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AvaTheMutt 25 août à 19h44 
Love the idea of being able to use a dance mat and the rockband drums. I don't really know any of the songs so I am not completely sold on it but with the plan on releasing it for free, I don't care as much, would actually give me an opportunity to find some new songs. However, adding a DLC or something else to pay to have songs from our music libraries or try to create customs songs would be awesome.
kronenbourg731 3 août à 4h08 
Looks good, and I like the idea it works with drum kits etc. Voted yes
Twerking>_<Pokemon 26 juil à 3h23 
going to everyone, i love the idea of a free to play rhythm game, because when was last time you saw one of those??
Twerking>_<Pokemon 26 juil à 3h22 
@Saturn2888 really tho, the only rhythm game that is really well known anymore is the bit.trip series :(
Saturn2888  [créateur] 25 juil à 18h55 
@Twerking>_<Pokemon I agree. Don't see many of them :/.
Twerking>_<Pokemon 25 juil à 1h44 
looks to be a bloody amazing game, voted for it :D. we hardly ever find rhythm gaming around anymore, especially on gaming networks such as steam
nonelink 23 juil à 2h16 
Voted, yes good game!
mryayayify 21 juil à 9h30 
[あみ] Ami 17 juil à 12h56 
Finally an interasting music game on Steam. I hope to get the ability to add our own music in the future (unless you guys allready have that.)
FilverKai 7 juil à 14h35 
god job! :D will be a great game
vgking1games 17 juin à 9h27 
Wait, Wulven also helped create this game too?
Dash Krimson 7 juin à 4h17 
Voted, but don't we already have something like this already? Dance Dance...something or other, it's really old now, I wouldn't bother looking for it in shops. Anyway, good luck to you all!
Saturn2888  [créateur] 5 juin à 17h08 
@Rabbids4eva How do I check?
Rabbids4eva 5 juin à 2h45 
How is the Greenlight progress going?
Invisigoth 1 juin à 15h15 
it would be perfect for me if it had even more amazing HD backgounds, textures, elements and effects. More sound library and items!
Voted Yes
NexusCraft12 27 mai à 10h23 
looks awesome
ionutudor2012 15 avr à 17h37 
K!mhera 12 avr à 0h44 
It looks realy nice !
Koт Maтpocкuн 30 mar à 19h28 
Clavicus Vile 28 fév à 23h07 
its looks so great
Saturn2888  [créateur] 4 fév à 14h53 

Yes, the whole game is available if you go to
HombreFelipe 4 fév à 14h21 
Is there a demo available?
Krotine 21 jan à 12h16 

Sounds awesome =]. I have a lot of excitment for this!
M-Mods are just as good. I like the gimmicks in certain songs.
Thanks for the reply
Saturn2888  [créateur] 21 jan à 12h10 

I might consider that. Releasing a paid version that allows for custom songs might actually be a good idea.

There is note style for every noteskin available.

Instead of c-mods there's something called m-mods which is similar to c-mods but doesn't break the songs and allow for the cool effects to still show up. c-mods had caused a ton of bugs during development so I canned 'em.
Krotine 20 jan à 21h26 
Give it Normal DDR arrows, Specifically Note Style. C Mods. The ability to add our own songs (since I have over 100GB of SM songs) and I'd Pay for this ;)
Daniel Bryan 16 jan à 22h24 
so its just ddr with some eye-straining visual effects, no thanks
Lenfried 31 déc 2013 à 0h32 
Wow! I'm really going to like this. Btw nice song seection (Saw Kitsune^2 and MGD Sound Team)
Saturn2888  [créateur] 30 déc 2013 à 10h57 
@Lenfried Yep! They can go diagonally too!
Lenfried 30 déc 2013 à 2h44 
Wait, is there an option to make the notes go down instead going up?
panbient 25 déc 2013 à 18h46 
Saturn2888  [créateur] 25 déc 2013 à 18h03 
The Xbox or PS3 adapters will work :).
panbient 24 déc 2013 à 17h38 
Thanks for the quick reply. The Midi Pro adapter acts as interface to translate the MIDI signal but I'm not sure if it's speficially gamepad input or something unique to the console (since there are specific PS3 / Xbox versions). Either way best of luck getting Pulsen listed on Steam!
Saturn2888  [créateur] 24 déc 2013 à 17h17 

It currently doesn't have any way to interface with MIDI; although, like you I have MIDI devices and used to have an app that translated MIDI inputs to gamepad inputs in Windows. That app would definitely allow you to use MIDI devices if I could find it.
panbient 24 déc 2013 à 15h46 
You got my vote as soon as I heard Rock Band drums as an input option :D

Would this also support the MIdi Pro adapter for other electronic drum kits similar to how RB3 did things?
Saturn2888  [créateur] 17 déc 2013 à 3h03 

Thanks! I really appreciate it :).
Lenfried 16 déc 2013 à 3h33 
Although I'm more of a o2jam gamer rather than a Stepmania player, I will upvote this for the love of music games. Sir, please have my vote. Game looks pretty good. <3
Saturn2888  [créateur] 2 déc 2013 à 22h41 

I wish. That's why it's up here for Greenlight :). Currently it's only through my own store @
nogger 2 déc 2013 à 21h26 
Is this released on steam store?
Saturn2888  [créateur] 26 nov 2013 à 7h07 
This will not work in SM5; it's a highly modified version of that engine.
[QTF] faxdoc 26 nov 2013 à 2h59 
can you dowload the noteskin for stepmania 5. if it is posible can put a link to?
Saturn2888  [créateur] 24 nov 2013 à 12h08 

Yep! There's a bunch of different modes for it too.
[QTF] faxdoc 23 nov 2013 à 7h20 
can you make the arrows move faster up the screen?
MK DOOMY 18 oct 2013 à 15h15 
1:02. . .WAT . . M8 WOT R U DOIN?. . .M8 STAHP
MK DOOMY 18 oct 2013 à 15h14 
+1 for Loonix support.
Chatty Kathie  [créateur] 14 oct 2013 à 12h46 
that native GNU + Linux!
Saturn2888  [créateur] 13 oct 2013 à 13h52 
@Bob Frog
What's ELF?
Chatty Kathie  [créateur] 13 oct 2013 à 11h56 
How's that ELF support coming along?
Saturn2888  [créateur] 3 oct 2013 à 21h41 
If I need to code anything in I can; although, I haven't done much work on it in the last year.
Swampert 3 oct 2013 à 21h35 
Huh... not a lot of word coming out from the game... it is still in development, right? Because I do like rhythm games... a LOT.
DirtyDog 28 sept 2013 à 21h03 
Rage and broken finger :)