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AfterMath - a post-apoc text-based game
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JBJblaze  [author] Feb 16, 2015 @ 10:20am 
@a 1997 honda civic: Yessir! Rebuilding it for something a little more than what Batch offers, plus I feel more fluent now in Java, thanks to taking Computer Science!
rubbor duccy Feb 16, 2015 @ 1:19am 
Was it originally written in Batch? @JBJBlaze
JBJblaze  [author] Feb 15, 2015 @ 8:49am 
@a 1997 honda civic: Currently trying to rebuild it in Java.
rubbor duccy Feb 15, 2015 @ 12:06am 
Is it being made with Java or JavaScript?
themasterpoeper Sep 5, 2014 @ 3:14pm 
JBJblaze  [author] Sep 5, 2014 @ 1:29pm 
@themasterpoeper I think part of it is hasn't had much promotion currently nor updates ... Shall what I can do whence I learn Java in my school's 1st semester. :)
themasterpoeper Sep 3, 2014 @ 8:35am 
how is this still not greenlit
Defilum Aug 23, 2014 @ 4:59pm 
It looks really interesting but my concern is the same as ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)R̶E̶K̶T̶
Eat Ass Aug 15, 2014 @ 11:50am 
Thats amazing, and what said earlier is me not thinking clearly not getting my full 8 hours. No i think it's an amazing idea for a game.
JBJblaze  [author] Aug 13, 2014 @ 6:35pm 
@( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)COD OF DUWY I hate to say it ... but 'tis free. :)
Eat Ass Aug 13, 2014 @ 4:57pm 
This looks really cool. But is it steam grade good? Even that also will the price be appropriate

The breakdown is...... Somewhat original idea, Good idea for a text based rpg aswell.
ionutudor2012 Aug 12, 2014 @ 8:21am 
nice up vote
JBJblaze  [author] Aug 11, 2014 @ 10:04am 
@ionutudor2012 Am I?
ionutudor2012 Aug 11, 2014 @ 9:04am 
you are in top 100?
JBJblaze  [author] Aug 10, 2014 @ 8:45am 
Thanks for the compliment! :)
hentayschik Aug 10, 2014 @ 7:28am 
good game
JBJblaze  [author] Aug 3, 2014 @ 8:09pm 
@kronenbourg731 It's all slightly simple to code it! Note the word slightly! ;)
kronenbourg731 Aug 3, 2014 @ 9:41am 
nice and simple, remember these type of games years ago. Voted yes
Leon Aug 2, 2014 @ 1:02pm 
JBJblaze  [author] Jul 28, 2014 @ 12:03pm 
@minerman610 Thanks! And it's alright that you're not into it! I struggle with taking it off hiatus myself. There's definitely something on Greenlight that will spark your fancy for sure!
Cern Jul 26, 2014 @ 10:50pm 
Sorry but not very interesting to me, Good luck though
BFG-9000 Jul 14, 2014 @ 9:17pm 
Yes! Voted!
JBJblaze  [author] Jun 25, 2014 @ 12:46pm 
Ah okay! Google Translate makes some things confusing.
Thunder665m Jun 25, 2014 @ 12:44pm 
Hope to play russian version)
JBJblaze  [author] Jun 25, 2014 @ 12:43pm 
That last part you said: you hope to play the Russian version or you hope to be in it?
Thunder665m Jun 25, 2014 @ 12:39pm 
Довольно необычный проект, этим и подкупает. Надеюсь будет версия на русском!
JBJblaze  [author] Jun 25, 2014 @ 8:33am 
Oh yes, I remember now: I combined 'dumb' with 'd-mn' and created 'dumn'. Note the context of the word.
Thanks for letting me know though! Jogged my memory a bit! :)
JBJblaze  [author] Jun 25, 2014 @ 8:27am 
I forget most of the motivation for spelling it like that, but it was intentional. I'm not ignorant to proper English spelling and grammar, probably some artistic reason, but I don't quite remember.
Stereorage82 Jun 25, 2014 @ 4:07am 
Free, or not. It is crap. text based games on Steam, is crap. It is a "DUMN" idea. The fact that you can't spell a commonly used word such as "DUMB", tells me that you should not make text based games, anyways. Simple and done.
Stereorage82 Jun 25, 2014 @ 3:59am 
A Big Gu : Text based games as if I were command prompting in DOS, just should not be on steam. Steam is getting filled with way too much garbage. I don't care about graphics much either, but seriously.
DusKy Jun 22, 2014 @ 8:38pm 
Cool looks old school
DARK NINJA Jun 21, 2014 @ 2:00pm 
bringing back text adventures would be cool
Archimonde May 28, 2014 @ 7:36am 
i've never try games like that, but i think it could be good, but, if we must pay, so much ppl won't buy it
-Samek- May 25, 2014 @ 3:12am 
I really can't wait to see a good quality text adventure come to steam. TOTALLY BUYING THIS!!!
mrwonderful3 May 15, 2014 @ 2:40pm 
Come on steam! Release it already!
TheGermanMarine May 9, 2014 @ 10:14pm 
I want this game
JBJblaze  [author] Apr 27, 2014 @ 6:07pm 
As I've told many others, the game will remain free-to-play. I thank you very much for your support, however, for this being on hiatus, it means a lot to me. :)
Saige Apr 26, 2014 @ 10:41pm 
This is honestly the game I've been waiting to come out on steam. It seems great and exactly what I enjoy, just don't set the price too high.
JBJblaze  [author] Apr 18, 2014 @ 6:21pm 
In a way, that is actually the point of the announcement. To mislead people into thinking the game is unlawful, but then sticking in there that it's all BS! ;)
Caffeine Apr 18, 2014 @ 2:38pm 
Looks interesting, I love text-based games! Just a suggestion though - you may want to change the title of your April Fools' announcement, as it's misleading and not everyone's going to read the actual message, given its nature. :)
JBJblaze  [author] Feb 27, 2014 @ 12:15pm 
I do plan on going into the wider range of elements, but currently, you do not need corrected. ;)
Mop Feb 27, 2014 @ 8:26am 
So, to me it just seems like you go through a series of choices, and there isn't really anything besides that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that really seems the basis of this game, and what it's core gameplay is. Even though it's coded in Windows Batch, you can still do things like an inventory, character leveling and such.
JBJblaze  [author] Feb 26, 2014 @ 12:03pm 
I thank your suggestion! I will consider it! :D
Redrumtac Feb 25, 2014 @ 5:56pm 
I vote yes. Because I dont think ive EVER played a post apocaplyse text based game. Neither have i ever played a text based game.

Hope it comes out descriptive and dark. Edgar allen poe feeling would be nice. Something dark.
Merim Feb 25, 2014 @ 2:37pm 
Reminds of this one mini game i played in Call of Duty Black ops, that game in the computer. I forgot whats it called, but its somewhat similiar to it, cant wait to play it!
FaNaT Feb 23, 2014 @ 3:30am 
I voted "yes" and I'm eager to play! Thank you for free chapter! You're great!
JBJblaze  [author] Feb 5, 2014 @ 1:52pm 
@HombreFelipe Have fun with that, and feel free to give any feedback you can! :D
Fulmper Feb 5, 2014 @ 2:52am 
@JBJblaze Oh, okay :) I'll try that out then.
JBJblaze  [author] Feb 4, 2014 @ 7:27pm 
Nope, just the current version which is free to play. Unless however you'd like to consider Episode 1 the demo! :P
Fulmper Feb 4, 2014 @ 2:26pm 
Is there a demo available?