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Rot Gut
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Timska, rip pc 14 ago 2015, ore 14:57 
would i be able to contact you through steam ?
idn  [autore] 13 ago 2015, ore 7:30 
@ ☭GERSillySausage☭ We are working on it. We've made three different prototypes but were not happy about them so we've changed the course of the game and making a new one.
☭GERSillySausage☭ 12 ago 2015, ore 5:34 
Ouch... First quarter of 2015 is over. What happened?
idn  [autore] 18 nov 2014, ore 3:58 
@Meshuggah12345: Thanks man!
idn  [autore] 18 nov 2014, ore 3:58 
@Bleshin[SV]: Please read recent announcements.
Bleshin 5 nov 2014, ore 20:49 
Any news on this game? i bought the bundle a while ago
meshuggah12345 13 lug 2014, ore 6:01 
@Aidin: Sounds great! 'm looking forward to playing it!
idn  [autore] 13 lug 2014, ore 3:32 
@Messuggah12345: We are porting it and remaking it, that's why.
meshuggah12345 9 lug 2014, ore 12:47 
Any word on when this is coming out? Its been a while since its been greenlit...
ImaNewbie 28 apr 2014, ore 21:27 
Thank you very much, =)
idn  [autore] 26 apr 2014, ore 6:59 
@ImaNewbie: Sorry for the delay. You can receive your key when game is actually released on Steam.
ImaNewbie 25 apr 2014, ore 9:45 
ImaNewbie 23 apr 2014, ore 1:47 
ImaNewbie 20 apr 2014, ore 23:30 
I've purchased the game through IndieRoyale's Debut 12, how can I get the steam key? I have not yet activated the game on Desura yet. Is that I must for me to get steam key?
idn  [autore] 20 apr 2014, ore 1:31 
Thanks guys.

@Vaharrak, Damsel: Of course you will! Also with some additional goodies ;);
Stranger 18 apr 2014, ore 20:45 
Congratulations !!! Greenlit At Last . Good Luck . :)
Shade² [FR] 18 apr 2014, ore 4:33 
yeah :)
dosadi666 17 apr 2014, ore 17:44 
Congratulations ! At last !
Dahl 17 apr 2014, ore 12:03 
I was curious about the same thing as Vaharrak since I will probably purchase the bundle there, but I think I actually voted and bought your game as a pick on Groupees before. =)
Vaharrak 17 apr 2014, ore 7:08 
Congratulations on getting Greenlit!
Will buyers from IndieRoyale's Debut 12 Bundle get keys too? Thanks and best of luck!
Brian 17 apr 2014, ore 5:25 
Congrats guys! Now get to work ; )
kamillo55855 (GameMiner) 17 apr 2014, ore 4:08 
syky_finisher 17 apr 2014, ore 1:04 
S U P E R !
Woo Woo 16 apr 2014, ore 16:06 
Coming Soooooooooooooooooooooooooon~~~
idn  [autore] 16 apr 2014, ore 15:48 
Thanks guys, we just got Greenlit!
Eviction Notice 16 apr 2014, ore 14:46 
It's a no for me, which is unfortunate because it's a stealth game and those are my favorite. I played the Flash version and beat it in 20 minutes. Two boss fights. The story never unfolds and just ends as fast as it begins. This game is more like a demo. It needs at least 5x more levels.
RSDA 16 apr 2014, ore 11:17 
Domojo 16 apr 2014, ore 10:55 
d3ToX™ 16 apr 2014, ore 10:25 
danalyze 16 apr 2014, ore 9:31 
Voted and bought it through IndieRoyale's The Debut 12 Bundle.Best wishes!
Kuon 16 apr 2014, ore 9:24 
TheZodiac 16 apr 2014, ore 9:06 
Vault Dweller 3 apr 2014, ore 17:22 
Cool! Retro, would buy it.
lemon4ik 2 apr 2014, ore 11:26 
good luck ...
Đead Ƥsycho 2 apr 2014, ore 7:25 
good luck ...
lavose 11 mar 2014, ore 1:45 
I played Rot Gut when it was featured on JayIsGames on September 2012. While it was a decent flash game two years ago, greenlighting this on steam without any new content leaves me somewhat dissatisfied.
Jimbos 10 mar 2014, ore 17:03 
Music 27/10. Would listen to again.
skrenev 8 mar 2014, ore 10:32 
nice ! flash game!
idn  [autore] 6 mar 2014, ore 7:06 
Hey guys! We are now #80 in the Top 100 titles in Greenlight! Hope we get greenlit soon!
idn  [autore] 5 mar 2014, ore 7:46 
@^ ^ ^ GORDAN21 ^ ^ ^ 9Ho3ele 9H3: Thanks man!
SaMeT 9SnD 28 feb 2014, ore 13:20 
NICE GAME :x:csgostar:
idn  [autore] 27 feb 2014, ore 4:26 
@Pilusmks: Thanks man!
pilusmks[M_K] 26 feb 2014, ore 22:52 
very good Mr.Aidin!
keep up the good work!
idn  [autore] 26 feb 2014, ore 5:31 
@AsteriCorvus: Thanks man!
AsteriCorvus 25 feb 2014, ore 23:08 
Good luck:)
idn  [autore] 25 feb 2014, ore 9:23 
Guys! We are at 97% of votes to get Greenlit! Spread the word if you like the game!
idn  [autore] 25 feb 2014, ore 9:23 
@Seven | BehrOOz Sure man, check out the description.

@thenzitone: Thanks man for your kind words. Honestly, we have big plans for it once we get greenlit, so spread the word if you like to get the game on Steam!

@LeeKyo: Thanks man!
FaNaT 23 feb 2014, ore 3:22 
Pixel Noir? Now I saw evrything :)
Good game! I'd like to see it at Steam!
theniztone 20 feb 2014, ore 7:55 
First of all I wanted to congratulate you for such a well themed videogame. Graphics and music are perfect and create a really original atmosphere. Having said that, I agree with the previous comments that the game is too short and, in my opinion, the bosses could use some extra work. I think "Rot Gut" has the potential to be a great game but so far I can only see it as a good small game. I really want to like it, give us more!
Se7en | BehrOOz 19 feb 2014, ore 20:19 
can i see demo ?