Тази игра е вече достъпна в Steam!

Благодарим Ви за помощта с избора тази игра да бъде чрез Steam. Още информация, включително и връзка към страницата в магазина, може да бъде намерена по-долу.

Loren The Amazon Princess
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templar 28 януари 2014 в 11:16 следобед 
good game enjoy the rpg and story line
ricardocasama 24 януари 2014 в 12:30 сутринта 
Please add spanish language.
Winter Wolves  [автор] 16 януари 2014 в 11:36 сутринта 
ShiroiRyu 16 януари 2014 в 10:29 сутринта 
It's what i thought. Thanks for all the answers. Need just to wait the end of the month but i will buy this one. :) The science-fiction game need to be greenlighted too ! Oh, and i forgot to say : i love your graphic style !
Winter Wolves  [автор] 16 януари 2014 в 9:54 сутринта 
Is in the game
ShiroiRyu 16 януари 2014 в 8:44 сутринта 
Sorry to look like dumb but the Gallery Button is on the website or in the game ? If it's on the game, i will need to take so the website version in same time than the Steam one ... and do i need to unlock the gallery ? ^^
Winter Wolves  [автор] 16 януари 2014 в 6:19 сутринта 
The best is if you play on Steam, and then you can always see the uncensored images from the version on my site using the Gallery button (that's the only difference).
ShiroiRyu 16 януари 2014 в 3:53 сутринта 
And finally one last question : If we have the uncensored game, we can always try to have the achievements on Steam ? Or we have to play two game separately ? ^^
ShiroiRyu 15 януари 2014 в 2:51 следобед 
So far ? Anyways, in same time, until we finish this game , his DLC and the next one ... :D
EDIT : Another question : How the demo knew we have bought the Steam game ? :)
Winter Wolves  [автор] 15 януари 2014 в 11:27 сутринта 
Yes you can download the demo from my site, and will recognize you bought on Steam and auto-unlock :) sequel is still FAR from being finished, sorry ^_^
ShiroiRyu 15 януари 2014 в 10:37 сутринта 
So if i understand, it's easy to remove the censor thing ? And how we do it ? :D
Yes, i think i will buy it so i have to know ! :] How the sequel is doing ?
lys_xen 13 януари 2014 в 12:28 следобед 
At least this will be available next Wed. :)
Winter Wolves  [автор] 12 януари 2014 в 11:38 следобед 
Well the game wasn't really designed for touch devices when I coded it ^_^
ashez2ashes 12 януари 2014 в 9:24 следобед 
Been playing this on my kindle and it's been fun. I wish you could drag and drop your equipment into your equipment slots though. The system of clicking and unclicking and having to switch screens and remember stats is really awkward.
Tony 9 януари 2014 в 8:24 следобед 
i liked the uncensor thing for giants citzen kabuto on pc just remove this one file and the chick you get to play loses her top
Florence 7 януари 2014 в 9:48 сутринта 
Oooh, well, yeah, a simple patch or instructions to remove the censor on our end would be nice :D
Winter Wolves  [автор] 7 януари 2014 в 12:24 сутринта 
Yes, it IS already easy to uncensor the game yourself, so no worries ;)
Fenrir007 6 януари 2014 в 4:05 следобед 
Suggestion - provide a patch on your site to patch in whatever it is you decide to censor, or just make it easy to uncensor yourself tinkering with the game files (and just let the community do its thing).
Florence 4 януари 2014 в 5:28 следобед 
Personally, I'm hugely in favor of this having the adult content in some fashion. I mean, as much as I'm usually all for more realistic clothing in fantasy games, censoring that kinda stuff just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Megaman 4 януари 2014 в 5:59 сутринта 
I'm not sure why they would stop the clothing option. Having lots of fanservice in a game is fine if Skullgirls is any indicator. And I'm sure GTA has strippers in it that are way more sexual in nature. The romance scenes near the end, yes that can be considered to hot to be around kids, but the clothing? Nah
TrickZZter 3 януари 2014 в 8:34 следобед 
@Winter Wolves:
You can make a DLC with "risque content" just like Blood & Gore DLC for Total War: ROME II:
Winter Wolves  [автор] 2 януари 2014 в 5:47 сутринта 
Hehe the problem is that those "internet protections" based on age verification are easy to circumvent :P
Jerry 2 януари 2014 в 5:04 сутринта 
ESRB....I've disliked'em since I learned about'em....

Guess there's no easy way around it, but what about hiding it in the options and calling it something that people don't react to like "risque content" that you use here ^^ Or parental controls? Though the trick would be to get it rated as the kiddie version while still including the full content.
Or that wouldn't be enough to go aroudn the ESRB? Or trying to get it rated in a country which accepts everything?

