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leoo¡¡¡ :´3 14 mai à 19h26 
gyre.jaeger 29 jan à 3h11 
hmm birdies
General Admission 25 jan à 23h20 
This reminds me immediately of "The Lost Vikings" aka Blizzards First game period, console release, a game in which u controlled like 3 vikings and each had a unique ability. This was later cloned by the show "Ahh real Monsters" and since i hvaen't seen a game like this. Very refreshing to see keep it up :D
Radguy 20 jan à 10h23 
Hmmm, looks interesting...
# D3V 15 jan à 5h48 
Barbossa 18 déc 2013 à 17h40 
Old SchooL 21 nov 2013 à 11h27 
Nuclear Kangaroo 24 juil 2013 à 12h55 
bought your game during the last sale, amazing piece of work, absolutely enjoy it, great soundtrack and some of the best 2D visuals ive ever seen if not THE BEST
BRabbit-KaiXin56 25 mai 2013 à 5h57 
looks good
ND 18 mai 2013 à 2h11 
ZombieFX 2 mar 2013 à 4h04 
In therms of graphic design it reminds me on PATAPON for psp.
also a good game...
XercesBlue 24 fév 2013 à 8h39 
Looks very fun. Sound quality and FX seem fantastic.
Farstar 9 fév 2013 à 4h35 
My Dog is called flyn XD
Podsi 7 fév 2013 à 11h06 
Very nice game graphics, charming characters and story! Congratulations!
I Hate Trees 28 jan 2013 à 20h54 
This game is definitely worth buying
(TDO) peace bringer 8 jan 2013 à 19h03 
this game looks just flat out amazing and is worth the buy.....to bad i live in a bath tub.....*sad face*
A Yellow Pikmin 22 déc 2012 à 22h06 
This game has since become one of my favorites. Everything about it is beautiful, and it's so fun to play.
commanderXN 20 déc 2012 à 0h07 
WOW! I want this game.
[PC] Roy Batty 6 déc 2012 à 11h18 
This game is objectively excellent. Truly one of the funnest gaming experiences of the year, in my opinion.
Valyen 4 déc 2012 à 19h21 
The game, concept and artwork simply look amazing.
Reign666 2 déc 2012 à 14h54 
Superbe présentation au TGS ^^
Salut a toi Crounchann de la par du Bordelais qui passe et repasse et rerepasse ^^
xland44 28 nov 2012 à 20h22 
Interesting alien world you've coded there. I might buy the game.
LunarNyang 25 nov 2012 à 17h56 
Oh.. beautiful:D
Kobest 20 nov 2012 à 11h56 
Any news on the DRM-free release?? :) Can't wait to buy it! :)
Ami 20 nov 2012 à 6h52 
Très joli. mais c'est difficile.
什果宾治 19 nov 2012 à 7h15 
So there going to be a sequel or new project announced anytime soon?
什果宾治 19 nov 2012 à 7h11 
Indie GOTY
Albert Espín 14 nov 2012 à 7h31 
This game seems to be quite or very good, so the authors should give it to the press to review it, this way people would see the Metascore (possibly high) in the game page and will buy the game.
[PC] Roy Batty 14 nov 2012 à 7h04 
Beat this game over the weekend. Was not disappointed. Worth every penny.
Ecolyne 13 nov 2012 à 10h43 
got the game, and not even a minute in, i'm already loving it
KROMEchameleon 12 nov 2012 à 23h22 
Yes! One of the first games I really wanted to come out and now it's here!
Congrats to you guys.
§Kratos1791 12 nov 2012 à 7h31 
i hope you have succes with other games you make (maybe)
Lost Monster 12 nov 2012 à 3h20 
Мои поздравления, игра великолепна!
Killaruana 11 nov 2012 à 7h39 
G•H•O•S•T 10 nov 2012 à 19h50 
Gratulation for release but 10€? seriously?
Blackout7491 10 nov 2012 à 10h29 
║║─╔╣╔╗║╔╗╣╔╗║╔╣╔╗║║║║║║║║╔╗║║╠╣╔╗║╔╗╣══╣How do people make these?
Blackout7491 10 nov 2012 à 10h28 
Looks cool, not waht expected to come out on steam.....
Tactical Toaster 10 nov 2012 à 7h51 
Congrats on the steam release. This was the first game I thumbs up when greenlight came to steam.
Arafenix 10 nov 2012 à 4h16 
Congratulation for your release in steam :)
The Lingering Sentiment 10 nov 2012 à 3h07 
This game is as close to perfect as a 2D platformer can be. The art, music and gameplay all merge together into a wonderful experience.

Thank you for making this game. I'm glad to have voted for it.
{trace}ϟBRAINFREEEEZEϟ 10 nov 2012 à 1h32 
Teh Browniemixx 9 nov 2012 à 16h09 
kinda reminds me of rayman
DemKin 9 nov 2012 à 15h53 
Un gros GG à l'équipe pour ce jeu et sa validation par Steam.
Bonne continuation !
White♊Gemini 9 nov 2012 à 15h43 
Woot j'ai aidé un autre bon match félicitations Ankama
ender cake 9 nov 2012 à 13h55 
──────────╚══╝ but you can make greenlight for free plece :(
Makoto 9 nov 2012 à 13h54 
After a few hours of play, all i can say is that the game is gorgeous: art, gameplay, level design and music are awesome ! Keep up the good work =)
Salvatos 9 nov 2012 à 11h14 
@Fly'n Eh, I'm not that big on platformers, I'll be buying it mostly to support a great team. So yeah, it's worth the wait, especially considering I heard about this just three days ago :)
Mowgli. 9 nov 2012 à 10h48 
Can't launch, (Still Encrytped) or something like that