moop is bear) 9. elo 10.05 
I really think you should put the game as it is now on steam and add achievements, dlc or whatever you want to it later. We've been waiting years.
alokin1112 7. elo 23.28 
może być fajna :)
ThunderCloudAWPER 3. elo 21.35 
i will totally buy this when it comes out, as being from Texas, I love the idea of their being a game about it.
emtilt 25. heinä 8.59 
Are there any updates about the Steam release of this game?
freaking potato chip 24. heinä 17.02 
i live in teaxas so i give this a huge green light!!
Bropalm 24. heinä 4.16 
Hey, how's it going? Is the Steam version still on for 2015? This game is still on my "want to play" list :)
GaRnet 21. kesä 1.52 
Cortez 18. kesä 13.29 
Orpheusftw 12. kesä 11.45 
Sounds good. I picked it up it years ago on GoG, but DLC would be cool. I wouldn't mind another playthrough.
psysal  [tekijä] 1. kesä 17.33 
Brian I totally appreciate the support. It *will* come to Steam, basically what happened is I started development on a new project while TRT was in Greenlight. TRT ended up getting greenlit a lot earlier than I had expected, in fact at that point I wasn't sure it would ever get Greenlit as there were only about 10 games per month coming through and TRT wasn't even in the top 100 yet.

When it DID come thru it was sort of unexpected, I didn't want to do a "quick and dirty" job of bringing TRT to Steam, rather I wanted to add achievements, fix some bugs, and possibly some other announced things too :)

To sort of say "thank you" when it hits Steam it will have a pretty major DLC added to it (for free) which will hopefully make it somewhat worth the wait. So hopefully I can make good on that, better-late-then-never sort of thing :)
Brian_Farnet 29. touko 7.13 
Back in 2013 I bought this, upvoted it, and told all my friends about it in the hope it would come to Steam.

Two years later it still isn't here, the dev is working on something else, and I wish I hadn't wasted my money and time.
psysal  [tekijä] 11. touko 9.17 
Thanks Soli :)
Soli 10. touko 10.09 
Paradise never is looking fantastic as well. Looking forward to both games hitting Steam.
psysal  [tekijä] 10. touko 9.46 
Thanks Soli! I'm working full-time on Paradise Never (paradisenever.com) and want to make the Steam release special. So it'll probably hit Steam AFTER Paradise Never, but when it does it will be worth the wait (I hope) as it's going to have a whole extra free DLC add-on. :) Thanks again everyone for your support and patience!
Soli 22. huhti 8.04 
Any word on when this is coming to Steam yet? Amazing game, been looking forward to seeing it on Steam since it was one of the earlier games Greenlit.
Muffin Man 16. huhti 16.08 
Evileggtart 邪魔蛋挞 14. huhti 9.52 
psysal  [tekijä] 6. huhti 16.52 
TY ZaapinG :)
[BR] ZaapinG Enzo 6. huhti 13.42 
Great game
mishok 7. maalis 13.32 
да это же реальный пиздец
Hehetek 28. helmi 4.53 
Crest 10. helmi 22.25 
ogm reel texs
Ben! 29. tammi 8.31 
Vaporware? There's a link to buy and play the thing up there ^
Brian_Farnet 23. tammi 5.11 
It's complete, it's greenlit, and yet it's still vaporware. I'm bored of waiting now.
Texas 13. tammi 18.54 
psysal  [tekijä] 8. tammi 0.35 
Bropalm: thanks :) Definitely expect to get this out in 2015!
Bropalm 1. tammi 4.14 
That sounds great psysal. I hope we'll see a Steam release in 2015. Good luck with it!
psysal  [tekijä] 31. joulu, 2014 11.10 
Zaratus thanks for the comment :) I should be more attentive.

Yes! The game is coming to Steam. No. :( I'm not sure when.

Definitely don't hate money, but by the time TRT was greenlit I was super deep into my next game, which I'm doing with Devolver (Hotline Miami, Talos Principle, etc. folks.) I've been working full time on this (unannounced) game for about one an a half years, so unfortunately TRT has to take a back seat.

But! To make up for it, there WILL be a major free DLC type add-on when it hits Steam (that update will also be available on GOG, Humble, etc. of course!) I have been working on this DLC in my spare time and it's shaping up nicely, but slowly. I might make some other improvements to the main game as well. So hopefully it will be worth the wait.

:) Thanks everyone and happy new year!
Zaratus 29. joulu, 2014 19.44 
Saoshyant: Not abandoned, but last I heard, he was working on another game which was taking most of his time. Also, an update to the game for the eventual Steam release. It'll happen eventually. =p
Bropalm 9. marras, 2014 6.01 
You must hate money if it's taking you this long to release this... ;)
Saoshyant 5. marras, 2014 9.03 
Oh, but this game did get greenlit. More than a year ago in fact. It's just sadly abandoned and will probably remain so.
{PXL}Erowind 30. loka, 2014 7.24 
you know it really tics me off when actual games like this don't get greenlit. But all these half assed rpg maker games and all these survival games that have been in early access for a year do.
eXpo (NEW BUILD!) 22. loka, 2014 17.02 
This looks cool
-pg-Ben Dover 19. loka, 2014 21.45 
thit aint texas this is a vidja game
psysal  [tekijä] 6. syys, 2014 23.27 
NOT abandoned. I'm super far into my next project (and already was when TRT got greenlit) so that is taking precedence, is all. It'll hit Steam and when it does it should be worth the way for the stuff I am adding :) Thanks for your patience
Masaicker 6. syys, 2014 0.03 
Ozium 28. elo, 2014 22.14 
Brian_Farnet 26. elo, 2014 2.05 
Brian_Farnet 18. heinä, 2014 3.04 
How's progress coming along on the Steam release?
Molag Bal 12. heinä, 2014 16.02 
Zelda was a BIG HIT, your game might catch that crowd of gamers by the balls and take-off.
psysal  [tekijä] 12. heinä, 2014 15.46 
Mikey no worries and apology accepted :) The game is more of a Zelda-like than a block builder (just so you know) but just has that kind of aesthetic. Thanks for the well-wishes!
Molag Bal 12. heinä, 2014 6.19 
Hey, I just wanted to apologise for my comment on your game. Block builders ain't my really
cup 'o tea, but I don't speak for everyone. Your game has been Greenlit, so you you've got some people on the band wagon. Honestly, I hope you succeed with it. GOOD LUCK!!!
psysal  [tekijä] 11. heinä, 2014 23.47 
Mikey hahahaha :) Have a nice weekend man, this brightened my day!
Molag Bal 10. heinä, 2014 12.27 
WOW!!! I can't think of any Texas in his right mind that's going to play this. I know I'm not.
Also, I wish game developers would stop the whole square and block thing. Block games looked like crap 30 years ago and they still look like crap today. Just more colorful, yep you really can polish a turd.
psysal  [tekijä] 1. heinä, 2014 1.47 
dpuza, I'm not sure as it's ultimately up to GOG. I don't think they have a policy for Steam keys in place, but I could be mistaken. Sorry!
Z. 千期桥 1. heinä, 2014 0.06 
啊 ·······哈哈哈哈哈哈哈,喔·····吼吼吼吼
dpuza 29. kesä, 2014 16.00 
Will purchases of The Real Texas from GOG be eligible for a Steam key upon release?