Even then, age verification is just a formality. People just enter an early year and they're set.
Dawn of War II and such use it but kids learn fast that they just enter 1910 as a year and it's set ^^
Winter Wolves  [автор] 2 януари 2014 в 4:52 сутринта 
Well they don't expressely forbid (though they made me understand that was better not), but anyway I would have had to get an ESRB rating or other insane things... and then require age verification to access product page. Ultimately I decided to go without it, because was too much of a pain and also could damage sales and I can't risk that.

On the version I sell on my site you can still choose of course.
Jerry 2 януари 2014 в 2:30 сутринта 
Ok. But is there's no option to enable everything?

So Steam forbids nudity and such?
Winter Wolves  [автор] 2 януари 2014 в 2:05 сутринта 
Because I didn't know before, I didn't talk with them until I had the game approved. With 100 titles Greenlit each month and all the work they have to do was a miracle to get an answer after about one month :)
Jerry 2 януари 2014 в 1:15 сутринта 
....Dafuq didn't you say that Steam will get a kiddieversion until NOW??
Sgt Phantomizer 1 януари 2014 в 2:31 следобед 
Works for me then :)
Winter Wolves  [автор] 1 януари 2014 в 8:37 сутринта 
Yes nothing else is changed, only what you mention :)
Arcitens 1 януари 2014 в 8:31 сутринта 
Romance options are still the same though, yeah? It's only the "risque" clothing appearances that are gone?

Can't wait for the beta and then the DLC :)
Winter Wolves  [автор] 31 декември 2013 в 11:45 следобед 
Yes, they have the "integral" version but I need to update it (has still the old music and is not the latest version).
Sgt Phantomizer 31 декември 2013 в 5:27 следобед 
Oh dear...I'm a bit disappointed that we're getting the "kiddified" version, the Desura version is the original, with the option to tone down the sexy content, or whatever it is that option does, right? Well, hopefully...because I bought it there last night :D
Winter Wolves  [автор] 31 декември 2013 в 6:48 сутринта 
Eh if you like that, yes that's the only way sorry ^_^;
Tigress_Aura 31 декември 2013 в 5:22 сутринта 
boo on sexy content being removed =( guess i need buy striaght from site lol
Winter Wolves  [автор] 31 декември 2013 в 3:33 сутринта 
It was posted over a year ago but was Greenlight only last October :D so you need to count from that month since before I didn't even know if would get on Steam.
It should be available in January, but in the next days I'll begin sending keys to anyone who bought the game direct. Just remember that Steam version has the sexy content removed for obvious reasons :)
lys_xen 30 декември 2013 в 7:51 следобед 
@ Sgt. Phantomizer

From the Winter Wolves forums, it is currently being tested to minimize bugs for the Steam implementation. It should be out sometime in January, 2014.
Sgt Phantomizer 30 декември 2013 в 4:02 следобед 
So what's the current status of this? It was posted on greenlight over a year ago, but still not available on steam :(
Tigress_Aura 28 декември 2013 в 7:43 сутринта 
Muscovite 18 декември 2013 в 8:57 следобед 
No porn?! BAH!
imp0319 18 декември 2013 в 6:38 следобед 
GuldRosett 17 декември 2013 в 5:05 следобед 
Great to see this game finally been greenlit! I enjoyed this game tremendously so I can't wait to play it again!
misscityhunter 8 декември 2013 в 11:21 сутринта 
me too. Thanks :D Good news !!!
Winter Wolves  [автор] 4 декември 2013 в 8:03 сутринта 
When I start it (hopefully later this month) I'll post in my forums but also here, no worries :)
Arcitens 4 декември 2013 в 7:55 сутринта 
how will people who have already bought the game be hearing about the closed Steam beta? Would like to join and help you test.
Tony 21 ноември 2013 в 10:12 сутринта 
glad to see after all that time it finally made it
machetazo 20 ноември 2013 в 4:04 сутринта 
Don't make the mistake of overlooking this game. I bought it from the official site. and it's such great fun and well crafted that I've not been eager to put it down! I really like the role you're asked to play in L:TaP. In this respect. it can be complex, but rarely complicated. The soundtrack is impressive and the battles well balanced. I'd like to say Thamk You to Winter Wolves for developing and releasing as fine and fun of a game :) Well done!
eternal_pally 18 ноември 2013 в 2:13 следобед 
I was about to ask about the expansion, when I saw that it had already been asked. Glad to hear there are plans to have that available on steam as well!
Arcitens 17 ноември 2013 в 1:37 следобед 
Yes! Was just checking back to see how the Greenlight progress was going -- so glad to see it's succeeded. You really deserve to have your games on Steam. I bought the game from Desura a while ago and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the upcoming beta with new artwork. I'll buy the Castle of N'mar expansion through Steam once its released!
NisseDood 17 ноември 2013 в 9:36 сутринта 
Have been playing the version already out. Pretty fun but I found it dissapointing that Dora wasnt romancable. She was my favorite. I wanted to go for her with Elenor. ;_;
nullzero 15 ноември 2013 в 12:25 следобед