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Rot Gut
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ImaNewbie hace 11 horas 
ImaNewbie 20 de Abr a las 23:30 
I've purchased the game through IndieRoyale's Debut 12, how can I get the steam key? I have not yet activated the game on Desura yet. Is that I must for me to get steam key?
Aidin  [autor] 20 de Abr a las 1:31 
Thanks guys.

@Vaharrak, Damsel: Of course you will! Also with some additional goodies ;);
Stranger 18 de Abr a las 20:45 
Congratulations !!! Greenlit At Last . Good Luck . :)
Shade² 18 de Abr a las 4:33 
yeah :)
dosadi666 17 de Abr a las 17:44 
Congratulations ! At last !
Damsel ✿ 17 de Abr a las 12:03 
I was curious about the same thing as Vaharrak since I will probably purchase the bundle there, but I think I actually voted and bought your game as a pick on Groupees before. =)
Vaharrak 17 de Abr a las 7:08 
Congratulations on getting Greenlit!
Will buyers from IndieRoyale's Debut 12 Bundle get keys too? Thanks and best of luck!
Brian 17 de Abr a las 5:25 
Congrats guys! Now get to work ; )
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 17 de Abr a las 4:08 
syky_finisher 17 de Abr a las 1:04 
S U P E R !
Woo Woo 16 de Abr a las 16:06 
Coming Soooooooooooooooooooooooooon~~~
Aidin  [autor] 16 de Abr a las 15:48 
Thanks guys, we just got Greenlit!
Eviction Notice 16 de Abr a las 14:46 
It's a no for me, which is unfortunate because it's a stealth game and those are my favorite. I played the Flash version and beat it in 20 minutes. Two boss fights. The story never unfolds and just ends as fast as it begins. This game is more like a demo. It needs at least 5x more levels.
Renan.rsa 16 de Abr a las 11:17 
Domojo 16 de Abr a las 10:55 
d3ToX™ 16 de Abr a las 10:25 
danalyze 16 de Abr a las 9:31 
Voted and bought it through IndieRoyale's The Debut 12 Bundle.Best wishes!
Kuon 16 de Abr a las 9:24 
TheZodiac 16 de Abr a las 9:06 
The General 3 de Abr a las 17:22 
Cool! Retro, would buy it.
Diego\ 2 de Abr a las 11:26 
good luck ...
Đead Ƥsycho 2 de Abr a las 7:25 
good luck ...
lavose 11 de Mar a las 1:45 
I played Rot Gut when it was featured on JayIsGames on September 2012. While it was a decent flash game two years ago, greenlighting this on steam without any new content leaves me somewhat dissatisfied.
Jimbos 10 de Mar a las 17:03 
Music 27/10. Would listen to again.
skrenev 8 de Mar a las 10:32 
nice ! flash game!
Aidin  [autor] 6 de Mar a las 7:06 
Hey guys! We are now #80 in the Top 100 titles in Greenlight! Hope we get greenlit soon!
Aidin  [autor] 5 de Mar a las 7:46 
@^ ^ ^ GORDAN21 ^ ^ ^ 9Ho3ele 9H3: Thanks man!
HaJ aQa SaMeT 9Ho3Le 9H3 28 de Feb a las 13:20 
NICE GAME :x:csgostar:
Aidin  [autor] 27 de Feb a las 4:26 
@Pilusmks: Thanks man!
pilusmks 26 de Feb a las 22:52 
very good Mr.Aidin!
keep up the good work!
Aidin  [autor] 26 de Feb a las 5:31 
@AsteriCorvus: Thanks man!
AsteriCorvus 25 de Feb a las 23:08 
Good luck:)
Aidin  [autor] 25 de Feb a las 9:23 
Guys! We are at 97% of votes to get Greenlit! Spread the word if you like the game!
Aidin  [autor] 25 de Feb a las 9:23 
@Seven | BehrOOz Sure man, check out the description.

@thenzitone: Thanks man for your kind words. Honestly, we have big plans for it once we get greenlit, so spread the word if you like to get the game on Steam!

@LeeKyo: Thanks man!
LeeKyo 23 de Feb a las 3:22 
Pixel Noir? Now I saw evrything :)
Good game! I'd like to see it at Steam!
theniztone 20 de Feb a las 7:55 
First of all I wanted to congratulate you for such a well themed videogame. Graphics and music are perfect and create a really original atmosphere. Having said that, I agree with the previous comments that the game is too short and, in my opinion, the bosses could use some extra work. I think "Rot Gut" has the potential to be a great game but so far I can only see it as a good small game. I really want to like it, give us more!
Se7en | BehrOOz 19 de Feb a las 20:19 
can i see demo ?
Aidin  [autor] 18 de Feb a las 14:15 
You can purchase the game from the link in the description.

If you buy the game from that link and we get greenlit, you'll get free Steam Key!
Cannoness Hannah 9 de Feb a las 16:54 
Needs good port options. That'll make or break a steam release. Ie, basic video options, etc.
Ashurbanipal 9 de Feb a las 9:43 
The music's dope af! Looks nice also
HombreFelipe 4 de Feb a las 14:24 
Is there a demo available?
Gibus Edgeless Ace Stuntman 31 de Ene a las 15:12 
Looking forward to this.
Vayeatte [N] 31 de Ene a las 12:40 
Seems like it could be good but, as it is right now, it's incredibly short. It takes about 20 minutes to finish it at most.
C31H46O2 29 de Ene a las 9:12 

In regards to the difference between the Steam and the Flash version, I am happy with added controller support (important) + the (catchy) OST, BUT I do also expect decent screen resolution options and perhaps even multiple aspect ratios.

@ Spectrum Legacy:

There were vending machines (accepting coins) in the 1920s.
Spectrum Legacy 28 de Ene a las 11:27 
Looks really nice, there are genres which I think are being neglected and games with the noir feel were always among those. Just one small detail: I can't get over the vending machines. I wasn't around in the 20's but those neither I think...it is an immersion killer for me, though I understand that he point of game lies elsewhere, not in strict historical accuracy.
ColosusZerker 27 de Ene a las 5:48 
This adds nothing to an already over-crowded genre. Downvoted.
Dr. Hank 25 de Ene a las 15:55 
C'mon, everybody wants to see this greenlighted! Cheers to the dev and voters.
4n47y 25 de Ene a las 6:06 
Tight gameplay and rockin soundtrack. The indie revolution reawakened my love of platformers, and this fits right into that rennaissance! +10 points!
Aidin  [autor] 24 de Ene a las 2:59 
Thanks to guys that helped us from the Groupees bundle!

Can't wait to give back all the love with Free Steam Keys!

Also the Steam version will have achievements, OST disc, controller support and also a ... SECRET SURPRISE!