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Beware Planet Earth!
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375 comentário(s)
[GuΔrds] alexandrestefen 24 de jun às 20:32 
ĿΞØ 11 de jun às 3:06 
Ham ♥ 11/out/2016 às 11:23 
It's amazing, look's like cristal defenders game :)
Falowane Blaszki 30/jul/2016 às 8:29 
Ahomba 7/mai/2016 às 14:52 
Kenny 13/fev/2016 às 2:31 
Pinkamena 23/jan/2016 às 16:10 
Aw cute!
Pedrin MTC 17/jan/2016 às 13:25 
Nevo 23/dez/2015 às 11:34 
Atropos 13/dez/2015 às 0:07 
Looks good!
Megalomaniac 5/dez/2015 às 0:19 
Good game
PotatoGirl 27/nov/2015 às 23:48 
Fakash 21/nov/2015 às 17:57 
Or maybe you can play a flash game called Bloons Tower Defense or if you feel like it you can buy it on steam even do you can play it for free on the internet. (only difference one has ads)
ToUcH 3/set/2015 às 8:36 
Missing 21/ago/2015 às 23:19 
Looks good!
[BB] SteB 16/jan/2015 às 14:51 
xnime 4/jan/2015 às 6:02 
ez game
Captain_ivy 29/nov/2014 às 2:11 
Выглядит Интересно!)
bleh 21/nov/2014 às 23:57 
nice looking game
8055 1/nov/2014 às 11:25 
looks wicked
DKWRECKER 12/out/2014 às 23:35 
Linux version?
[A]rlekin1868 4/set/2014 às 21:32 
al_ius ᴰᵀᴰ 18/ago/2014 às 2:02 
nice vid :)
fake_yeezy_mafia 8/ago/2014 às 12:20 
Snufcha 8/ago/2014 às 1:54 
wutoupal 27/jul/2014 às 6:25 
JonhyBot 9/jul/2014 às 19:46 
Seems a really fun game! 7/jul/2014 às 6:23 
Cool Game I want
<(o.O<) <(O.O)> (>O.o)> 5/jul/2014 às 10:20 
Seems fun :)
Kwon So-Hyun 19/jun/2014 às 1:26 
that's good.
Badumeister 15/jun/2014 às 10:40 
Good game :)
iZnoGouD-.^ 24/mai/2014 às 5:52 
drew 11/mai/2014 às 16:37 
This looks to be an entertaining game in the alien genre :D
Derpy 21/abr/2014 às 7:07 
Tupley 11/abr/2014 às 13:23 
Where can I find a full list of achievements?
Quittouff  [autor(a)] 11/abr/2014 às 11:20 
We are currently looking into that matter, but it may take a few days to solve.
Zap 11/abr/2014 às 11:01 
Hello, for those that purchased the game in a greenlight bundle before: How will we receive our steam keys? Congrats on getting the game on steam :)
Quittouff  [autor(a)] 11/abr/2014 às 10:35 
Game is now available here: thank you all for your support and for making it happen.
Your Daddy 7/abr/2014 às 11:48 
"Beware Planet Earth!" will be available via Steam on April, 11th!
Here is a dev diary about the Steam exclusive content!

Source: Facebook : Beware Planet Earth
TUS 4/abr/2014 às 5:56 
i a n 29/mar/2014 às 9:32 
The beggining looks like it would be a trailer for plants VS zombies 29
⛱ The doctor is in ⛱ 12/mar/2014 às 17:25 
looks fun cant wait for it to come out!
julverka 7/mar/2014 às 0:24 
Awesome , i want buy it game
Dawsonwaht 6/mar/2014 às 21:09 
looks like it'll be fun
Gwenou  [autor(a)] 20/fev/2014 às 4:58 
@Mr [Gh0st] : the game will be available in a few months on Steam if everything is fine ! :)
Mr [Gh0st] 6/fev/2014 às 12:29 
Still not on Steam ??
"Already available"...
Thurnus 6/fev/2014 às 12:11 
Your Daddy 27/jan/2014 às 0:40 
I want to buy this game.
atomic_reactor 13/dez/2013 às 21:09 
Release date Q1 2014