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Rot Gut
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YajanOciathien2 1 ott 2016, ore 18:02 
Hi, I'm not here to boost but promote your released game to over 500,000 real people [no bots are used]. My service is very cheap and I hope you will take me up on my offer.

Please contact me on steam

Regards ATOMIX
MrvKrt 19 apr 2016, ore 8:57 
I bought the game on groupees and there will be the steam key on groupess?
Ninjax  [autore] 2 apr 2016, ore 8:00 
@Dick-Ass Thief: Sure.
Dick-Ass Thief 31 mar 2016, ore 0:16 
Are you releasing this game anytime soon...
Ninjax  [autore] 19 mar 2016, ore 6:41 
We have changed the game, like instead of static levels have our procedurally random generation but the final product should feel true to the original game.

About changing release date, since we are already late, we want to at least make something worth it.
C31H46O2 16 mar 2016, ore 10:07 
Okay, thanks for clearing that up.

The "What do you think of this approach?" thread and the recent video showing only PvP gameplay made me falsely assume that you had shifted completely towards this approach.

Good luck with the release.
Ninjax  [autore] 14 mar 2016, ore 5:48 
@C31H4602 (Or vitamin K): Don't worry. We have a single player campaign with a surprise. We are talking more about the multiplayer since it's something we are hyped about ourselves.
C31H46O2 9 mar 2016, ore 14:25 
Correct me if I am wrong;

Almost 4 years ago a platformer (claimed to be ready to launch) was submitted to Greenlight. People liked it and it got greenlit.
Now it seems you are submitting a totally different game to Early Access.

The original was a nice little platformer, with a catchy soundtrack, and I think it would have been more successful than this new version if it - as I fear - is a Gun Monkeys-like PvP.
Ninjax  [autore] 6 mar 2016, ore 8:16 
@fjmac65, we are trying to add online networking, so that causes us some delay.
fjmac65 3 mar 2016, ore 11:13 
Any details on an impending Steam release?
Ninjax  [autore] 9 feb 2016, ore 5:12 
@Timska, rip pc: sure.
Timska 14 ago 2015, ore 14:57 
would i be able to contact you through steam ?
Ninjax  [autore] 13 ago 2015, ore 7:30 
@ ☭GERSillySausage☭ We are working on it. We've made three different prototypes but were not happy about them so we've changed the course of the game and making a new one.
GERSillySausage 12 ago 2015, ore 5:34 
Ouch... First quarter of 2015 is over. What happened?
Ninjax  [autore] 18 nov 2014, ore 3:58 
@Meshuggah12345: Thanks man!
Ninjax  [autore] 18 nov 2014, ore 3:58 
@Bleshin[SV]: Please read recent announcements.
Bleshin 5 nov 2014, ore 20:49 
Any news on this game? i bought the bundle a while ago
meshuggah12345 13 lug 2014, ore 6:01 
@Aidin: Sounds great! 'm looking forward to playing it!
Ninjax  [autore] 13 lug 2014, ore 3:32 
@Messuggah12345: We are porting it and remaking it, that's why.
meshuggah12345 9 lug 2014, ore 12:47 
Any word on when this is coming out? Its been a while since its been greenlit...
ImaNewbie 28 apr 2014, ore 21:27 
Thank you very much, =)
Ninjax  [autore] 26 apr 2014, ore 6:59 
@ImaNewbie: Sorry for the delay. You can receive your key when game is actually released on Steam.
ImaNewbie 25 apr 2014, ore 9:45 
ImaNewbie 23 apr 2014, ore 1:47 
ImaNewbie 20 apr 2014, ore 23:30 
I've purchased the game through IndieRoyale's Debut 12, how can I get the steam key? I have not yet activated the game on Desura yet. Is that I must for me to get steam key?
Ninjax  [autore] 20 apr 2014, ore 1:31 
Thanks guys.

@Vaharrak, Damsel: Of course you will! Also with some additional goodies ;);
Stranger 18 apr 2014, ore 20:45 
Congratulations !!! Greenlit At Last . Good Luck . :)
Shade² 18 apr 2014, ore 4:33 
yeah :)
dosadi666 17 apr 2014, ore 17:44 
Congratulations ! At last !
Vaharrak 17 apr 2014, ore 7:08 
Congratulations on getting Greenlit!
Will buyers from IndieRoyale's Debut 12 Bundle get keys too? Thanks and best of luck!
Brian 17 apr 2014, ore 5:25 
Congrats guys! Now get to work ; )
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 17 apr 2014, ore 4:08 
syky_finisher 17 apr 2014, ore 1:04 
S U P E R !
Woo Woo 16 apr 2014, ore 16:06 
Coming Soooooooooooooooooooooooooon~~~
Ninjax  [autore] 16 apr 2014, ore 15:48 
Thanks guys, we just got Greenlit!
Eviction Notice 16 apr 2014, ore 14:46 
It's a no for me, which is unfortunate because it's a stealth game and those are my favorite. I played the Flash version and beat it in 20 minutes. Two boss fights. The story never unfolds and just ends as fast as it begins. This game is more like a demo. It needs at least 5x more levels.
R. 16 apr 2014, ore 11:17 
Domojo 16 apr 2014, ore 10:55 
d3ToX 16 apr 2014, ore 10:25 
danalyze 16 apr 2014, ore 9:31 
Voted and bought it through IndieRoyale's The Debut 12 Bundle.Best wishes!
Kuon 16 apr 2014, ore 9:24 
TheZodiac 16 apr 2014, ore 9:06 
Diesel419 3 apr 2014, ore 17:22 
Cool! Retro, would buy it.
lemon4ik 2 apr 2014, ore 11:26 
good luck ...
Đead Ƥsycho 2 apr 2014, ore 7:25 
good luck ...
lavose 11 mar 2014, ore 1:45 
I played Rot Gut when it was featured on JayIsGames on September 2012. While it was a decent flash game two years ago, greenlighting this on steam without any new content leaves me somewhat dissatisfied.
Jimbos 10 mar 2014, ore 17:03 
Music 27/10. Would listen to again.
Yupi_Door 8 mar 2014, ore 10:32 
nice ! flash game!
Ninjax  [autore] 6 mar 2014, ore 7:06 
Hey guys! We are now #80 in the Top 100 titles in Greenlight! Hope we get greenlit soon!
Ninjax  [autore] 5 mar 2014, ore 7:46 
@^ ^ ^ GORDAN21 ^ ^ ^ 9Ho3ele 9H3: Thanks man!